Xbox 360 Metro Dashboard coming December 6

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We’ve been looking forward to the fall Xbox 360 dashboard update for quite some time now. Good news: it’s coming Tuesday, December 6, a few weeks before Winter kicks in.

In addition to switching over to the Metro UI, the upcoming dash includes a host of new features: full Kinect motion and voice control (sweet!), improved avatar animations (pretty cool), a quick launch list of your ten most recently played games and apps (so nice), Cloud storage for profiles and save data (whoo hoo!), the ability to set beacons, which advertize that you’ll be playing a game at a specific time, and better Facebook integration. It also opens up a new App section which will include stuff like YouTube and UFC apps, and enables the forthcoming Windows Phone Xbox 360 Companion App's connectivity with the console.

On the downside, the 360's Metro dash is even more overflowing with ads than the current version. The clutter of advertisements sometimes make it difficult to find the actual content you’re looking for. Premium themes, at least in the current beta version, lose some of their luster as Friends list backgrounds have vanished. Worst of all, the beta dashboard update completely the ability of one of my consoles to stay connected to Xbox Live through my router. The other system is fine though, and it’s apparently not a common problem. I hope hope hope they get that straightened out by December 6, because I hate not being able to connect and play online games and watch Netflix with my main system.

The new dashboard look is all part of Microsoft’s plan to have a unified interface between all of its platforms. Next year’s Windows 8 will also go Metro.

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Xbox 360 Metro Dashboard coming December 6


I haven't had any issues with connectivity on my Xbox with the new dashboard, but I use Ethernet. I agree with most of this, except I think it feels less cluttered with ads. Before you would have 3 tiles of ads. Now you have 3 but they are all in 1 scrolling tile, so you don't see them all at once.
Also the quick launch is for apps too, not just games.

I've been in the beta for the new Xbox dash since the middle of last week, and let me say that it is NICE. It's very smooth, fast, and easy to see/read. A huge improvement over all previous dashboards.

I'm impressed with the voice controls, they are very tight in the new dash, plus the cloud storage will come in real handy as we have 3 x 360s spread over house

I am impressed with my preview of the dashboard currently especially as I have a Family gold account.
The cloud storage is a real winner. I have to echo what others have said with regards to the cleaness of the interface and for me the adverts are if anything less intrusive.

i love the beacons.. makes finding what people are playing easier. my only complant is the amount of ads and possible the fact that you only see 3 friends on the main friend hub.

I have been having the same trouble with disconnecting. I don't have the new UI. It has been happening to me for about six months. I have a dlink DIR-855. It has happened using Verizon dsl and Time-Warner cable.
It is especially frustrating with "Full House Poker". The game takes your money to get into the game and, if you are disconnected from Xbof Live, it doesn't credit you with your winnings or, if you're down, with the remainder of your buy-in!

Dude, I have the same router! And it's such a nice router, too. I knew it had to be some weird incompatibility issue introduced with the update. Have you contacted Microsoft about it?

I am very impressed with the voice controls but it is still "incomplete" to me which makes it not totally useful at this time...
For example, you can use voice controls to find a game and then delete it but the prompt that says "are you sure you want to delete this game" can only be controlled with a controller or remote...why not a simple voice-commanded "yes" or "no"?

Not to be a stick in the mud, but uh guys... Unless Microsoft gave you permission, you did agree to keep your traps shut about the beta.

This article is full of BS. Its not overflowing with ads and they dont make it hard to do anything. Also, stop trying to spread fear about router issues. it is not common

The only problems I had with the connectivity is when I receive an update it disconnects from live, need to restart and it installed a system update.  Overall I have been satisfied with it.  A few gripes tho.
1. Missing alot of apps...no youtube? ...and no way to set up tv...yet
2. Some games have problems, occassional lock ups.  I have a 360S so I know its not the system.  Halo CE Aniversary lags alot on my system after the update.
3. Cloud storage is annoying given that right now there is no use for it.  Gotta wait for others to get the update.
It has been announced so I am ok with saying how I feel about it.  Also is a beta so you never know what the finished product will be.