Xbox Live: Enigmo update finally available, despite the certification process

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Since its release in May, Chaotic Moon’s Xbox Live title Enigmo has suffered from an unattainable Achievement. I noted in our Broken Achievements article that the developers had submitted a patch to fix the problem immediately after the game’s release. As the months went by, it seemed like Microsoft would never approve the update.

Today things finally change, as the Enigmo version 1.1 patch is now live! The patch regrettably does not add Fast App Switching support – after all, it has languished in certification hell since May, long before Mango became a reality. But it does fix the broken Achievement, ‘Mad Scientist,’ meaning the game’s full 200 GamerScore can now be earned by all. Just beat level 50 or start a new game and complete a level after having beaten level 50 to unlock it.

The length of time it took Microsoft to approve a very simple fix (7 months) is extremely worrying. Whenever a major problem arises in a game, be it a broken Achievement or a game-killing glitch, the big MS’s first priority should be getting the fix out to consumers. Having a sandwich, taking a nap, having about 200 more sandwiches, and then publishing the update is not good for anyone involved. The developers loses sales from negative word of mouth and awareness of the game’s issues, Microsoft themselves lose the cut they would get from those sales, and gamers become dissatisfied with developer and publisher alike. A rethinking of the update certification policy may be in order.

But enough complaining! Let’s just be happy that Enigmo is working right at long last. As our review states, it’s a fine physics-based puzzler with 3D graphics and a catchy soundtrack. Enigmo costs $2.99 and you can find it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Selas Dray for the tip!


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Xbox Live: Enigmo update finally available, despite the certification process


This, over game selection, is MS biggest problem.
Part of what makes mobile gaming appealing, besides the low price of entry, is the constant content updates.
Let's look at iOS for a moment...
Angry Birds - Has the Mighty Eagle, the birthday levels and the orange bird.
Doodle Jump - More levels, and just got updated today with the artic level.
Fruit Ninja - WP7 still doesn't have the pomegranite, and Fruit Ninja got updated AGAIN today with new blades, backgrounds and the peach.
Plants vs Zombies - got a new mode on iOS a couple days ago.
Not to mention none of those games (besides Doodle Jump) have fast app switching/ run at 60fps.
This is VERY frustrating to someone who wants to give MS their money for these games on WP7.  Paul, maybe there's a way you can look into why WP7 gets such a shaft with these updates??  Is it simply the lower marketshare? 

It's a topic of some concern for me, but finding the right person who will actually discuss the problem has proven to be quite a challenge so far. I completely agree that the frequency of game updates compared to iOS and Android is a major disadvantage for WP7.

Agreed, Paul is the only one investigating this stuff which makes him awesome.
That said, the Angry Birds thing is embarrassing. It's like it was completely abandoned. I was looking forward to updates going forward to match IOS and Android.. but look at it. One update, not even Mango ready. Why even have it there? Just to say 'We have Angry Birds!'. It's not enough, especially for people like us who paid more for it than on IOS! It is ludicrious.

Honestly, for me and a lot of people I know in the achievement community, these games are mainly about one thing: Achievements. We like to enjoy the game we are playing, but our main goal is getting 200(or 50) in a game. Once we've accomplished that, we won't play that game anymore unless more achievements are added. Adding DLC to a game without giving achievements won't get most of us to play the game again. I don't know if MS feels that on some level so they don't push the DLC as hard as they can, but a good number of us won't play a game past it's full achievement point. 

Not true. If Rovio added 200 more levels of Angry Birds to their WP7 app to match their IOS offering, I would play it all day. I don't need more achievements, there's a leaderboard after all. :)
You are thinking of mobile games like Xbox and XBLA games. Mobile is a different animal. I play Xbox for achievements but for mobile games I'm looking for quick fun.

I have to respectfully disagree. Content is extremely important. If Angry Birds came out with one level or Fruit Ninja with one fruit, but you could earn 200 gamer score, people would be outraged.

What seems to the be problem?  Is this an Xbox Live Certification thing?  I play Taptitude and it gets updated nearly weekly, so they don't seem to have a problem getting updates through the system. 

Yes, it's the Xbox Live certification process. Microsoft takes absolutely forever to approve Xbox live game updates, and as a result they get few if any updates.

Yea. I can't relate to the achievement thing. Its cool WP has them. But as someone who owns an iPod touch as well, it's telling how frequent the updates are on iOS. I'm gonna be honest, I would much rather have updates over achievements. I don't carry my iPod everywhere. But I do my Focus. And can we please get Words With Friends?

I have to agree a bit with selasdray and disagree at the same time I know quite a few people including myself that after we get the 200 we don't touch the game anymore *this goes across on xbox itself as well* but for regular folks that don't care about achievements it is a important thing to get updates ms needs to really fix this process and make it quicker and easier for developers to allow updates to there apps,