Xbox 360: System Update Preview program begins in 2 weeks, apply now

Many Windows Phone owners also have Xbox 360s, so we’re bringing you this bit of Xbox 360 news.

The Xbox 360 receives system updates once or twice a year (no carrier blocking either, thank goodness). Before these big updates come around, Microsoft usually runs an open beta to eliminate the kinks and make sure everything’s working right. Sign-up for this year’s open beta has just started.

Some notes about Xbox 360 System Update Preview program:

  • The program is open to US residents only.
  • Thousands of applicants will be selected. Still, signing up early is recommended.
  • Xbox Live Gold members will receive priority, but 'lowly' Silver members can sign up too.

What changes will the update feature? One is a new Xbox 360 disc format is coming. This could be an anti-piracy measure. But the big feature is of course Kinect improvements including the rollout of avatarKinect, which gives your Avatar a new lease on life, hosting shows and making videos--very cool stuff. We would love to see some Windows Phone 7 integration on the dashboard too. It does currently have some ads and videos, but that’s it.

WPCentral’s Daniel Rubino has already completed registration. I tried but received an error after confirming my email address. To throw your hat in, Sign up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program. Good luck!

UPDATE: Good news: participants in the preview will receive a free copy of Halo Reach. Bad news: registration is now closed. Hope you got in, everybody.

Source: Major Nelson


Reader comments

Xbox 360: System Update Preview program begins in 2 weeks, apply now


Thanks for the heads up. I got the last preview. Not having party chat sucked. I'm glad party chat will not be effected this time

Signed up for everyone they have had so far love making my non website checking friends jelous that i have new features lol. XBOX live and WP7 FTW

It's great to have these programs and really good to see your suggested improvements implemented and/or bugs fixed...annoying that this one is US-only though.

Just submitted my regitration about 15 minutes. This is my first time signing up for one of these so I hope I get in. I'm curious as to what the new "disc format" is.

Thanks for the heads up! Anyway, just signed up and noticed something interesting. They asked for my name and address and phone number so that they can ship pre-release stuff. Didn't see it mentioned in the article. What could they possibly be shipping that is part of the beta process??

What I want most is the ability to use my phone as a controller. MS needs to make a Chassis 3 with standard button controls or even a clip on accessory which would connect via bluetooth and allow for the phone to used as a HUD, rear looking mirror, or even coop partner's view of a battlefield or something to that effect. I like where they are going with some Kinnect integration, but the ability to have your phone have standard controls and used as a controller, ala the xperia play, with the XBox would be killer. It could even be used to charge your phone. The potential is there.

Major Nelson's site mentions a free copy of Halo:Reach, whether that will be a mailed solid copy or a digital download was not made clear. Also, there was a pre-release beta (which I didn't get to participate in) which actually included a kinect. I don't know if they got to keep it or not. This one, however, is supposed to consist of thousands of people so I doubt there will be any hardware going out. Oh, and I signed up for it (79,920 GS).Kalroy