Xbox 360 remains the highest selling console in the USA - hits 30 consecutive months

Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has always been an incredibly impressive console in terms of sales and the company’s recent announcement of its successor, the Xbox One, has not slowed it down one bit. The Xbox 360 remains the top sold console and has hit thirty consecutive months.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox 360 has maintained its position as the top US console last month selling over 140,000 units. The company states that the Xbox 360 platform (hardware, software, and accessories) brought in over $197 million dollars in June.

In addition, the console held seven out of the top selling game titles including: Minecraft, NKA 2K13, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Deadpool, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, GrandTheft Auto IV and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Microsoft has already announced that the plan for the Xbox 360 to continue living on beside the Xbox One; both consoles will be featured at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week. If you are heading there, make sure to join in the collection of Xbox events, panels, and activities taking place.

How long do you think Xbox 360 will remain the top console - will the Xbox One replace it or will it be beaten down by Sony’s PlayStation 4?

Source: The Official Microsoft Blog


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Xbox 360 remains the highest selling console in the USA - hits 30 consecutive months


I will be waiting for the second version of the console Xbox 360 was a disaster for me in terms of money spent. I am on my third one. In the article one game is "NBA 2k13" not "nka 2k13"

That sucks. The original Xbox 360's had lots of problems, hopefully MS learned their lesson.
On the other hand, my Xbox 2nd Gen is about 3 years old and a friend of mine still uses his origins, white, first Gen and it is very heavily used... its a rare, amazing machine.

Yeah I heard so many problems about the Xbox 360 first generation. It's a shame. I still have my 2nd generation 60 GB Xbox 360 and it's lasted about four or five years I think (with relatively few problems)... However I'll be getting a new Xbox 360 shortly as the disc drive and a few other minor things have been wearing it down. Hopefully the Xbox One will be excellent right off the bat, but I'm going to wait a couple years before I get it anyways.

I bought the first day 360 lasted only a year. Second one lasted another year called MS (this was when they extended the warranty for rrod) their support is terrible for Xbox related stuff never was able to get the replacement. Went away from Xbox to ps3 for two years, but had to come back when they came out with slim Xbox. Ps3 online experience was just bad in my case.

I have an white version 60GB(HDD upgraded to 320GB) since 2009, and still rock, some minor problems reading games but I already ajust the laser, like new :) and I have about 50 original games

I've had a total of 4 XBox 360s, but none died on me.  I recently sold my 1st Gen Arcade at a Garage sale, and it had handled heavy usage from my son.  The only problem I had was with the DVD drive in my 2nd Gen, but I still have it and use it daily.
I was really hoping that we were going to make the jump to diskless media this generation, because my only complaint about XBox360 is the noisy DVD drive - even with the slim version.

I added a 250GB HDD for this reason, but it's still noisy for several minutes while it authenticates the game - or whatever it's doing when you start a game.  It's so distracting, that I will wait till it stops spinning before I start playing.  I think it was AC3 that it would spin FOREVER when the game started up. #FirstWorldProblems

Keep in mind that the XB1 is based on x86 hardware which is commonly used all over the place. I doubt they will have the same issues on this platform.

I love my 360, so I hate to admit I had TWO RRODs.
Had a 'first year' 360 (But not launch day... got mine almost a year after launch).
Got RROD... sent it in, got it fixed for free.  No worries.
Not quite a year later, RROD a 2nd time.  Still no worries, they fixed it for free again.  However, the thought of waiting weeks without my Xbox didn't go over well.  So as I sent out the broken one for repair, I bought a replacement.
They sent back not the Xbox I sent it, but a replacement refurb'd unit.  I 'loaned' it to my best friend/roommate (because what was I going to do now with 2 Xboxes?)
Eventually he moved out.  I told him he could keep that refurb'd Xbox.  The refurb'd unit got RROD!  So he traded it in to Gamestop and used the credit to buy a used black Xbox.
But I'm still on my 2nd with no problems.  I did have hard drive problems at one point, but that was literally the hard drive, not the Xbox itself.  The hard drive issue pissed me off so bad though, I almost considered trading it all in toward a PS3, but didn't.
I want an Xbox One, but not in any hurry.  Heck, if PS3s get sub-$200 after the PS4 drops, I may consider that just to play all the PS exclusives, but we'll see.

Lol I still have my day one 360 almost done with the MGS collection on it. Never had a RRoD either. But I did have to adjust the magnet on the optical drive once.

