Xbox Live Gold members can now get two free games on their Xbox One

We love gold, especially Microsoft's Games with Gold program for Xbox Live members. June is the first month that Xbox Live Gold members will get access to free games on their Xbox One. Last week we learned that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault would be the first Xbox One games available. Today is that day, get them for free right now!

Curse of Brotherhood normally goes for $14.99 and Spartan Assault is normally $9.99. If you're an Xbox Live member with a Gold subscription, you'll be able to snag those games today for free. Just find the games within the Xbox One Game Store on your console and you'll see them listed as free.

The June system update for the Xbox One will introduce a new hub on Xbox One for exploring all the perks of being an Xbox Live Gold member.

Which game are you playing first?

Source: Xbox

Thanks for the tip everyone!


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Xbox Live Gold members can now get two free games on their Xbox One


From Xbox.com LIVE status:

"If you're experiencing issues downloading and playing Games With Gold titles, rest assured that we're on it. Our team is hard at work and we won't stop till we get it fixed! Thanks for your patience while we work. We'll update you as soon as we have more information." 6/3/2014 8:45 PM

Good to know. I just wanted to download the 2 X1 games, but the downloads didn't start. Will try again when I'm back home for work.


  • Purchase and Content UsageLimited


    Affected platforms:  Xbox One

    • xbox one outage;Purchase and Content Usage,


    Affected services: Downloading items that you have already purchased


    6/3/2014 8:45:13 PM CST:

    If you're experiencing issues downloading and playing Games With Gold titles, rest assured that we're on it. Our team is hard at work and we won't stop till we get it fixed! Thanks for your patience while we work. We'll update you as soon as we have more information.



In fairness, I'm a PS+ subscriber, and you don't get "proper" PS4 games; however, you do get "proper" PS3 and Vita titles; but since MS only have the 360 and are trying to get people to buy a One, its doubtful they'll give away many good games for 360.

It sets a good precedent though, in that in a few months, like PS4, they'll give away "proper" games.

I'm pretty sure next month they'll be giving Knack as one of the six free games next month. Six as if you have all three current Sony systems you get two games each.

Whats sad about that is most proper games have gone on sale @ least a dozen times or people have moved on & are playing games we'll never see free

I'm assuming you haven't been keeping up with games with gold for360? They have had quite a few great games such as Dark Souls, Halo 3, Saints Row 3, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed 2...they are doing a great job with it.

Lol so does Xbox Live Gold. There's just not enough games for Xbox One yet to start doing that though. (see: Xbox 360)

False! PS plus LENDS you "proper"(if indie are proper) games if you lose your plus status you lose all your "free" games. so NO!

True; but to be honest, its a small price to pay to be getting 6 games a month €4.16 (€50 per annum). That isn't a bad price for a rental itself! :)

Anyway, with the value of it, and the fact that PS+ is required for PS4 online play, its not like you'd really consider unsubscribing anyway

This is true, I keep telling people this.  It is more like Netflix where you are paying for access to them, wheareas Games With Gold out right gives you the games, but I read that this is because of the way DRM is set up on the 360 to where they can't revoke rights once they give them to you, which is why they tend to be older games.

So does games for gold on xbox one.  You lose your sub you lose your games. 


360 is different, you own the games regardless. 

*BUT*, if you renew Gold you get all the games back. That's still better than PS+, where you can't redownload them once they're out of the collection.

Wrong.... see my post below. If you downloaded it when it was free you have access to it forever as long as your PS+ is active.

With PS+, once the game is removed from the Instant Games Collection, you can't re-download it. With the Xbox One, you can delete them and redownload them anytime your Gold subscription is current. To me that's still better.

Only if you didn't download it when it was free. If when they have it free through PS+ you download it or add it to the cart and checkout on the website you can download it whenever you want as long as your PS+ account is active even if the game is removed from the collection. Basically download them when they are free and as long as you have PS+ you have access to the game.

Even if you let your membership lapse then come back to PS+ you still have access to all the games you previously downloaded.

I can confirm that you can redownload games if your subscription lapses. Make sure though that you download all the games to your account while their still available. Games for Gold on Xbox One has the exact same system. Download the games within a set period of time and have access to the games tied to your account with an active Gold membership. The 360 free games are free forever- with or without gold membership.

And why do I care as a consumer? I want XBL to be competitive with PSN, i.e. the same services for free vs. paid, similar perks, etc. I could care less about how profitable it is for Microsoft, at least within reason. It's not like the amount MS makes off of Gold memberships is gonna make or brake the company.

Make or break the company, no. But it is a large amount of how they gauge the success of the platform and its viability. Also we're all basically investing in future improvement to the service. I doubt we would have gotten the massive dedicated servers for X1 if Gold had not been so successful on 360. That said, free games are nice.

XBL is better in that you can redownload them later, even once they're out of the current free offerings. That's not true with PS+, as once they're gone they're gone for good.

I couldn't care less is the right terminology. I could care less doesn't make sense......

in 360 you can play them even if you don't have gold, in Xbox One you only can do it if you are gold, but you don't lose your games if you lose your gold, once renew gold, you can play the same games that were given to you.. or that's what I understood. anyway, if you are gold, why would you stop being gold? it's not like it's expensive so I guess I don't worry about it now.

If you get Spartan assault on the Xbox in this deal since its a universal app do you get it free on your phone and tablet as well?

