Xbox Games for Windows Phone 8.1 updated again, returns to the App list

Xbox Games

Ready, set, update! Today has been a very, very busy for big updates in the Windows Phone Store. We saw Spotify pick up a major update with a new design, radio support and more. Path finally went to version 2.0 and picked up Path Shop. Beats Music had an update that introduced some crazy optimization that made it faster and Readit picked up a ton of new features. Now we’re looking at an update for the Games hub.

Remember yesterday’s update for the Games hub on Windows Phone 8.1? It sent us all into a tizzy when the update removed the app from the App list. Today’s update to version 2.0.1405.13001 brings it back to the App list! That’s really all about it, making yesterday’s update look like a fluke.

We’re still not seeing any major changes to Games on Windows Phone 8.1, which is a bummer because we’re just salivating for new features. Notice anything else new? Sound off below in the comments.

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Xbox Games for Windows Phone 8.1 updated again, returns to the App list


I totally agree. It's fine to have games in my ap list on the desktop, I expect them there, but it is much easier to find games in the hub on my phone. I really hate that change

I'd actually like to have a game hub, on Windows 8.1. I basically built by own using the grouping, but Id like to see a formal hub.

I can live without the games hub personally but there's so much the app (or perhaps the Xbox Smartglass app) could offer...

I'd like to see a transparent live tile for 8.1, but with the animated avatar.

It would also be nice to have a tile notification queue that flipped to show current/recent challenges/achievements.

Something else I'd really like to see is contact integration with Xbox Live friends, essentially allowing me to link gamertags just like you can link Facebook, Twitter, etc.
It would be great to be able to see recent updates for a person from social networks AND Xbox Live and jump quickly to send them a message.

I also don't like having them in the app list, partly because they take too much space and partly because their icons' style don't look modern-y enough (like most of my apps' icons)

Amen to that, I often download games thinking I'll check them out and never get around to it so I don't need them take ing up space in my app list

I don't see how they can give an app the rights to change the app list. Especially since you can just uninstall it, which would lead to you 'never' seeing your games again.
I really don't welcome the whole 'not integrated app' idea.

My current solution is app folder. I put all my most played games in a folder and pin it to my start screen. Then I edit that list from time to time.

Personally I'm loving the game apps in the app list. It took too many clicks and swipes to get to my games. Now they are all here, where I expect to find apps.

Better yet, the games could be grouped at either the top or bottom of the app list (preferences). That way I gladly keep the games in the app list. Just want them all grouped.

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No, they just reverted it to the old code. A least to some extent. My games app was running slow, like visibly slow frame rates while scrolling the list. The update yesterday fixed that. Now today's update broke it again.

Looks like MS testing team isn't doing their part properly. Integration testing involves testing such cases. Looks like the developers and testers both are doing unit testing and thats it.

Until now they're only rolling this out to devices with the Preview for Developers installed, so it's not that big of a deal imho.

But once WP8.1 goes public, they should improve their testing.

I would like to have the option to uninstall from Games hub. It's frustrating now when I try to uninstall some old games I need to search through the app list

I created a transparent tile using this app for Xbox music and every time I tried using it, it took me to the black screen. Now that I pinned to green tile, the black screen bug occurs way less often.

Yeah but not an animated one... animated tiles only exist for baked in apps unfortunately.  Hope that changes.

It will, Microsoft has said they will implement the live tile to Xbox music, which is also a non baked in app

Also, cool to know transparent tiles are coming, though it don't matter to me, I like the mix of solid and transparent tiles

I told you guys last time of a nice change on the last version...recent games are appearing now and they didn't used to.

You would think music, video, games, and the other Microsoft apps would have gotten transparent tile support relatively quickly... Seems about as trivial as adding/removing the link in the app list :/

Yeah I know... But I don't see why they can't do that at the same time they're making all these improvements to the music app or seemingly insignificant updates to games hub...

It is as trivial as creating a png image with a transparent background. With the tile design of these rules, if it takes 30 seconds per tile, something's wrong.

I'm not sure if they plan to do transparent tile on the music, video, and games apps.  They use a green color background.  They don't use the theme color.  I wish in Windows Phone 8.1 I was able to pick any color for the tiles that I want.  I think that would be a nice enhancement.

Like i like group apps by color to make it easier to find them on the start screen and we could make some pretty cool color designs if we had control over what color the tile is.

I also am enjoying the background image option too.


Wow. How convenient, I just decided to download the update around ½ an hour ago hoping they would fix it soon and then this happens! :D

By the way, yesterday's update brought back the "Recent" to the Game Hub games list.


Ans I'm glad the de-listing was obviously a mistake.

It was just their way of saying "You want more?? yeah?? Shut up!!! Or we'll take whatever little that you DO have right now!! And we'll crush all your dreams and screw up that precious little wipndows phone you have".

Either they're evil like that, or they're just suuuuper lazy. 

"Dude should we put in the nice live tile back??"
<Yaawn> "Nah! leave it for the next update"

We all know live tiles are sooooo difficult to make. Just look at how many hours it took for lots and lots of independent devs or Jay (WPC) to update theirs. I bet its "coming soon" though :-)

Speaking of games, the new Store app takes away game searches by category. Search by category is only applicable for "apps and games" as whole. Or did I miss something?

Categories in games hub have never been there since WP7, we just had 'Recent,' Xbox,' and 'other' (for non xbox titles).

Yeap, besides the recent games list it still looks, feels and acts like the pile of crAPP i hate with a burning passion.

I don't know why, but you can temporary change your region to USA, for an example, download the apps you want, and then change back again the region to Brazil! 

