Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles announced for 2013 - Kinect still for kids

Yesterday, we reported on a collection of special holiday deals for consumers looking to pick up an Xbox 360 in India.

Today, the official Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles have been announced by Microsoft and are said to be available “around the world”. In addition purchasers in the United States will receive $50 off their purchase.

There are three holiday deals available. The first two deals are both $299 USD and offer a choice between either a 250 GB Xbox 360 with Halo 4 and Tomb Raider or a 4 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, Kinect Sports 2, and Kinect Adventures.

The third deal will cost you $399 and includes a 250 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, Kinect Sports 2, Kinect Adventures, and Forza Horizon.

All deals include 1 free month of Xbox Live Gold and as we stated above, consumers who purchase the bundles in the United States are eligible for a $50 off promotion.

Microsoft is trying to show that Kinect is more than just a tool for casual gamers. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the holiday bundles Microsoft has put together, convey that message.

Microsoft should be bundling more difficult games with their Kinect bundles and forgoing the collection of “kid friendly” games they are currently bundling. As a gamer, but someone who loves Kinect – I am not sure which bundle I would go for. On one hand, I can get two great games (Tomb Raider and Halo 4) or I can get a Kinect, but bundled with Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports (woohoo…).

A bundle that would greatly appeal to the hardcore masses might be a 250 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, Forza 4 Motorsport, and Tomb Raider.

That being said, Xbox One is right around the corner, so do you really want to drop $399 on an Xbox 360 bundle right now?

Source: Major Nelson


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Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles announced for 2013 - Kinect still for kids


I'd rather through $399 on a ps4 :P. But I agree offer a better deal for the older players! I really don't agree with this whole revamp of old tech thing...

I'd rather you spell throw correctly, btw Kinect was a revamp of the 360 do you think Kinect was a wrong idea?
and then again does the PS4 have any games bundlled? a kinect sensor? anything? :D
Then again its your money do whatever you like.

It depend on the persons needs, especially if your using Windows Media Center in your home. I know that's a small margin but the XB360 will be the last WMC extender and the only extender that works with Windows 8/8.1. The new XB One doesn't support WMC as an extender. I would love to have a new XB One but at this time it doesn't fit my needs as I utilize WMC for my TV needs.

I was just contemplating an Xbox 360 as an extender this morning.  If there was a Plex App (or something else that let me access my movies in a neat UI) I would go get one today.

There may be an option for that, idk if it is going to work or not but the new Media Browser 3 supports transcoding on the fly. It may work on the 360 through WMC. I just installed MB3 but haven't tried it through WMC on the 360 yet in extender mode.

Someone who doesn't have a lot of money, and knows that they can get a lot of cheap games to play on it.

Someone who has many games for the 360 already, but has a broke system and would like to buy a new one.

In both scenarios it would make more sense for them to buy one for under $200 instead of this $400 bundle.

Too expensive to compete side by side with the PS4, let alone the X1. This is a poor attempt to move remaining inventory, though I suppose some people will bite at this one. I suspect the prices will drop once the next gens are actually in the stores.

Well if that's the case its not working since they redesigned the 360. Unless they are trying to get rid of internal hardware.

A new shiny plastic shell on 8 year old internal, is still an old piece of crap that shoul cost under $200 not freaking $400.

I need to buy a replacement 360. My original model died a few months ago. I was disappointed when backwards compatibility wasn't included and am torn when they said it could be patched in later. I don't want to buy a new 360 now only to learn they give backward compatibility a few months down the road.

>That being said, Xbox One is right around the corner, so do you really want to drop $399 on an Xbox 360 bundle right >now?
Agree 100%....Maybe a $99 xbox 360....MAYBE if you want to play older or current games but, $400 ? Nah...
Think about it on the PC concept, let's buy a Dual core 1.2ghz computer with Windows XP on it for $400...it's about the same time when the 360 was released...

+1, Xbox360 250gb for $99, with kinnect and a few games for $199, those would be realistic prices that might actually sell, anything more just makes no sense.
I don't get why they still even advertise the 4GB Xbox, 4GB are you mad? I highly doubt it costs anything extra to just make a 250gb HDD instead og 4GB at OEM mass prices.

Hmm these still seem way to pricey. I'd get an older style Xbox in eBay for $80-100. Get a 250gb had for $40. Then buy halo 4 and tomb raider on eBay for $50 total. Save way over $100.

I am actually looking at getting one to replace the Wii as the streaming unit, as you can Play To stuff from windows 8 to it. not at those prices though, CL or Game Stop will probably be my source.

I would not call any of those 'deals'. Considering its an 8 year old hardware that cost close to nothing to manufature it is ridiculous to ask anything above $200 even for the 250gb version. You can get a 250gb HDD for under $30 at retail at bulk MS OEM price its probably $5 yet Microsoft is asking $100 more for the Xbox with bigger HDD. Everyone should tell them where to shove their old Xbox at those prices.