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Xbox Music and Xbox Video updated for Windows Phone

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find two updates for Xbox Music and Xbox Video. We know Microsoft has bi-weekly updates planned for the two apps, which shouldn't make these two updates too unexpected. Though Microsoft has had them roll on Friday's normally.

Xbox Music

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find Xbox Music now at version 2.5.3991.0. The last update we had for the app, version 2.5.3965.0, came out last week and introduced faster scrolling for songs list, the ability to purchase songs already in your collection and more.

Here's what we get today with Xbox Music:

  • It's now a bit faster to resume and browse the app.
  • If we can't play a song, we now offer a more useful error message.
  • We handle connectivity states better.
  • Bug fixed where album art doesn't show up for playlist songs that are not in your collection.
  • Stability improvements when scrolling lists and launching the app from Cortana.
  • Content begins syncing in the background following app updates.

Grab today's update and let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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Xbox Video

Head into the Windows Phone Store and version 2.5.3989.0 of Xbox Video (though users on Windows Phone 8.0 will see version 1.5.3989.0). Here's what you get fixed with today's update:

  • Some customers saw a perpetual "Loading …" message instead of their Collection.
  • In some instances TV and Movie detail pages did not load.

Not a big update, but we're glad to see fixes for Xbox Video fans.

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Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Reader comments

Xbox Music and Xbox Video updated for Windows Phone



the resuming is horrid, app crashed often on unlock, constant lag between switching songs, album art is still messed up


There is nothing awesome about it. It's nice that they are updating, but come on how difficult is it to make a decent music app/player? Even on my sister's old xperia is the music player better than this. And why separating the music player from the core os, it's even worse now.

Difficult, but considering Microsoft did a fantastic job with all iterations of Zune, a company of their size and stature has no good excuse to justify this piece of crap. They should've stuck with Zune, Xbox Music is terrible and the decision to brand it under the Xbox name makes no sense.

I have Zune installed on my Surface Pro. It's just a desktop application. Uses less battery than XBox Music as well.

I also have Zune installed on my surface pro and on my desktop Windows 8.1, I don't know why your Zune is incompatible to yours

wp8.1 is awesome but some of their apps/services are just terrible on their own os. Music player is one of the problems. And I think the design is boring and not user friendly with the black background en just text.

You know I've checked and tried all music metro apps and so far only the music app can read all of my Zune playlists. And I have thousands of songs on some of my playlists and it loads all my songs without a number limit too.

I loved Zune, but it is old school like iTunes.  Like it or not, everything, including music is heading to the cloud and streaming.

Zune was based around managing a locally stored music collection.  Those days are gone.  Give it another few months, and Xbox music will be just fine.

But if they made the music app basically what you got when you switched on a ZuneHD, it would be better than this .. the work was done. All they needed to do was port this .. heck, even the music app on my old WP 7 is better than this .. 

And what if I have years of music that isn't in the cloud? When an app can't do something as basic as play local files without showing loading screens then something is seriously wrong.

I have about 40K total songs in my collection.  About 30K got matched to the cloud.  Most of the rest are on the SD card in my 1520.

I dont get loading screens for locally stored music at all.  For local music, starting and playing is nearly immediate.

What about all of the music that we own but didn't buy from Xbox music? XBM works in theory but it is a mess in practical use.

Everyone, time to stop our complaining that has been going on for months by thousands of people, cause this guy's app is working fine, I guess it proves the rest of us wrong....

One look at any recent xbox music article or forum post and you'll know that you're the exception and not the rule

No, but people need to calm down. Some of this may be hardware related. If you have a 520 and trying to load 20 GB of music, it isn't going to be zippy.

That task can be esaly done by almost any android or crappy chinese player without complains, so the problem's on WP or Xbox music. And happens not only with a big number of songs, it also happens with the small ones. 

Tha app is garbage. Just that.

Nah!, no es cierto, a mi tambien me va bastante bien la aplicación !A pero que lindo es quejarse por nimiedades con tal de ser notado!

I'm using a 920 and I usually tolerate apps that are half-decent, i didnt even complain about the player in WP7/8 but this one is one big mess.

Most MS apps work flawlessly but this is an embarrassment. The OS is so zippy and smooth, yet the official/default music app is full of issues; it shouldn't lag, it shouldn't have a loading screen (look at new FB etc), it shouldn't duplicate music, it shouldn't have trouble loading a full playlists of 300 songs (especially when it wasnt an issue before) and the list goes on.

