Xbox Live: Civilization Revolution has dawned on the Marketplace

Civilization Revolution

First announced at the beginning of March, Civilization Revolution is now available on the Marketplace. 2K China, who also created the iOS version, ported the game to Windows Phone for 2K Games.

In the Civilization games, players start at the dawn of humanity and lead their civilization through the ages, including modern times and even the future. You’ll need to gather resources, build new cities, research technologies, and either war against or form alliances with neighboring countries. You can choose from 16 different nations to play with as you strive to achieve one of four possible victory conditions: Technology, Economic, Cultural, and Domination (war).

Civilization Revolution

After jumping in to the Windows Phone game, a few things have become clear. First, the graphics appear to have been awkwardly rescaled from the iOS original, resulting in a generally pixelated look. This version’s tutorial text isn’t as helpful as say, Civilization IV, so it’s going to be a lot harder to learn than previous Civilization games. Hopefully Revolution will be a rewarding experience once we get our heads around it. Feel free to leave gameplay tips in the comments section, clever readers.

Civilization Revolution costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

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Xbox Live: Civilization Revolution has dawned on the Marketplace


To be honest I don't use my WP for gaming. I have my Nintendo 3ds for that. However I love Civilization (and pirates). That's why I'm interested in it. So there is no XBL game for WP that has MP support?

Several games have local multiplayer (sharing a screen between 2-4 people or passing the phone around), but none have proper online multiplayer yet. Carcassonne will have it, and Zombies!!! will be updated with it at some point. Also, some indie (non-Xbox Live) games like Armed! and AlphaJax do have online multiplayer.

It is indeed strange that Microsoft hasn't embraced online gaming with mobile Xbox Live games, considering that was the original defining feature of Xbox Live on consoles.

I think MS was just waiting for a faster data standard. We all know 3G is too slow for what MS wants (most 1st gen WP phones are 3G). I think now that 4G LTE will become the new standard, you could expect MS to do more with it. Sort of like their stance 10 years ago to only use broadband for Xbox Live (no dial up). At the end it was the best decision and the best experience

Sure, LTE is much better for gaming than 3G. But why not support Wi-Fi, which is already perfect for it and used by iPhone, Android, and even indie WP7 games?

Maybe cause MS wants that type of experience EVERYWHERE. No one wants to just be confined to where they can get a WiFi signal. Mobile games are made to be played on the go. It's bad enough we have to download large apps on WiFi. Most of the time I have to wait to get home to download something that requires WiFi

Well, I find that reasoning silly and whatever the reason behind their stance, it has kept mobile Xbox Live games behind the curve of all major smartphone competitors. I'm sure it won't be too much longer before Microsoft finally opens the multiplayer gates, but unfortunately many games that have multiplayer on iOS will probably never be updated to include the feature on Windows Phone.

Yea, well I guess it's just a coincidence that it just so happens the first multiplayer Xbox Live game is rolling out around the same time as the first Windows Phone 4G LTE phones. LOL

Not sure what you're laughing about, but we still don't have a release date on Carcassonne, so nobody really knows when the first online multiplayer game will roll out. Also, whenever it does finally come, it's more likely a result of Microsoft solidfying whatever standards and drivers they wanted to implement rather than being timed to a specific handset's release.

Well no matter how you look at it, the game is still coming out after LTE phones, not before when it was only 3G. So that could be the reason especially since the Lumia 900 is suppose to be the phone they expect to sell the most. The timing is hard to ignore. They officially announce a multiplayer WP game around the launch of Nokia Lumia 900. Anyway, I'm not saying that's the reason or that's the plan cause I don't know what MS plans are but I'm just saying

GAMEPLAY TIP: if the city you're attacking is protected by an army of archers, none of your 'basic' units will be able to take that city.
i'm trying to starve a greek city by placing my units on the city's land so it can not develop. maybe they will stop development in that city completely and in a couple of rounds be way behind my romans. or maybe they will surrender to might that is the roman empire and just join us ;)
ps what i'm missing from most modern games are cheats. it would be awesome just to take an entire world with basic units and surround the last 'free' other nation with my armies. then develop the entire world as i see fit. used to do this in old civilisation, anno X, simcity etc games. man am I missing cheats in these modern days...

