Wunderlist beta for Windows Phone updated with additional Live tile support


Wunderlist has just updated their beta app for Windows Phone. Earlier this month, cloud-based task management platform Wunderlist came back to the Windows Phone platform with a new beta that introduced version 3 of the app. Now we're looking at a new update that adds some much needed Live tile functionality.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll see version of Wunderlist beta. Here's what's new in the update:

  • Pin live tiles to Start screen
  • Fixed websocket issues
  • Fany bug fixes

The Windows 8.1 version of Wunderlist beta was also updated last night. We didn't see a changelog, but let us know if you notice anything new in it. We're glad to see Wunderlist put out Universal Windows apps.

How many of you have tried out Wunderlist recently? Let us know what you think of the new app and the ability to pin Wunderlist items to your Windows Phone Start screen.

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Wunderlist beta for Windows Phone updated with additional Live tile support


Yep.i feel instagram cassettes much less about Windows phone. Or in other words Microsoft has just forced them to make an app. Which they caste less about.

Don't know if he is, but he should, as most of us should as well. Wunderlist arrived not a month ago and I've already lost track of the number of updates they did. Their work was always solid, even as they were starting up. On the other hand we have a multi million dollar company that can't be bothered with updating its app to allow video uploading or those crummy editing tools they were so eager to get on Android and iOS.


Yes, yes, I know... The community will say that 6Tag is better. But official support is official support and even Rudy has been stretching himself thin with all the apps he developed.

Official is just a word. I use whichever product is best. That being said, new features that aren't releases by IG direct or made available to 3rd party developers is very frustrating.

Seems speedy enough to me on my 928. One of the last apps I really needed on my WP, great to see the developer supporting the platform with frequent updates. What areas of the app are slow to you?

I can upload task flawlessly but i tried to view the list from another WP. I is lagging in loading the tasks.
Edit - today's update improved it well. But still a little lag is there. L520 both

How to make a list of list?
How to collaborate or what is the use of contact list?
What else can be done through wunderlist?
Can I use wunderlist against OneNote's features and functionality.?

1. It doesn't really do sublists, the closest it gets is having subtasks in a list item.

2. The collaboration is just sharing of a list with someone else.  You just need the email they associate with their wunderlist account.  Example, you can share a work project list with a coworker, a shopping list with the wife, make a movies to watch list public, and keep the rest private.  The shared lists will show up natively right beside the unshared lists and list co-owners can comment and edit and will get notifications for that. 

3.  The list options are fairly simple and it has simple todo list features like starring, due date, recurrance, attachments, notes (which are different than the comments but it does both).  It's strengths are the sharing features, cross platform (it's everywhere now), and very pleasant design. I use it as a to-do manager.  I divide my lists into activity categories  like house work, computer/paperwork, yard work, errands, kids, routines etc.  I manually order the lists in order of general priority, set reminders or due dates for important stuff.  When I review each list I will star anything I need to do today or tomorrow.  So my 'working' to do list is the 'starred' smartlist which shows all the starred items from each list in one view.  Again, nothing revolutionary here but it's really well designed and the syncing rocks.

4. OneNote is my fav software and I use it every day.  But since the mobile version is very watered down (can't even custom tag, let alone link pages) it's not ideal as a task manager if you want anything like due dates, reminders, notes within the tasks, etc.  If I glance at my notebooks (or pages, or section groups etc) it's not obvious how many actionable tasks I have in any of them, let alone a 'smartview' that just filters by unchecked tasks (desktop only).  Can't set reminders of important info so it's easy to just bury a lot of stuff in OneNote and forget that something needs to be done about it.  It's an ultimate personal knowlege base tool but very cripled as an 'active' tool beyond the desktop version which can link to desktop Outlook calendar/tasks.

Thanks bro. Impressive app! I havily rely on OneNote for taking everything I need from web, emails or from other devices. But todo list, task management and majorly offering all the basic needs cant be a good idea for OneNote. You are right, that too with sharing capablities. Lovely! I started using it, found stunning.

What changes on the new live tile? I installed the update, but see no change to the tile. Just the logo sitting there doing nothing.

Yeah, I definately don't see any live tile action.. Hm.

In any case I am so happy to see Wunderlist value the Windows platform. The updates to the beta have improved sync monumentally. By alpha realease it will surely be on par with other platforms. And Cortana voice support will be killer if coupled with a unique live tile. Options are a Windows Phone user's best friend, developer!

Keep up the incredible work. Wunderlist is helping me manage my college life so well. Unf.

The app tile is not a live tile. But when you pin lists on the startscreen then they appear as live tiles.

I agree with tunggah no live tile action at all, if I can't get a today's tasks count on the live tile this is useless to me

Cool, they finally added a change log.  This is being updated like every 3 days.  Mostly minor updates so far and looking forward to more! 

Strange... I pinned a list on my start screen, but the tile is not live. What am I doing wrong here? I couldn't find anything in the settings either.

The biggest issue I have with it thus far is it not updating/syncing between Windows 8.1 and WP apps. Which makes it all but useless at the moment. Hoping they get that fixed.

I use the tasks on the Office calendar for my task management. Great because it synched with my Outlook 2013 on my Windows 8.1 desktop. For simple task reminders , Cortana is just the ticket. Be even better when she is on Windows 9. Don't really see the need for anything else (Alarms are good for often used simple reminders with varying times).

I really like this app so far. I was using 2Day exclusively, but my job now requires I use Google products exclusively, so I grabbed wunderlist thanks to its fantastic chrome support and sync with my phone. A 3rd part extension hooks it into Gmail as a task pane and the phone client is very lean, works quick.

Wunderlist needs to expand the recurring task functionality: 3rd Tuesday of the month, every 6 weeks, every other week, etc. before I can abandon Clever To Do, the best app task I have found for WP. But no Win8 companion. Frustrating. Still hopeful though.