Xbox Live - Droplitz Delight twists onto the Windows Phone Marketplace

Droplitz Delight

Last month, Windows Phone Central announced that Droplitz Delight would soon be coming to Xbox Live. That time is now at hand, as Game House’s latest is now available on the Marketplace.

Droplitz Delight

Droplitz Delight is the mobile-exclusive sequel to XBLA and Steam puzzler Droplitz. In each level, players are tasked with guiding the adorable liquid droplitz from the top of the screen to the bottom. You’ll have to quickly rotate a bunch of tiles in order to create a safe path for the little liquids, and then do it all again after the old path disappears. Gameplay modes include the 40-level Target Quest, Dash, Classic, and Free Play.

The warm and cuddly art style of Droplitz Delight would be reason enough for puzzle fans to give it a look, but the game has another ace up its sleeves too. Droplitz Delight rings up at just 99 cents – the perfect impulse price. You can get it here on the Marketplace.

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Xbox Live - Droplitz Delight twists onto the Windows Phone Marketplace


I asked about this quite a few months back, and the developers replied that they wouldn't be able to keep the service running with once-off payments. Do they really make that much on ads I don't click? I'd gladly pay $3.99 for Wordament, maybe more.

It varies per game though. I play Wordament for an hour at a time sometimes, pretty often, which means that over the span of my life with the game they get quite a few impressions, which they have obviously determined is worth more than people would be prepared to pay for the same game. A game like this though, which may not have the same replayability may suffer from only displaying ads.

As someone to is currently developing a game for WP, it's a little discouraging to read about a new applications / games released onto the market place and then also reading comments regarding pricing.
I have been reading a fair few comments lately where the price of an application or game should be free or that paying 99 cents is too much. Knowing the time and effort it takes to see a project from start to finish, I would think it's reasable to expect some form of payment, and paying 99 cents for something that will provide good use if great value to me. If I don't like it, well then I can un-install the application and loose the 99 cents. It's not that big a deal. 
I don't mind paying for applications and games that I like and feel like I am doing my bit to support the devs who are supporting the platform I like best, and I hope in turn that all my effort into developing a game will pay off as well. I plan on selling my game eventually for 99 cents and I hope to make enough sales to cover what I have already put into it.
Maybe this is a discussion for a whole new topic thread. What are peoples thoughts? I will go on record to say that I am happy to pay a reasonable price for something that I well get good use from.

We have some news coming on that (news is all I ever promised), but the devs are in crunch mode apparently and haven't gotten it to us yet.

I'm fine with once a week if they push out quality, flagship games every so often. Week after week of simplistic puzzle games doesn't reflect well on the XBL brand.

I would be fine with one title a week if WP7 had the best games on all mobile platforms, but we have the worst and not nearly as many as iOS or Android, this makes it a very stupid decision.

Paul and Daniel, please ask to GameHouse developers to publish their games in Brazilian Marketplace. So many people will like to can play these games in here.
I can help with the what they need to request the Ministery of Justice a rating for their games.

I will buy this, because the price of entry is .99 cents. The only reason I would hesitate is because it is another puzzle type title.  I have way too many and need some fresh ideas/games that are like tentacles, or some new IP's that are WP exlusive. 
I would like to see an additional title released each week that is a LIVE game.  Two per week would be perfect.  There are many non-live titles that are awesome and worth my $, but I always look for WP LIve games first because of the achievements and link to my friends on leaderboards.  Xbox started to release 2 and sometimes 3 on arcade each week.  WP is still young, but should be at a point where more releases could be offered each week.

Just tried the trial. Brings back memories. I really miss the option to rotate in either direction via left and right click. The toggle just isn't smooth enough. Would be nice to have another option, such as maybe holding a finger in somewhere on screen and then tapping the dial to turn in the opposite direction. This fame does require a lot of speed after all.