Xbox Live: Spider Jack picks up a minor update, more levels on the way

Spider Jack

The Xbox Live updates continue to flood in. Multiple EA Mobile games have been updated since the new year began, including The Sims 3 and Tetris. Now we can add Spider Jack to the list. Of course, Spider Jack actually comes from original Russian developer MaxNick, but EA is still the publisher.

Spider Jack version 1.1 release notes

  • Made a small change to the Achievement icon

Nothing to write home about there, but we do have some good news. The next Spider Jack update will contain 50 new levels for players to swing through! The developers hope to release it in February.

Spider Jack is all about getting the titular arachnid to his food. To do this, you attach the spider’s thread to a knob. He’ll then swing around, collecting anything he touches. You’ll also need to cut the rope, err, thread in order to drop Jack onto items. Obstacles like electric gates and teleportation portals add to the challenge. The short levels and simple controls are perfect for mobile play. We’ll have a full review soon.

Spider Jack costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Climb over here on the Marketplace to get it.

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Xbox Live: Spider Jack picks up a minor update, more levels on the way


me too...
but i'm generally only interested in new games... not the whole hardware stuff 8)
this site is great *holds flowers up to his mouth and whispers:* but sometimes the articles have a little bit of a cheery fanboy style. especially if it's only a release anouncement. the reviews of games etc after release do contain the appropriate amount of criticism next to praise, though. i generally fully agree with the game reviews ;)
see you in an hour 8)

Well, it's really hard to criticize something you haven't played! And we almost never get to play Xbox Live games before release. I do occasionally slip in some subtle criticisms ahead of time, but not very often. ;)