WWE Network brings the smack down to Xbox One

WWE Network brings the smack down to Xbox One

The WWE Network is now ready to stream all of the greatest in entertainment wrestling to your Xbox One. When the WWE Network was announced back at CES, we were told that it would be coming to to the Xbox. What wasn't clear at the time, however, was which Xbox they meant. Turns out they mean the older Xbox 360, which means today's news is welcome news for WWE fans that had moved on to the newer, more powerful, and all around better Xbox One.

Nothing else about the WWE Network has changed for Xbox One users. It's still $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming of the entire WWE back catalog, scheduled programming, and WWE pay-per-view events.

That said, there is one more stipulation: You'll need an Xbox Live Gold membership to download the WWE Network app onto your Xbox One. But you probably have one of those anyway. And, alas, there's no sign yet of a WWE Network app for Windows Phone, but there is at least an official WWE app for Windows Phone that offers wrestler profiles and the like.

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WWE Network brings the smack down to Xbox One


May I remind you that my client Broooooock Lesnar beat the steak at Wrestlemania....

I tweet them at least once a week for an updated WP and Win8 app. Not that they care. The amount of time I've spent on the 360 app is outrageous. Love getting to relive my childhood.

I hope this was coded as universal and they're just waiting on the official WP 8.1 release for us to get the update.

It seriously hasn't been updated on WP since release in 2012.

Old WCW PPVs are there. Other shows are coming... WCW was horrible at labeling things so its gonna take time to index that stuff

Brock was alowed to beat the streak the show will eventually have to go on without the taker he is a legend in this show and for it to go on he had to be defeated eventualy we all expected it will hapen one day

The WWE Windows Phone application was a huge disappointment.  The lack of updates and general support isn't surprising given the perception that Windows Phone is a third/fourth tier mobile operating system with the footprint the size of Rhode Island.  How much would it cost WWE to update the Windows Phone application - rather, kill it with fire and start off with a new version - to allow WWE Network subscribers to access their streaming subscriptions on devices like the Lumia 1520?

True, but the problem is that 1. It was all Vince McMahon's idea and apparently, Taker wasn't in the know of Brock being allowed to defeat him and the streak and; 2. People don't think Brock is worthy enough of beating the streak. I actually thought Cena would, if anyone did, if they ever got around to putting him against Taker at a future WrestleMania. Go figure they didn't. They need to keep him their "golden" boy and won't ever turn him heel again. *yawn*

Now all they need to do is add the official WWE app to Windows Phone. I installed some bogus WWE app to my 920 last year and uninstalled it just as quickly as I found it.

*jaw drops to floor*

That's the official one?! Wow, just... WOW!!! It totally sucks! If they can make a great iOS WWE app and a decent Android WWE app, why not a good one for WP? Ugh...

WWE .. follow the buzzards to WP8.1 and make a decent app for it!  I wanted to vote for Cena to be killed a few weeks ago on RAW and I couldn't ... dammit :(

He's got the whole Ce-Nation in his hands....