Xbox Live - Hasta la Muerte ya está aquí. Err, it's here!

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Emily Dickinson would be happy to know that Death has finally stopped for Xbox Live gamers. And by that I mean, Hasta la Muerte (Until Death or To the Death) is now available on Xbox Live.

A Windows Phone exclusive from French developer Pohlm Studio, Hasta la Muerte places gamers in control of one of death’s emissaries. The emissary must free the souls of the dead in order to prevent them from becoming cursed lost souls. He won’t go it alone as friendly souls called Soulpets offers assistance. Hasta la Muerte features over 30 levels, boss battles, and a stark European art style that’s unlike anything else on the platform.

Is anyone else curious why a French developer chose a Spanish title for their game? The French translation of Until Death is Jusqu'à la Mort. Or maybe Pour la Mort, that works too. Either way, it doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily, does it?

Hasta la Muerte costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace. To view the game’s trailer, check out our previous post.

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Xbox Live - Hasta la Muerte ya está aquí. Err, it's here!


Here's a tip: When the game launches turn it around so that your 3 keys are on the left hand side. The whole screen should tilt which will avoid accidentally pressing the back button during gameplay. Bad design decision though that 'A' button.
Otherwise it looked more fun on videos, apart from Burn The Rope I just hate tilting games and this didn't change my mind. I can't believe Cut The Rope was done for Windows 8 before Windows Phone, this sort of decision just kills me.

Wow I have a stalker. Can't I post a comment without you jumping on it? I didn't criticise the game, I just said tilting games are not my thing, what is it to you?
And yes I find it hard to swallow that Cut The Rope is done for Windows 8 which only launches in a year whereas there's been no mention of it for WP7 (even though I assume it will come eventually... in 2012).

I agree about the controls - the tilting does't add much to the game (and makes the main menu terrible), and the A button is just silly. Still enjoying it so far though.

I'm not a fan of tilting games either, though there are exceptions such as Need For Speed which works pretty well. That said, Hasta la Muerte isn't available on my Marketplace, yet.