Before including features such as Cortana integration and such, they should have the app polished and working... that way we have a working app that does the system proud and we can actually enjoy using it.. any added features would then be a bonus.

it's not hardware related, seeing how the previous interation of this app functioned at least wtihout the lag and the resuming

Oh wow, when did they roll out homogenous free wifi for all with 100% coverage throughout the entire planet including on every planes, rail tunnel, beach? Have they also now announced unlimited dataplans on every contract, and no additional roaming charges for when you are in a foreign country? No? Well that means that streaming music on a portable device is still going to be a useless experience.

^This!!!! Thank you for talking for pretty much rest of the world.
Streaming media costs a lot where I reside and is very impractical to implement. Just because you are comfortable doesn't make everybody the same.

You can download tracks to be offline. Try it out, there's no doubt this is the way forward. They just need to sort out this fucked up app.

Only if you have a music pass or buy the track through XBM. Doesn't work with your local library (which then forces you to use the terrible sync tool and you end up with duplicates and corrupted metadata). I don't like paying to play music I already own.

Agree with Simon Gregory, I'm from the Philippines and we here rely heavily on local files so SD cards, flash drives and hard drives are a must!

My arguement on everything going to the cloud is who wants their music held hostage to "limited" data plans when mobile. :( I want a phone with lots of storage and I want my music local.

Zune was utterly amazing in all the little nuances - the parallax shifting on the player, Zune Social so you could see what friends are listening to and share to them, channels, auto playlists mini album art to give a visual clue as to how many albums you had in genres and artists.  Zune on WP7 had a separate now playing screen, swipe left/right to change albums (like every other touchscreen.  makes sense!).  It had one single desktop app to synch, view/edit my collection, and get music, music videos, tv, movies, and podcasts.  How hard is it to give customers what they want?  We want ONE APP and ONE DESKTOP APP.  This is not hard.  I hope whoever decided to split the apps apart is fired for this.

Autoplaylists is my number 1 missed feature from Zune, this could totally be done in the cloud


They could've easily taken the code from the Zue software and used ti for Xbox Music. Whatever cloud integration they needed could've been added to the existing code. Why not build on tpo of an already excellent foundation?

Separating the app from the OS have some very good consequences. This will be helpful in bringing additional features and bug fixes faster because only the app needs to be updated. Also because the tools that are being used to develop the app is the same with what is being used by 3rd party developers, MS have a firsthand view and experience of issues and improvements that are needed to be addressed with these tools to make it easier for developers to write an app for windows/windows phone.

Ok, that make sense, thanks for the explanation. But I don't see them making a better music app, they are not going throw this away and make a new one. On other platforms the music player is a part of the core os and is working much much better than this. 

Google Play Music, which is what most people on Android use, is a separate app. Because something that needs frequent updates SHOULD be separate from the OS.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

This is true. It's about as barebones as a music app could possibly be. You were better off using the bloatware music app the mfg pre-installed.  No sarcasm.

It makes sense at first, but when you end up with a product with such a significant performance issue, I believe most consumers will rather settle for a smoother experience instead of constant bug fixes and pointless updates.

Because WP is known for its smoothness and speed after all.

This is a bullshit excuse. The music player only needs updating yearly if they get it right in the first place. It was already there in WP8, it just needed fine tuning, support for SkyDrive stored music and a couple of other features and boom we are good for another year. No other platform has split out the app. I think the 8.1 dev team made the decision to take it out of the core so they could take a big chunk of their workload out and palm it off to another team to deliver later. But now we have this very sub standard POS that is not even half what it used to be and we are all getting the feeling that it will never be as good as it was performance wise. Fuck the features., i never want to see a resume screen, black screens and lag again in my music player. PUT IT BACK IN THE CORE

Makes sense, sort of/?

Quality control insights can be shed via less infringing methods...

I can think of better experiments to expend resources on...

Everyone who I complaining... Dev preview is not FINISHED. Jesus... Also I see no problems with the music player... Some people just want a 0.000000987 sec difference or it will ruin their lives. Man up!

