Xbox Live: IronSun Studios follows up IonBallEX with Battlewagon

IronSun Studios' IonBallEX (review) nicely filled a niche in the Xbox lineup. Their new title BattleWagon looks to do the same, but this time it doesn't fit an established genre so closely.

The developer describes Battlewagon as an arcade action/strategy game. Players equip a medieval Battlewagon with various weapons and upgrades and then send it to invade enemy castles. Combat uses simple, one-touch controls that should be well-suited to mobile play. With 68 levels that take place across the four seasons and some lovely Amiga-esque graphics, Battlewagon should provide a fresh and lengthy gameplay experience.

Battlewagon is currently targeted for a late December release. It will require Mango out of the gate, which shouldn't be a problem by then. We’ll let you know when the release date and price become official.


Reader comments

Xbox Live: IronSun Studios follows up IonBallEX with Battlewagon


Looks like it could be fun.Does anyone know when the Splinter Cell game will be released? They teased it over the summer, but someone said that we would have to wait for Mango as that would bring Parental Controls (which I haven't seen.)

Splinter cell will be the first game added when parental controls get finished they have it built in (not active) what they are doing now is got to go through ever single app released and rate it in a catagory

Are they going to release this as a normal game then release it as XBL like they did with IonBall?I'm glad they did that cause they then removed IonBall from the market and I can't reinstall that version. Love that I lost my money.

Do you have a way to contact the company? I'd like to see if they'd like to do something about keeping a customer happy.

Thanks for the link! I got in touch with them and things seem to be squared away. They're a very nice group and handled it perfectly.

I thought it was just a xbl indie game on the 360 ported to the phone to xbl but maybe I was wrong didn't know it was on the phone released on the martketplace

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