Xbox Live: Chickens Can't Fly will have avatar awards, a little rooster says

Chickens Can't Fly

Last week we learned that Konami’s upcoming sports Xbox Live title Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 would feature unlockable avatar awards in the form of a t-shirt and soccer ball. Now UK website Electronic Theatre is reporting that another impending title, Chickens Can’t Fly, will have avatar awards as well. They don’t say what the game’s avatar items will be, but it’s nice to know it’ll have something for our precious avatars.

Chickens Can’t Fly is the Xbox Live sequel to indie hit Chickens Can Dream from developer Amused Sloth. Players steer a falling chicken down a trench filled with all sorts of deadly hazards (and tasty corn). Think of it as a reverse Doodle Jump, but with powerups you can store and use later.

Chickens Can Dream is no longer listed on the Marketplace, but you may be able to grab it here (for free). Chickens Can’t Fly is due on Xbox Live sometime around February or March.

UPDATE: As one of the developers indicates in the comments section of this post, the avatar items will be patched in with the first title update rather than being included at launch.

Source: Electronic Theatre


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Xbox Live: Chickens Can't Fly will have avatar awards, a little rooster says


Thought this was known back in August was the only game mentioned when the feature was announced.
Last I read the Avatar Awards would end up being patched in, though that could have changed now but nice to know we could see old games get Awards not that I would hold out any hope for that.
From @CatalinZima on Twitter
"Yes, we do have plans to add Avatar Awards to CCF. However, they'll only be available in the first title update."
"Which should come out a few weeks after launch."

DarkSynopsis is right. The avatar awards will only be available in the first Update. Thhe launch version has passed certification a while ago and we can't add anything to it, but work is underway for the first Update.
Even though they'll only come with the Update, the awards will be retroactively awarded (if you meet the award condition before getting the Update, you'll get the award automatically).
I can say that one of the awards is a very nice helmet, and we'll send some picture of both awards when we can :)
CatalinZZ (one of the devs)

Awesome, I love avatar awards.  Also awesome to see the devs commenting and giving updates.  
Also, thanks for the link to CCD Paul, I'm gonna check it out now.