People have been complaining since the start of Xbox music on WP8 two years ago. Nothing has improved since then. WP8.1 is also on new handsets I believe so it's currently a fully live product. People have a right to complain about this as MS have neglected the music experience for so long. In fact it's become increasingly worse with every iteration. If they want to create a new service, that's fine, but don't release it when it's a complete mess. We've all been forced to be beta testers on this one for too long, and we're now completely fed up.

I'll always use Music Hub Tile, the point is that Xbox Music doesn't show the artist background images that the save using MpA Tools, and it uses crappy, low-res ones instead.
And it doesn't even find images for less known artists.
Same thing for the album covers...

It's a big step backwards, and ppl here celebrate these updates as if they are great new features, when it's not even up to par with what we had in 2010.

amen to the MPATool usefulness...was the coolest app in the store and they have rendered it useless, also still waiting on the LIVE TILE showing the art ...whatever it is..on the start screen

For me, that was the biggest disappointment in 8.1. I loved being able to change the artist background, using custom images..and they ruined it with the new music app. Thank the gods, someone remade the old app for us.

Likewise.  After I downgraded to 8.1, I was jealous of iPhone:

-ONE APP (ITUNES) to purchase music, music videos, audiobooks, tv, movies, and podcasts; sync to phones

-ONE PHONE APP (ITUNES) to play music, music videos, tv, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio.

So, why do we have to put up with such divided apps: XBM for music, XBV for videos, Podcasts, Radio; Synch which barely synchs and doesn't have even half the features of Zune.

Upgrading to 8.0 helps by restoring the Music+Video hub, but I wish they'd just rename it Zune, and update Zune to synch with WP 8.  Do this and you will make millions happy.

Done, 3 votes from me. Syncing would make me 100% happy with this app. When I try syncing through the W8 app I get duplicates. I download them, I get duplicates. So, I've given up and will just stream my music until I get syncing back.

I'd do that but I'm afraid if I do it will make the phone do what WP8 did: turn on shuffle and start playing a random track whenever I get in the car. That drove me nuts, since I never wanted that behavior and it made it so when I did select an album to listen to later, it would start playing the tracks in the wrong order. At least the new one doesn't do that; when I select an album to play nothing has randomly activated shuffle. I'll take a laggy app over the WP8 behavior.

Is there a way of returning music and video tiles back to Xbox green? I hate how they are see through now and never gave me the choice

Pdelvo have u considered making an app for the video tile to return to green? Music app works flawlessly cheers

It would be nice if they added the option for every tile directly from the start screen. You would select a tile the same as you normally do to move it or resize it and there would be an extra button for "transparent/opaque".

I personally miss the animated live tile that the music and games hub had. Music tile showed my artists while the games hub showed my avatar. Now they are dead space to me.

I'm missing a video that I can't even view or look at. Terminator Sarah Conner chronicles episode 1 specifically

...also, when I are they going to fix the Game Hub mess? (updating, updating, updating.... Games showing in app list.... Cant delete games from hub, etc).

Huh, WTF are you talking about. The Games Hub is very much supported and it was a bug in one update that cause the app to disappear from the app list, it was quickly rectified though!!!!

Hmmm...nope. Still sucks. Still cant handle personal library for a crap (partially because sync app sucks). Still cant permently delete free pilots you dont want anymore. Temporarily you can, but they come back after every update. And shows that they no longer offer, you cant delete or watch. If your part of Xbox Music or Video, do the entire Windows Phone community a favor and quit. You have done nothing but make the experience worse over three years. I'd be fired from my job if that was the case, yet you clowns have been give a free pass for almost half a decade. Exit left.

I own two (if you think that really is the problem here). But you haven't been able to properly handle your own TV Shows and Movies since the dumped the phone/Zune support. So going back to WP8 doesn't help at all.

Nope, still doesnt work.  I bought MoliPlayer to handle that, but it was annoying to lose the ability to play ripped DVDs without needing a separate app.

If they are ripped, they show up separately for me.  However, it doesnt work with purchased content downloaded to the phone.

Playing a playlist through Cortana still didn't work for me - some soundtracks in playlists still play the streaming version even though I have the full version downloaded on my phone.

Same problem here except is playing only the 30 second preview instead of the songs in my phone.

To play a playlist through cortana you just say "Play playlist_name" It works fine for me with my favorites playlist.

What I need is for the Xbox Music to have the artist lock screen cover back and for Xbox Video to fix the Kids Corner thumbnail issue.

