Microsoft reports slight Xbox Live outage affecting Xbox One social services

If you’re currently having an issue with friend services on Xbox Live, you aren’t alone. Microsoft is reporting a slight outage within its Xbox Live service on the Xbox One platform. Apparently there is no word that Xbox 360 units are being affected and the incident appears to be isolated to the latest generation platform.

The Xbox team reported less than half an hour ago that users are indeed having an issue with what is known as the “Social and Gaming” component of Xbox Live. Reports from users include “difficulties managing their friends list”. Microsoft has stated that their team is working on the issue and will get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Microsoft promises to update us on the issue shortly, so we will be sure to let you know when service has been fully restored or if there are any other announcements.

Keep tabs on the situation by heading to Microsoft's status page for more info. Are you being affected by the current service outage?

UPDATE: Microsoft has reported that all Xbox Live services are back up and running.


Reader comments

Microsoft reports slight Xbox Live outage affecting Xbox One social services


I do not believe a hiccup in the services network has anything to do with what people traditionally refer to as "dedicated servers" and certainly not on how Microsoft advertised them in their press releases. It's just something in the backend going down, and the Xbox live team has always been very quick and transparent with their maintenance situations.

I play my one everyday been having some party problems but other then that only the periodic battlefield screw ups

Monkey... Let them iron out the creases. The Xbox One has been out for a few months, so naturally problems are going to arise early on and besides, the Xbox team is always quick to sort these issues out! Literally within 1-2 days it's fine again.

Yeah they need updates quick. There's always something wrong, between party problems, Kinect issues, not to mention just getting to your friends list is stupid compared to 360. Not being able to select audio source when your snapped. The more I use my one the more I think they released to soon. On top of that I'm not buying a ps4 cuz my friends say it has problems to a shame really these systems could be really awesome.

Not only the games have issues... But we are having notification issues here @wp due to some severer issue as they say ...only fb and 6tag notifies me... Sometimes they don't at all together with whatsapp,twitter,wechat etc they really have to work on that

As long as it is fixed reasonably well I'm good with that. Hopefully the don't f it up like the PS network was.