No cause the phone and tablet version are different than the XB port cause that would mean halo would be free on your 360 and its not

Can i get the games thru an internet browser so it'll be ready to download Just like the Xbox 360?

Yes, login to you Live account, go to the Xbox One game store in your browser. Go to Max or Halo Spartan Assault and you should see the price as free.


Just did it from work so I can go home and have free games already installed on my Xbox One.

Hello guys I have a question for all Lumia 520 users.
Whenever I minimize Uc browser or any other application in my Lumia 520 its process gets stopped isn't Lumia 520 a multi tasking phone or its just my Os .plz let me know if any one else facing same problem or its solution.

You cover so many Xbox one news, why don't you guys just as well make a new site for that, cause how Xbox relates to Windows Mobile Phone is hard to understand.. Especially Xbox one games.

This is discussed on every thread. They're a Microsoft centric site, and many, many fans of the Windows Phone platform happen to be fans of other Microsoft platforms, such as Xbox and Windows PC's. They're able to provide a reliable and quality news source for all of them and it hurts no one.

Funny thing I use my Windows Phone everyday to control my Xbox One.  Maybe you've heard of it - SmartGlass?

Well considering Windows Phone is closely integrated with Xbox and even has built-in apps with the prefix of "Xbox", I'd say they're pretty closely connected.

Well, yeah, but this is Windows PHONE Central... not Microsoft Central. I don't really care as long as it's tech related, but we have been getting an awful lot of non-WP stuff here recently (laptops/desktops and even bloody sports news because Ballmer was involved)

Can't seem to make it pass 99%. Error 0x87de07dc comes up that's not on the XBL error reporting website. Anyone else having this same issue?

won't show installing after you've confirmed on the screen.  Check your queue and it should be downloading.  However, like others, mine failed at 99% installation.

Heya, are you on the test program for testing the updates before released to the public? If so I understand that to get added you can be recommended by people on the program... Mind adding me? I can't finish the install of max without an update.

From Xbox.com:

"If you're experiencing issues downloading and playing Games With Gold titles, rest assured that we're on it. Our team is hard at work and we won't stop till we get it fixed! Thanks for your patience while we work. We'll update you as soon as we have more information." 6/3/2014 8:45 PM

It doesn't matter you can still click to buy it for free and it will get added to your account. When you get an XB1 you'll have 2 games to play!

Pretty awesome. Too bad I already have them. Lol. Max is a great game for those that haven't played it.

Installation of both games gets to the end then stops installation and says "your system needs an update" when i go to system and update it then says "no update available" so i am guessing the update is coming soon?

Which will I play first? I will probably be playing Dark Souls or Saints Row III on the 360 while they are downloading on the X1. :)

For those that are downloading the games for free, you need a system update. At least that is the error I get. Anyone have a free recommend to the preview program for the system updates available?

Excellent. Glad to hear it's a recurring issue...

Also, I'd advise against the preview program for Xbox. I tried it on the 360, and it wound up bricking the DVD drive. Huge pain to convince them via forum posting that it was their beta software which initiated the brick, then a one month turn around for the repair. Although perhaps, they've adjusted what sort of build features are pushed out in preview updates (vis a vi WP 8.1).

Just my experience anyhow, perhaps you'll have better luck with current quality control standards. If I were wanting to get in, I would start on their Twitter page with some variation on the hastag #preview and/or #invite.

Thanks for reporting... Seconded.

From Xbox.com:

"If you're experiencing issues downloading and playing Games With Gold titles, rest assured that we're on it. Our team is hard at work and we won't stop till we get it fixed! Thanks for your patience while we work. We'll update you as soon as we have more information." 6/3/2014 8:45 PM EST

Next update needs a social pivot where we can directly invite or join friends parties. Takes way too long now, so annoying.

I already own Spartan Assault, so I'll be playing some Max tonight! I'm in the Preview Program and already have the June update

Just downloaded the June update - I don't see the new hub on the dashboard but Max installed successfully after the update completed.  I downloaded it earlier through the store and was getting the "installation stopped, you need an update" message.

Ive already played through most of Spartan assault on Surface, so likely Max first, but atm Im busy with watch dogs anyways. I knew both of these games would be amongst the first to hit GWG so I didnt get them even if Max looked quite fun, glad I didnt

It's so funny... Sony gave games for users of Playstation Network + from the beginning.
Nextgen = PS4

It's so funny that the XB was charging for XB live to create the best online gaming service from the beginning and now Sony is charging as well. What's not funny is your trolling and how poor PSN is in comparison to XB Live. Enjoy your PS3.5.

Got the games from the website store not from xbox, after update still no max.. and spartan... inside "games store".

Just downloaded both and have yet to play. Nice to actually get something for that $60 I didn't have to spend...

I'm a gold member but can't get the free games. I can play live and it even says I'm gold but comes up with prices for the free ones. Why?

Had the same issue. The free games didn't show up as a tile on the home tab and the game that was supposed to be free costs money, at least on in xbox interface. I contacted support and it seems to be an issue with me having used a redeem code for 12 months subscription. If i visited the page for the current game that was free (support gave me a link on xbox.com) it did actually say free and didn't charge you when you started a download. It did require a creditcard attached to the account but I think that's in order for the offer to be valid even with redeemed gold accounts. They told me to check xbox.com or majornelson.com (I think it's a official blog site for xbox) every 1st and 16th in every month, that's when the game title change.  It's really a annoying hoop to have to jump through but at least I get the free games.