The graphics looks like a blurry mess. Not good at all. If they want my money they need to try a little harder.

The graphics are a blurry mess. Not good at all. If they want my money they need to try harder than this. The game does not look good at all.
Majesty is my type of game when it comes to these sort of games (though they differ in gameplay).  And it looks good. Very important to me.

Thnx 2K, Firaxis and Sid for bringing this to WP - I've been playing it for three years on XBL (thank goodness there's no way for them to charge on a per-play basis or I'd be much more in debt lol). Maybe they can release an update that will upgrade the graphix since this started as an xbox game (and subsequently ported to iOSh*t/HemaDroid) - so, in essence, we got a port of a game that was originally released for our parent platform not-so-LOL
Just hope the pixelation isn't as bad as some have mentioned - that'll only cause it to look worse on my larger Titan screen :(

I'm playing it on my htc titan as well.
i did not notice any really bad graphics... though i may just still be used to civ 1's giant pixel graphics... so maybe it's just me ;)

LOL - thnx for the info. I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet since this little thing called a job gets in the way of my WP gaming fun :( I have a feeling it would be too easy of a timesink to put it down...Can't wait to try it later!
Happy WP gaming,

you know, when someone points out the elephant in the room, you just can't take your eyes off it anymore?
same here. i know now what they mean. the graphics are horrible while two units are fighting. other than that it's quite ok. but this little screen where 3 units fight against 3 enemy units and you can either run away or let them fight. that's where the pixels go crazy.

I bought this instantly. Only had a chance to play for a half hour or so last night, so I'm still trying to figure it out - the lack of a tutorial (so you just figure how to play by randomly hitting icons 'til you know what they do) is pretty poor, and the graphics are genuinely atrocious. It's sad that they put so little effort into porting the game, they should be embarassed for themselves.
Still, it's Civilization. Which means I'll probably still enjoy playing it. But it's a great shame that the feel they can drop a game so poorly ported.

Well, outside of the WP7 version's inexcusably inferior graphics, the interface and tutorial issues were present in the iPhone version too. Of course, the same team is responsible for both mobile versions, so I guess we could blame them for not replicating the Xbox 360 version's superior interface faithfully.

Thanks for the link, I'm getting Majesty over Civ for now, they have to fix the graphics before I'll get Civ.  Knowing how fast live games get updated it'll be done when, 2015?  Sigh, the state of updates and such for Live games is a total fail so far, I greatly prefer non live games nowdays.
EDIT - this was supposed to be in reply to dannejanne - thanks for the line to Majesty, I just purchased it as it looks great!

Honestly I don't know what everyone is so concerned about. The graphics on my HTC Trophy are not bad at all, in my opinion. It's on a cell phone, so of course they will be scaled down a bit, and even then, I don't find them blurry whatsoever. The screenshot above is misleading, at least in my personal experience..perhaps other phones are different. Revolution on the 360 was quite cartoony to begin with so I feel like the overall style fits nicely. Anyway, this isn't direct analog of a real civ game by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a pretty fun on-the-go substitute.

The Trophy's screen is smaller than many other Windows Phones, so minor visual problems like aliasing wouldn't be as noticable. On my Samsung Focus, the rounded edges are exactly as jagged as they appear in the screenshot above. Is it worth skipping the game if you like Civilization? Of course not, but we'd be wrong not to mention it.

I gotcha. After posting, I thought about it and figured that may be the case. Sorry about that! Fun little game though, aside from everyone declaring war on me for no apparent reason.

the worst pixelated graphics are in the fight screens. if you don't mind those there's really not that much else that bothers me... except for missing cheats as usual ;)

The graphics are disappointing, but the gameplay is fun. Played a few games over the last couple of days and have enjoyed it. This is a definite if you like Civilization.