Wunderlist now available for Windows Phone as a public beta [Update 2]

Update: Looks like this was pushed early and not meant to be public. The beta has now been pulled and is no longer published.

Update 2: And now it is back again and you can download at will!

The Wunderlist beta app is now available on Windows Phone. Just last week we learned that the third version of Wunderlist would be arriving on Windows and Windows Phone 'soon.' Turns out that meant today, because you can download the beta right now.

Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management app that you can use for free. Users can upgrade to Wunderlist Pro to get access to things like unlimited assigning, no file size limits, pro backgrounds and more.

Wunderlist 3 is the latest version of the service, and it's available on Android and iOS. Today we get to taste Wunderlist 3, but as a beta. Here are the new features in Wunderlist 3:

  • New, more intuitive design and reengineered apps make Wunderlist feel faster than ever before.
  • Real-time Sync instantly updates your lists, no matter where you are.
  • Collaborating with Wunderlist is now even easier, with a simpler way to share to-do lists.
  • Comments are now free to help everyone stay in the loop with family and colleagues.
  • Curate your favorite things to do, see and make for everyone on the web, with Public Lists.

Take Wunderlist for a spin and let us know what you think!

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Wunderlist now available for Windows Phone as a public beta [Update 2]


Would it make you feel better if it was a private beta that you couldn't use or if they kept testing in house forever, or released it with bugs because it had no wide testing? Not every beta is like InstaGrime.

Yeah, until now i was using onenote and it was really practical for me. Wunderlist must have improvements, better UI, etc.. So i still dont know if im gonna switch or to use both. For now just waiting for wp 8.1 to test this wunderlist

I download it and deleted it.  Did not get pass the "create free account".  I have been creating so many accounts with all these apps... Will stick to OneNote for now.

I read it, relax. Just what does it mean task management app? My english understanding is not very good. Where can i use it, for what? Thank you in advance

Sorry - some folks are just asses and assume everyone speaks english as a first language.

To answer your question, a task management app is just a list-making app of things to do. Whether it's a project, or just grocery shopping, Wunderlist will allow you to create to-do lists and sync them to your account online. By syncing online, you can then access that list from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Hope that helps!

Good description...if I didn't know something like that I'd of just looked it up with a quick Bing or google search. That's the point I think we all are trying to make. Read the article...the educate yourself on what you're not clear on.

In this particular case, the article did not elaborate on the the intended function of the application beyond the tech jargon-laden mission statement. 

And honestly, in this particular case, I found it was no sweat off my back to help someone and take the 20 seconds to come up with that description.

The only reason Bing and Google help people find answers, is because previously other people have been kind enough to answer questions asked.  So let's not stop answering people's questions.  The old "Google is your friend" response doesn't really help anyone.

@gunnerou, thank you very very much for the info! I understood completely! And i assure you i am not one of those going to post without reading an article, i always read the articles! Thanks a lot again! :)))

Things come out for testing. Who cares? It's better than it not being publicly available for a couple more months or WORSE, coming out with bugs because there was no wide testing.

I think its a sign that they are reacting to demand. In our case... This is good to know. It means these companies are starting to take the OS seriously. Beta helps speed things along. Be greatful!

Finally.. Maybe this will cheer me up after the "error reports" I've been receiving when trying to install gdr 1 :'(

I wonder if some day they`ll stop making a bunch of apps for the same thing. I mean 30 messaging apps 30 photo apps 30 video apps 30 music apps what the hell, and most offer the same damn thing. They are not innovations.

Well, there are still many things to do. I don't find a feedback mail adress or something similar. Does anybody know how to give feedback to them?

One minor niggle is when adding a subtask or a new task: when you type in the name it only creates the task when you hit enter on the onscreen keyboard, not when you click the plus sign next to the name or off from the text field. Slightly clunky and unintuitive.

Also the inputting date format is American (MM.DD.YY) instead of European (DD.MM.YY) which is a bit annoying and leads to incorrectly input dates when you're not paying attention.

Honestly, I find it much more helpful to use an app rather than get explanations (that may or may not be painted with some bias) from others.

No one has mentioned any serious use cases? Grocery and Target lists with check boxes are handled very nicely by Rooms (Family Room) in OneNote.

Nice...every time I go to search for Contacts to add it works on it for 10 seconds and then shuts down the app lol.

So let's see, we have: Instagram Beta, Wunderlist Beta, Live lockscreen Beta, Facebook Beta, Pinterest Beta, Smartglass for Xbox One Beta, BBM Beta and oh yea, Cortana is still a beta. Am I missing any important ones?

Most of those are brand new apps and for Facebook, there is a beta stream and stable stream...and the stable matches the beta as of today...so you're a little off the mark.

Wunderlist, BBM, live lock and Pinterest (the oldest of the four) are all new. Facebook Beta isn't in the same conversation and Cortana being beta is expected. Instagram is the only one ill give you.

