Xbox Entertainment Studios partnering with UK's Channel 4 on 'Humans' original series

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Xbox Entertainment Studios and Channel 4 here in the UK have announced a new partnership to co-produce a new drama titled Humans. Part of the Xbox content collection coming to the platform, this series will feature eight hour-long episodes, produced by award-winning UK production company Kudos. Humans will be broadcasted on the Xbox platform in North America and in the UK in 2015.

Humans will be set in a parallel present where a must-have gadget, the Synth – a robotic servant, is the craze for families. One family purchases a refurbished Synth to find out that sharing their home and lives with the machine has some chilling consequences. The show aims to question personal relationships.

If you’re a major thriller fan and own an Xbox, you’ll want to take a good look at this upcoming show. Humans will make you think about love, discrimination and integration as you’re taken through the end result of collaboration between Microsoft and Channel 4.

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Xbox Entertainment Studios partnering with UK's Channel 4 on 'Humans' original series


I don't know if this has been said or confirmed, but will these shows be free? Or will they be on Xbox Video and cost money?

Good to see some announcements regarding the TV aspects of the platform being made. Give us some info on the Halo TV series next ;-). Is the pilot still being directed by Neill Blomkamp?

it all looks very interesting but they are really taking their time with this feature for xbox. Plsystation 4 is selling double the amount of consoles that Microsoft are selling so i think Microsoft better pull that stick out of ones bum and get a move on!

sales picked up well when titanfall hit, and as for in north america the last I herd they are selling for 1 for 1 with those bundles, same with uk now.


Sony was always going to have the upper hand this gen just with how it started with ms fumbling out of the game with the always online and terrible quotes.

This e3 with it being all about the games again you will probable see more and more people pick up a x1.

I hope so... IM fully behind xbox one. There is so much potential in that little black box . Sadly its taken a little longer to see it.