I got my 360 two months after release.. I still have that same xbox but did get one red ring, which was fixed my Microsoft by the extended warranty

The Xbox One is misunderstood. Even now I have to correct friends' misconceptions. Microsoft is to blame for this, but I think the confusion will wear off.

Same here, I ask them "why don't you like it" and I already know what they are going to say, and am ready to rebuttal whatever they say.

Oh no. This is 100% Microsoft's fault. They didn't do a good job in the first place of determining what the public was ready for, and no amount of features and benefits could make up for the console essentially bricking itself for ALL games after 24 hours of no Internet connection. This was too limiting for most people. Microsoft was then arrogant with their response. All the while Sony took advantage of Microsoft's flailing around.

The media played no role in this case.

It was MS' fault, and the media didn't help. Really, though, MS needed to sell their idea better, and tell us why these changes were good. They failed to give us any carrot with the stick. I was actually excited for the changes, because in my head I had some ideas on how the changes could be good in the long run. But MS failed to articulate those benefits to the masses, and this is what happens.

I think PS4 will overtake the 360 for top seller, at least temporarily (I hate PS by the way). Hopefully, the Xbox One will take it back at some point.

Why hate Playstation? Every console has their own merits and games worth owning. To be that close minded is silly.

I hate the ps controller...never felt good I like the n64 the dreamcast and then the 360..360 is pure perfection to me when it comes down to controllers.

That's why they make an adapter that allows you to plug your 360 controller into a PS3. Or PS3 controllers styled after the Xbox's style.

PS controller sux indeed. I have both a 360 and a PS3 and the Xbox controller wins hands down. Much much comfy to grasp. But I guess it ultimately comes down to personal tastes...

I hate japanese stuff: videogames, movies, porn, cars...
I don't LOVE 'murica things either, but I can live with most of it. no patriotism, I'm from brazil (:

Close minded?
You know what else is silly? Judging someone without proper information.
I don't like PS first and foremost because of the controller. It doesn't feel good in my hand and the joysticks are too loose and awkwardly placed for me. Also, the dashboard is terrible.

Easy: because the PS1 fatally stabbed Sega by burying the Saturn (awesome system), then the PS2 kicked the dagger all the way through the heart by killing the Dreamcast (best system ever). At that moment I vowed to hate Sony forever. Also, there are other reasons: the Dual Shock sucks, Trophies are a ripoff of Achievements, PSN is an embarrasing failure compared to the butter that is Xbox Live, and the real kicker is that Sony is the least innovative gaming company out there. While Nintendo is making dual-screened handhelds and motion-controlled remotes, and Microsoft is developing hands free voice and motion sensors, Sony simply releases boring new consoles that are rehashes of the previous consoles but with new hardware. Yawn.

So you hate Playstation for being succesful? I cannot even imagine how much you must hate Windows :P

If Windows had killed the Dreamcast I wouldn't be on this site right now. But they didn't. In fact, they were inside the Dreamcast so they were a casualty too. I don't mind success. I mind it when it isn't justified. Dreamcast >Playstation; Windows Phone > Android. Yet, the masses are naive!

I can't get past the controller, but in the case of PS3, they are also stupid looking consoles and the exclusives on the 360 are better for me. I have a Vita in the hopes that I could play some of the exclusives and games I didn't have time for on my 360, but were cross platform. Fail. Talk about about a crappy library.

"I think PS4 will overtake the 360 for top seller, at least temporarily"


By temporaily do you mean one month?


I just don't see it happening in the US. Not only do I think another price drop is coming for the 360 come Thanksgiving but once MS is running ads all over football games talking about NFL exclusive features on the XB1...


And MS still has the dudebro segment locked up with first crack at COD and Battelfield maps packs. Plus they got the families locked up with Minecraft.


Both PS4 and XB1 will sell out world-wide during the holiday season. But if we are talking about regions specifically I don't see how Sony can take the US market.

I'm really just basing my opinion on the current perception of the Xbox One and what I've heard about PS4 presales.
For me its a no brainer, but the American public in general is swayed too easily by flash and PS advertises similar to Apple.

I don't hate any console. But I prefer, at least for now, the 360 to the PS3. The online experience and the games make it better. Although I'd like a PS to play Ninokuni, Little Big Planet 2, Uncharted, Infamous and Last of Us. Also, Sly seems good.

It's not that I'm not  open-minded, it's that those are the only PS exclusives that I'd like to play for everything else I have my Xbox 360 and PC. I don't have a PS3.

That's what I was thinking. They'll probably be sold out through the holidays anyways. There's still so many 360 games out now and coming soon to keep me busy for a long time.

