Xbox Live's Shoot 1UP blasts its way to the Marketplace

Shoot 1UP for Windows Phone

As expected, the Xbox Live for Windows Phone game Shoot 1UP landed in the Marketplace this morning. The vertically scrolling shoot-em up game from Mommy's Best Games and Microsoft Studios was first spotted at E3 and made a nice first impression.

Shoot 1UP's claim to fame is that unlike other shoot-em up games where you battle the enemy with one ship, Shoot 1UP allows players to build up groups of ships to take on the enemy at the same time. Instead of earning extra lives, you earn extra ships.

Shoot 1UP

Features for Shoot 1UP includes:

  • Command up to thirty ships at the same time
  • Ship formation can be spread out or held tight by touch
  • Weapons upgrades become available as you collect more shops
  • Two game modes: Campaign and Score Tilt

Another new feature that Shoot 1UP brings to the table is a new Xbox LIVE graphic for the game's title. It's the Windows Phone 8 version and will be the new style going forward.

We've only had a few minutes to tinker with Shoot 1UP and it comes across as a fast paced, total destruction, shoot-em up game. It's kinda fun controlling multiple ships at once and spread the formation out to wreak more devastation on the enemy ships.

There is a free trial version available to let you try Shoot 1UP before you buy. The full version is currently running $2.99 and you can find Shoot 1UP here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Look for a full review on Shoot 1UP shortly.

Thanks, @lifelower, for the tip!

QR: Shoot 1UP


Reader comments

Xbox Live's Shoot 1UP blasts its way to the Marketplace


Hi dKp1977,
We're really sorry about the dumb German translation. That is apparently some strange bug that we're investigating (the actual translation was real--the bug seems to have to trashed things). It wasn't like that right up until launch, not sure what happened.
But I'll look at figuring it out and getting the fix into the first update--again, sorry, I know it sucks and inacceptable. Thanks for understanding.

eh, nice to have wp mentioned but I don't like that new 'box art'..

the white looked a lot cleaner and the 'windows phone' is small and cramped next to that large 'xbox' up there..

on a related note, MSFT needs to just stick to a scheme for naming/coloring things as er now have: xbox live, xbla, xbindie, w8, wp8, + kinect...

Pretty sure they have a colour scheme already, check on an Xbox. Orange for xbla games, purple for Kinect games, blue for indie games and I guess now, green for WP games.

That used to be the case I think, seems it's now white for retail games. They'll need yet another colour for W8 games so maybe red or something. If they have colour coding, they might as well have one huge marketplace :)

Bit strange how its not in the actual Xbox live section and only under new games.... Unless this is just for us in the UK? Will it still be attached to Xbox?

Wow, never saw a translation like THAT. alone the first sentence made me laugh and quit the marketplace. The new icon looks cheap, like the work of a really , really , bad graphic designer , beurk.

Hi AgeT,
If this is in regards to the German translation, as I replied to the poster above, we will try to fix that with the first update. The original translation was fine, but at some point right at the very end something has gone wrong. Sorry about this, thanks for understanding and cutting us possible slack.
Everything else is intentional--from the icon to the gameplay, etc. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, so I understand if the look is not for everyone! :)

I think the gameplay is pretty fun and immersive. I just jumped in after downloading the trial and have nothing bad to say about it.

Another game that is wasn't made for tango devices. Some can answer me: did is the "Tango Strategy" a fail or MS will continue with this (low memory/cost devices) in Windows Phone 8? By what I'm seeing now I can say yes, was a fail.

Speaking only for myself (the Shoot 1UP developer), not for Microsoft, I can say that we had a lot of trouble fitting the game into the general phone memory space. When we looked at the prospect of then squeezing it down into only 90 MB, we knew we'd have to compromise too much for it (lots of graphic and sound fidelity, lots more time). We weren't sure exactly how large the Tango market was, and had to, at least for our first WP7 game, settle on the larger phone size. If there were general information saying that the Tango market is huge, and you can't miss it, then we might have spent the extra money and time trying to squish it further down into the smaller memory space. I can't speak to the general MS Tango Strategy though.

The Aussie dollar is strong enough at the moment that I can buy something from the U.S, converted to Australian dollars it will cost me a little less. SO... why is it that a game listed on the marketplace here at $2.99 ends up being listed on the australian marketplace for $3.49? I know its only fifty cents, but I don't understand, and this is commonplace.

Feels a bit like something I remember playing on the Amiga - I think it was called Hybris, but archive searches haven't helped me. It didn't get you new ships, but the way accumulated power-ups added to the ship in that game was similar to how the phalanx grows into a screen-wide killing machine in this one. Looks like fun, and will probably get my money at some point. :)