"We’re still not seeing any major changes to Games on Windows Phone 8.1, which is a bummer because we’re just salivating for new features."

Xbox Games app, brand new for Windows Phone 8.1! Missing your favorite features such as:

- Ability to view Xbox One achievements!

- UI consistency with the Xbox One!

- Fast and fluid performance!


But seriously, Windows Phone 8.1 still isn't released to the public so I can't complain. Yet. :)

Yea, full Xbox one support better be there by release....


Anyone notice if you go into the Marketplace and look under games, There is No Xbox Live listing any more....

Hey people I had uninstalled some Xbox games due to storage space reasons and now I have downloaded again and I have lost all progress,..any idea why? Ex angry birds classic,rabbids big bang and a few other games,..pleasee some one tell me? Excuse my english

Save data is only backed up on games that the developers chose to implement it in. I know Jetpack joyride and Minion Rush have it, sorry you're going to have to start again.

The 8.1 sdk now has the option to back up game progress. If developers start using the feature you can start where you left off when you reinstall the game

Maybe this was a test to see how quickly they could push two successive updates out. Oh pick something small that no one will notice... Ahh with all the games in there they wont miss one little icon for one day..

I appreciate their effort, really just looking for same experience as it once had. All of the apps they e ripped out of the OS seem to have some limitation on the data they can retrieve when they aren't open. This makes them slower on startup and a lot if times it's really bad on resume. Can any devs (or anyone) comment on that?

From the comments I was sure the sky was falling and we were doomed.   However all is right with the world and everything is back in its' place.....

But still they haven't concentrated on MUSIC UPDATE...
I've told this several times that .,
NEW X-BOX MUSIC fails to Load all the songs which are in my SD CARD...


[ For example If I've 100 songs in my S.D CARD ., it loads only 80-90 songs...
For this issue I downloaded MUSIC HUB APP.. and I'm. Happy by using that app ]

and it seems Slower while loading each & every time..

And Old MUSIC HUB was far better than this New X-BOX MUSIC

So Developers pls fix this bug and work on this issue...

Having games on app list is not big deal to me, i almost forget to go back game hub to select a game. App list is alot faster way.

So the update before brought back recent but broke avatars on the main screen as well as remove it from the app list which this update fixes. I hope they can just make things faster. All of these new 8.1 apps are broken and slow. Music is fucked in every which way and games has a long splash screen (which shouldn't exist on a modern OS) and the connection to Xbox live takes ages whereas before my avatar would load straight in.

A new story
CEO "I don't want to see 'Games' in app list"
R&D "Yes, sir!"
R&D "is it ok, sir?"
CEO "OMG... @#$%&.."
And now, it's back. =))

All I want is for the games to be put back into the Games Hub from the App List AND/OR somekind of filter to filter out apps and games! My game usage has went down, since I can't ever remember what game it is with all my apps! 

Also Spotify for yet another update, as well as Xbox Video, Prognoza (Weather app) and Dragon's Blade II (RPG game)

I see that games which can be tried by the user now show up after the Xbox games that have been installed. They've also brought back categorization of games into Xbox and others.

This obviously needs to be said considering the last update:

We want the actual games, not the games tile/hub, removed from the app list!

Pretty ridiculous that needed to be clarified...

Well this update is a fluke. My game app ended with the "updating" loop. Totally unforgivable.

I am one of those who actually is happy they are in the app list. Can you imagine the uproar if the Hub had disappeared and they WEREN'T!!!!! Damned, I am glad I don't work for those people. The constant bitching and moaning every move you make, the certainty that MS had pulled a fast one or not checked codes enough. I do complain with the best of them, particularly about Music, but really folks. This is all a work in progress and MS is working at feverish pace lately.

No one mentioning that games in your recent list aren't duplicated in the alphabetized list. No seriously. Go check it out.

What happened to my animated avatar on my games live tile? Why isn't the games app available on the lock screen for notification updates?

Still scrolls like shit, takes to long to open, and takes to long to update (should never see 'Updating', should just be there like when it was part of OS).

Animated aviators are gone. You can just chalk that up to something else they took away all the while the OS is suppose to be getting better. FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME.... STOP REMOVING FEATURES, YOU RETARDS. Even things as little as this start to add up to just making us feel like your stripping the whole thing down to crap.

The Game list now loads fast like it was in WP8.

No more waiting... Earlier the app took a long time to load and then more time to show my installed games.

Now, only app loading time is long... and game list is shown instantly.

I've been coming here for a while and I've noticed  that all the vast majority of you do is complain these days... it's really off putting. Sometimes just be patient for the "feature finished" OS (even though features are still to come) to be released officially. it's not that deep

I've been waiting over three years. And in three years I've seem them.chang directions 25 different times....that's what is off putting. Starting to get absolutely ridiculous.

Maybe Microsoft should give users an option whether to display the games under the App list.. I've so many apps and games that make my menu look like paper flowing out of tissue roll. 

this is off topic but please change the keyboard back to the way it was when you selected an emoji. I'm tired of switching to it every time I want to put one down

Am I the only one having this problem? After the update my games hub loads then drops to the start screen.

I found an annoying bug; some of the games installed disappear from the games hub and they return after 7 seconds. I don't know if anyone noticed this too or not !



I think its a bit better for people who know a specific set of games they like to play, but if you try a bunch of different games...this new way screws you over. The funny thing is they say this is the whole reason they changed it to this new way...for app discovery.

I liked just seeing nothing but my games. When I like a new game but can't remember the name, I am screwed. I am all for options instead of just making everyone do one thing or the other. So I think it should be something in setting within the game hub to take them in/out of the app list.