I think waiting a year to buy a new console is a smart decision, especially if the console isn't backwards-compatible.

Xbox one has a negative vibe right now that it will effect its sells if Microsoft does nothing to clean up the negative things being said about it.

Both 360 and PS3 will outsell the One and PS4 for some time simply because they're cheaper and have vast game libraries. 360 will continue to dominate the market until the next-gen takes hold.

The 3DS sold more than 200k ... so, technically the 360 still holds the lead for a home console. Also, those "seven of the top ten" are multi-platform. Minor details, but still notable.

The 3DS is not a console; the Wii U is; technically, Xbox 360 is the number one selling console, not game platform hardware.

Get both. Truth be told I prefer my Xbox 360 over my PS3. The Games, superior online service, content galore and the controller make for a better experience. If I never buy a PS4 I don't think I would care.

Yea I got my gaming PC for when I want real in my face gaming and my Xbox for those console exclusives, but whenever I switch to my Xbox I feel at home. That PS3 was a damn disgrace UI wise and controller wise.

Yep I fully agree. The UI Sucks and the online is not even as robust as Xbox Live. Sony has been playing catchup and copying feature for feature on the 360 the whole generation. Next year will be the same thing. Just look at how advance the Xbox One features are compared to the PS4. Sometimes I wish Sony would go first at E3 because I swear they add hock in features based on what Microsoft is doing. As for the games Microsoft clearly has a better line up then whatever Sony Showed.

Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 kind of sold me on the Wii U, Plus various other Nintendo exclusives that will be coming, so that's the console I'm going with for the time being.  Maybe in a year or two I'll consider the Xbox One, but my boyfriend will likely get the PS4 sometime in the next year so those might well be our consoles this generation.
As to the Xbox One, Microsoft's PR has been downright terrible thus far, so they have a lot of work to do if they hope to remain competitive with the PS4.  I do like the idea that the Xbox One could be an all-in-one entertainment box, but so far the games haven't grabbed me.  Of course, neither have Sony's.  And $4-500 is a bit steep if i'm not sure I'll love the games.

Sadly, I feel as though the PS4 will surpass it.
I'm getting an Xbox One, don't get me wrong! But the hype over PS new console is frightening.

I read on IGN recently that the PS3 has outsold the Xbox overall, so Sony must really be rocking in the East.

Certainly in Japan no one plays Xbox.
However, Wiki reports that PS3 has sold 75m as on June and Xbox 360 77m also as of June. Citations were from the manufactures, respectively. Of course the PS2 is the all time highest selling console.

Actually, Wikipedia's 75m for the PS3 and 77m for the 360 are from Feb 2013 and Mar 31, respectively. The estimate for the PS3 in March was 78m, and the June estimate for the 360 is also about 78m.

You also have to take account for time in market, so he may be trying to say the ps3 has sold more units at a faster rate than the 360 has. But he wasn't specific so I don't know haha

Il most likely get the Xbox One. I had a PS2 which I absolutely loved. PS3 was meh to me. I got a Xbox 360 slim, or second Gen or what ever everyone likes to call it and its been solid. Il wait after the release to see what console inspires me to spend money on.

I am sticking with my 5 years old 360. I won't have much time to play(going to uni this year) anyway, so Dark Souls 2, GTA V and Fable Anniversary should be enough for me.

I'm going to probably wait till mid 2014 when the hype for both consoles wears off, then I will take a clear non-biased opinion on which is the truly better value.

My 360 backlog is ridiculous so I will be waiting about 1-2 years to buy an Xbox One...Add in GTA5 and I feel like I'll never get caught up on the backlog....Soooo many games still in plastic!!!...LOL

After reading these comments I truly must be one of very few who don't give a damn about my console being online. I mean I don't play multi online ( i wish games would have multi local as much as multi online.) another thing to note is i don't play sport games. Only sport games i play are racing. I don't care for achievements (what do they really do? Since im not an online fanboy?) I just want great games with great graphics. I'd prefer to stay within the micro world as I already have a 360 but time will tell I suppose.

Sony will outsell MS in the first year. When we see price drops and revision of the X1 hardware I bet my left nut the situation will change. Sony fanboys are the worst, they've no respect for opposing platforms and the company itself does nothing to innovate instead copycats ideas and makes themselves out to be an inspiring company. I'm guessing they'll get beat on sales long term purely because the X1 offers more appeal for a larger audience.

I've been a PS guy since the original PS came out. This time I pre ordered an XBox One to try something different but I think with the better price point PS4 will sell better this time around. People will notice the price difference especially with the holiday season coming up.