"Wahh, it's not available on Windows Phone"
* releases beta*
"Wahh, it's a beta"
* releases RTM*
"Wahh, you have to pay"
* goes free*
"Wahh, it doesn't have every single little thing"
*add thing people complain about*
"Eh, it sucked anyways"

And you guys wonder why devs don't want to invest time on the platform ffs...

One of the best comments I've seen in my life.  Goes to show you that no matter what, people will always b*tch and complain...

I've talk to them on twitter and in the past when on android. They always have been and seem to still be very responsive and always looking to update and improve. I feel that will translate here as well.

Anxious to see if they have employed the Live Tile...

Uh! Oh! "Wonderlist servers are experiencing problems...That's not a promising start...

Ok, it´s ok for me to be a Beta. But is very frustrating waiting for so long time for an App and when it is finally released, doesn't work properly. And worst of all, deleting the tasks that i've had on the website. For me, this is a motive to uninstall the app and don't go back anymore... 

I am ok! The discussion was about release a app with "beta" tag. THAT I really don't care. My complaint yesterday was about a basic function that the app should do, synchronize with the server. Now I realize that the servers had a problem, and today they are back again.

I get an error on my 1520 when trying to download, There is a problem completing your request.  Try again later. Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: c101a7e3.  After the 5th try, it started downloading.

I wonder if they simply weren't ready for the hoards of WP Central readers who would seek to download as soon as the release was posted.

When I search for wunderlist I get nothing. This seems to happen quite often for me though: Wpcentral will announce an app and searching the store returns nothing, but scanning the qr code on the wpcentral site takes me to the app. Maybe its a timing thing.

I used wunderlist 1-2 years ago but moved to onenote. I give it a try again but it seems that is not for me

- Before was only windows app which worked just fine - now is no longer supported and no future plan for it

- Extension for firefox is not working - only chrome browser supported

- When you try to login in firefox webpage - not working and from what i read it also has a bug and is deleting your database, again for chrome no issue

- WP app - you cannot add subfolders inside folder, I'm not even able to add anything. It may be a beta but this only a main page app

So tell me what's the point of using wunderlist if you're not a apple/google lover?

Re: Lucian B,
Thank you for the great information. I have been reading this lengthy string of comments and yours was the first to talk about specific features.

The difference between previous and the new beta is that the previous one was not available for all the devices. I was not able to download it. But this new beta works well.

Hmmm I welcome new apps but not so much on repetitive ones. I wonder if this is any better than just using OneNote which is arguably the best note taking app available for every device. Will try.

Wunderlist isn't very powerful. I don't even think you can assign a due date to a sub-task.

That said, there are several great alternatives to Basecamp. Toodledo is probably the best known and most powerful one and there are several WinPhone apps which sync very well with Toodledo such as Viperal Tasks and 2Day.  They work great. Unfortunately, there is no great to-do manager which both syncs to a central service (Toodledo, RememberTheMilk, Wunderlist) that really fully leverages the capabilities of a live tile. The best one I have found for LT use is Effectual, but it is self-contained (ie, while it syncs to itself - so you can use the Windows 8 application on your PC - it doesn't sync to Toodledo, Wunderlist...).

Great insights of all the services available. Thank you.

I think I will stick to Basecamp since they have a nice mobile page. The only downside is the price.

Ref Durishin,
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It is the kind of information I am looking for. I am looking for a full featured projects manager to handle the tasks of projects for a small team with the data available when there is no internet service. I'm hoping I don't have suffer through trying all the different software.
Best Wishes.

No live tile action so, really, Wunderboyz, what's the point? If I wanted the hunt, peck and use limitations of an iPhone, I'd have one. WinPhone is all about better, faster information transmission through Live Tiles so, why not a tile with top tasks for today on one side and approaching, high priority tasks on the other?

Meh. They are iPhone folks. The feng shui of a natural wood plank background is far, far more important than, you know, capabilities.

Personally, I am uber-excited that I can...share my shopping list with my friends and colleagues?  How powerful!

Beta means it may have some bugs. Use it at your own risk. I don't get people complaining about beta versions. Just don't use it and go on with your life.

I didn't find it either but scan the QR code at the bottom of this article with your WP and it will come up.  Probably because it's a beta it doesn't show in a search.

Wow, doesn't come up under search results so I thought it was down again but just scanned the QR code on this article and it found it.  Must be hidden since it's a beta?

I was disappointed you can't pin a live tile for a particular list. I use RemindMe Todo and can pin individual lists which show the items. The font changes size to show more items - though it never gets too small.

Edit to It doesn't appear that this app has any background function. I sent them a tweet but no answer yet.
They did tell me via twitter that they are "not fully up to par on the Windows [phone] 8 beta" when i asked about reminders.

Edit - they confirmed that it does not have push options or background abilities in the beta. I have a lot of hope for this app, I hope the don't mess it up.