Xbox Live: Spider Jack climbs onto the Marketplace, courtesy of Electronic Arts

Spider Jack

While iOS hit Cut the Rope has yet to migrate to Windows Phone, today we get the next best thing with Spider Jack, an Xbox Live title from developer MaxNick and EA Games. Yes, EA is still apparently making Windows Phone games (that aren’t exclusive to Nokia handsets).

Spider Jack

The goal in Spider Jack is to get the titular arachnid to his food. To do this, you attach the spider’s thread to a knob. He’ll then swing around, collecting anything he touches. You’ll also need to cut the rope, err, thread in order to drop Jack onto items. With 75 levels (many with multiple possible solutions), this should be a fun physics-based puzzler that stands out from other games on the platform - if not the title that inspired it.

Spider Jack costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Swing over here on the Marketplace to get it.



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Xbox Live: Spider Jack climbs onto the Marketplace, courtesy of Electronic Arts


OH NO! this is an EA title?
how did they mess it up this time?
after so many disappointing releases by EA i will make sure to wait a couple of days so bug reports etc can start flying in, as they always do, before buying this or any other game by ea.
after them ordering epic to cut coop out of bulletstorm, them releasing a retail MONOPOLY game WITHOUT MULTIPLAYER!!! but at a full retail price! and so on and so on. i just can't take them serious in anything they do anymore. did i mention the games that require you to not only be logged in to xbox live but also to register on their own servers which constantly fail for various reasons making certain games unplayable??? and that's just in the last couple of months... that publisher's name is a definite red flag! sorry to MaxNick.

MacAarburger: You're being unfair to EA, imo, if you're indeed talking about the more core-centric portfolio. EA in the past 2-3 years invested in new IPs, like the great Shadows of the Damned (by Grasshopper), and, while not my cup of tea, totally rebooted FIFA franchise to become *the* football game. Need for Speed with the now legacy Most Wanted and the more recent Hot Pursuit also brought back life to a dying series. Also, on  the WP7, imo, Need for Speed Undecover is still the best driving/tilt controlled game.
So, no, I don't agree with, only prefered if they showed some love to WP7 and kinda not like the fact they're getting in bed with Sony every time they release a major title, with exclusive DLCs and stuff alike.
Anyways, how's this game ? Any good ? Kinda tired of puzle games, can't we have a RPG ? Turn based ? Or even with The Harvest controll scheme, which works quite well ?

It's a good, typical portable game. Lots of short levels, which I definitely prefer for mobile play... A bit like Burn the Rope in structure, though they play differently.

But yes, we do still need RPGs and new genres.

Monopoly doesn't have online multiplayer because it's still not allowed in Xbox Live games on Windows Phone, not because EA or the actual porting team didn't think it was necessary.

EA has done some wrong on Windows Phone, such as not having the porting team fix up Sims 3's many bugs and pricing the game way too high. But I don't think skipping Spider Jack is going to send them any message. In fact, most of us really want EA to support Windows Phone MORE, not less. We want Dead Space, The Simpsons Arcade, Madden, and many of their other mobile titles to come to WP7.

I actually find this game very fun and pretty easy. I hope this game sells very well so that EA will bring over some NFS games and some others.

I just beat the game in under two hours with all the achievements. It's a pretty fun game, but I wish it had like 10 times as many levels. I wish burn the rope was this simple lol

dead space is coming (not sure if its xbla but it was announced at the nokia thing so not sure if its nokia exlusive or if nokia gets it for free)