Xbox LIVE price goes up November 1st

There are three types of people who visit this site:

  1. Those with Xbox, LIVE & want Windows Phone 7
  2. Those who are planning to get an Xbox + LIVE for Windows Phone 7
  3. Those who never plan on getting an Xbox because you "don't game"

This post is for #1 and #2--we're cool. As for you number three'ers, you're dead to me, feel free to scroll down and read another blog entry.

Anyways, it costs something like $49.99 for the Gold membership, which allows access to all the cool online stuff, gaming, online multiplayer, Netflix, Last.FM, etc. (For those who don't have one, the Xbox is just as much a media center as a gaming machine--my usage for instance is probably 70% media e.g. Netflix/TV torrents, 30% actual gaming, usually Star Wars related.)

While not a bad deal, it's going up on November 1st to $59.99, which seems to be a curious time right when a certain mobile OS launches and Microsoft will see an influx of new customers. Oh and that Kinect thing is launching too.

The good news is that you can renew now for $39.99 to tap in that extra year and save 30%, which we suppose is a good deal (unless you membership just auto-renewed like 2 weeks ago, grrr).

Read up on the details and renew here.

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Reader comments

Xbox LIVE price goes up November 1st


Xbox Live is a paid membership?
For some reason, that sounds like a funny idea.

If you do the math it's less than a dollar a month if you do a yearly. not really a big deal. Although it would be nice if they threw in a free zune subscription with it.

The yearly subscription is going up $10 and there are 12 months in a year...

Regaurdless you'll still be able to get the cards on Amazon for sub-$40 prices.

What about us #4's: People who have a ps3 or dont have an xbox and only want xbox live for our windows phone 7? We need an xbox mobile option

PS3? ?_?


I don't *think* you need LIVE Gold for Windows Phone 7--but will have to look into it. You just need LIVE, which is free.

He'll need an Xbox Live account as well for gaming on Windows Phone 7 (Its just a subsection of your Windows Live account in reality). The good news is Xbox Live is actually free (and will be for Windows Phone 7). There is a 'Gold' option for Xbox Live which allows you to play games online and all that other jazz, but for accessing the Live Network and having your Avatar and all that.. its completely free.

I just renewed mine about a week ago. In Canada, a yearly memberships costs $55, so even if it goes up to $65, that's still about $5 a month. Considering that I use my xbox almost everyday, it's not a bad deal.

PS. From what I've read, you won't need a Gold Live account for WP7. I believe you only need the free Silver Live account.

I dunno about Canada but there are online retailers selling 12 month Gold cards for a good chunk less than the $60 it'll be in Nov, most Gold members don't even pay the full price and just get these membership cards.

You can pick them up right now on amazon.com for $37 a pop. There really is no reason to pay the full price in store for the yearly membership.

That is one of the reasons why I don't have an Xbox. Why do I want to pay what is equivalent to the cost of another game just to get online when I can get online and have all that for free on a PS3... Let alone that I get BluRay!.. If only Sony had a phone operating system. Maybe they can make a deal with Google and the Android software?. That would give me another reason to jump ship!