Xbox Live - MonstaFish escapes onto the Windows Phone Marketplace


MonstaFish is the latest Xbox Live release from IronSun Studios, makers of IonBallEX. Windows Phone Central first revealed the game to the world two weeks ago, and now it’s available on the Marketplace.

In MonstaFish, too much toxic waste has been dumped into the water, resulting in gnarly mutations known as MonstaFish. Naturally these toxic fish aren’t too tasty and must be removed for the good of the ocean!

MonstaFish Time Attack

This mode will kill you. A lot.

MonstaFish features five distinct game modes:

  • The main game, MonstaFish, involves waiting around as a super-Octopus spits bubbles out. These combine when they bump into each other and can then be popped to defeat enemy fish.
  • Fish Hook allows requires players to rescue friendly goldfish, hooking and pulling them through schools of MonstaFish using tilt controls. This is probably the most fun and intuitive gametype
  • In Fish Hunt, a couple of cursors float up and down the screen. Tap them when a fish comes through to wipe it out. The mechanics seem a bit confusing so far.
  • Time Attack gives players three minutes to tap and eliminate as many MonstaFish as possible. If the fish escape or you hit too many toxic waste barrels or Boomer fish, the game ends. This mode is actually quite hard and frustrating, though super gamer Zebrasqual has already knocked out both of its more evil Achievements.
  • Fish Tank lets players feed their fish by tapping on the screen to drop flakes. You also need to scare off snails by swiping the screen, which unfortunately doesn’t work very well for me. Anyone else having trouble with that?

As you can see, MonstaFish packs a lot of variety for a single game. It costs only 99 cents and there is a free trial. Swim over here to get it from the Marketplace.

QR: MonstaFish


Reader comments

Xbox Live - MonstaFish escapes onto the Windows Phone Marketplace


Another not too exciting game by the developers.. it's a shame, they seem so good at doing the graphics and animations and varieties, but they can't seem to get a decent game concept :/ 

I agree with previous poster. Many games look good but lack depth. We get almost only casual games. Come on bring us some real games instead.

What's with these development studios who obvious have top-tier graphics designers, UI designers and programmers, yet produce super shallow gameplay? Battlewagon seemed super cool, until I realised it was a collection of silly mini-games. Games like Puzzle Quest similarly make me sad, the cutscenes between are beautiful but then... gems? Really?

Why? It makes no sense to me to portray encounters in quests as puzzle battles. Come on, let's be real here. Talk about toaster-fridges.

The original Puzzle Quest is one of the best early games on XBL, the version on the phone is a straight port of the sequel. There are plenty of games that combine combining gems with RPG elements, Gyromancer, Galactrix, etc. I think the gameplay in these games are solid myself.

What Spacedvest says. Just because you don't like puzzle games, that doesn't mean nobody does. Puzzle Quest (particularly the first one) is simply one of the finest puzzle games ever created, elevating a stale genre to a higher level. For people who dig puzzlers, puzzle RPGs are engrossing and addictive games.

I used to play heaps of Bejeweled and the likes. But when I'm playing a puzzler, I'm playing a puzzler. I'm either competing with myself or with others via a leaderboard. I'm not defeating a bad guy by matching up gems, or something like that. It's fine if you like it, but there's no need to jump to conclusions just because I don't share your viewpoint.
I could combine RPG with Logoarama and I'm sure some people would like it. That doesn't make it a logical approach nor a good concept. Similarly, the dual-nature of Windows 8 is clearly not the best product Microsoft could bring in terms of UX on desktop and UX on tablet, but some are unequivocally in support of it.

You obviously are entitled to do whatever you feel like with your .99, but that statement portraits what's wrong with portable gaming. As long as it's cheap, I'll get it... I'm the opposite, my time is way more precious than my .99's.

I do sous like a Broken record, but my post ess against Tue idea of cheap equals insta buy. I have no opinion on this game ar all, it isn't available on "my" Marketplace yet.

Well it's not the worst game in the world. Not really good either.  
Time Attack is hard indeed, you may like it if you like your games challenging.
Other modes are very easy and the Fish Tank gets really old really fast.
The trick to fighting snails is to swipe left and right and not top-bottom as in the instructions.I recommend swiping near the bottom edge pretty often to both keep the tak clean and get rid of the snails as soon as they appear, before they do much damage to the progress bar.

You obviously don't make any sense.
"my time is way more precious than my .99's."- you've got it all backwards. You don't get payed 0,99 or $5 to play games on your phone.  You pay for the games if you wanna play them.
You obviously are entitled to do whatever you feel like with your time and money, including wasting your time on overpriced games instead of wasting the same time on reasonably priced games. But your senseless statements portray what's wrong with the internets - there are too many parvenu douchebags on the tubes.

You're rude. Though I won't offend you, I'll try to explain the best I can since English is not my first language. My time is valuable - to me - because I like to spend it well, not measuring it in money. Besides, that's the point I don't do cheap just because it's cheap. Then again, you're still seem like a very unpleasant individual.

Well you are not aware of it, but you are offensive when claiming that there is something wrong in buying cheap games.
There's nothing wrong about it and you are the one acting rude.
You are not spending you're time better when playing overpriced games. That is just pretentious.

Well I just had a perfectly good time for the last couple of hours unlocking achievements in four easy mini-minigames. And I payed only 0.99 for it.
Do you have a problem with that?

So many good games, like Shank, on Xbox Live that could easily be ported, yet we get this crap. Microsoft, do whatever you have to do to convince these guys to bring us these games, but just make games like this stop already. You can slap Xbox Live on this stuff all you want. It isn't Xbox worthy (portable, I know) and all it is doing is cheapening the brand.

That's it. I wish fellow WP'ers demanded Live quality games, with default Live features like global leaderboards, not just cheap. Of course it's all that and cheap, all the better, I do not have a dogmatic position against cheap, but I won't eat st McDonald's everyday because it's cheap.
On topic: still no game this side of the Atlantic, hope it's good, I liked IonBall.

Microsoft hasn't created support for global leaderboards on Windows Phone yet. The few games that have them are special exceptions that connect to Xbox 360 servers. It's strange, but we'll try to ask them about it if we ever get the chance.

Wow, really?
Complaining about puzzle quest 2?
I haven't cared for Iron Suns games in the past, but this looks worth checking out.

One I can say is that we need better games.. Since MS sailing point was that the phone has Xbox live, it lacks the games to make it worth our while

I'm a big Xbox 360 player my gamerscore is 53993 so I'm a serious gamer. The fact that I can achieve on my phone was one of the main reasons why I got a WP

Well, I have a fair bit more than that, but while I play my games to the full, they need to be above average, otherwise Achievements in itself lose its value and become just a number, they need to reflect not only some sort of skill but even more a historic watermark for a time well spent.
Well, the game seems fairly interesting, I might actually get it!

I agree the achievements need to mean something more than just a number and games especially on WP need to blow us out of the water in order for more people to notice it's gaming goodness. I see that iOS always has better games and partnership with developers

I tried the trial and removed it already. One of my shortest trials yet lol, I did not care for it at all.

I think most live games are a waste of the live name, they are nothing extra besides achievements that I could careless about. Then they are almost ever updated to boot. Gee thanks lol.