Oh and rebrand it back to Zune.

I miss the artist lock screen cover too.  It got broke with 8.1.  When I reboot my phone, it'll work again, but after a little while it just goes back to the Bing background and won't work until I reboot again.  Lame.

I appreciate the rapid updates generally. However, I don't use Xbox music because I refuse to pay a subscription to stream music I already own. Google play music lets you stream your own music to your phone free. Xbox music lets you stream your own music to a PC or tablet. Why not let us stream or own music to our phones the same way? I don't mind paying for music I don't own, but I shouldn't have to pay to listen to my own music.

That is suppose to come in some Xbox Music Locker...but with the clowns running Xbox Video and Music, I dont expect to see this before 2018.

Exactly. It is pointless for me since I don't have an SD card slot, I can't store my locally.

You do to stream it.  You can listen to music stored on your phone for free, but I'd like to be able to stream music I own from the cloud.  Google Play Music lets you do that.  Xbox Music lets you do it on your PC, but not your phone.

Which is kind of pointless.. I have to pay for streaming the music I own, there is no point on owning the music, as paying for the damn subscription gives me full access to the full music catalogue they have.

Xbox Music is now handled by the Xbox team, where they just chage their Live so you don't have to have Gold to stream... lets hope the same comes to the phone where you don't have to pay to listen to your own music.

I want to see it more optimized for devices with big screen like Lumia 1520. When you browse through albums, you can only see 3 albums at once :(

Bit faster but that's not saying a lot when the app runs slower than an old turtle. Animations still produce a whole lotta lag and the loading times are unacceptable.

It is honestly very hard for me to see a point in separating the Music/Video service from the core OS. Sure it updates faster but what kind of updates do I really NEED for a working music player?
There is a reason why Apple still has theirs attached to the core OS. Just doesn't make sense without it.

Amen. Fire the whole group and drop it back in the OS. This is like watching someone try to chop a redwood down with a toothpick. No one over there realizes they are just making things worse and not better? What do you have to do to lose your job over there?!?!?!

Yip, this debacle is really starting to wind me up. I've decided to give them 2 more months when we have official WP8.1 well and truely released (still hanging on to the hope something drastic will happen) and if this app if still in this state I'm dropping WP and reluctently moving back to the iPhone (even though Im so heavily invested in MS). I would say I use the music player on a smartphone 70% of the time over everything else, texting, phone calls, browsing etc so its my primary feature. It needs to be world class.The fact that we had something that I really loved using in WP7 - 8 to this just blows my mind. I'm starting to see through my rose tinted glasses now and realise that MS may never get it right and just dont have the ability to not only catchup to the competition, but blow them out of the water. Seems like they have so much talent that just gets wasted and can never execute 100%

Kinda feels like watching Game of Thrones. I get led into a false sense of security, they build me up then BOOM. Sorry but we decided to destroy it.

Favorites/hearts, Zune Social, Channels, Auto Playlists, artist now playing lock screens, MixView, Smart DJ, Now Playing screensaver...I miss Zune.  They did it right.  All the X-Box Music/Video team has done is a slip-shod job of barely making a passable music player that makes me not want to use Windows Phone at all anymore.  Great job guys!!

Hhhh Xbox music is getting better at a snails pace, but honestly I believe that WP needs and deserves a top notch music player to compliment this excellent and getting better OS.

bi means two, therefore bi-weekly is correct, whereas what many refer to as bi-monthly should be semi-monthly. Just my bi cents worth! LOL But, no matter how often the updates, Xbox Music and Video are not where they should be.

Really miss some if my WP 7.5 features like the Zune player :/ really. Is upsetting that they killed it in favor of this half baked slow thing they should have kept the Zune player and applications and just make it green and call it Xbox music this is just ridiculous

Great.... Someone else that had ten minutes on their hands and a $250 laptop, and seems to have a better idea of what we want than Microsoft and its billion dollar budget.

Missionsparta thanks you. Time for Microsoft to dump their dead weight. Start with who ever this ass monkey is running this circus.

I wholeheartedly agree to this. With the current Xbox Music app, I'm embarrassed to play any songs in front of my Android and iOS toting friends.

To me, the continued arrogance and unexplained reasoning surrounding the decision to abandon Zune functionality and replace it with what we have now is baffling. If there was ever a case for another u-turn, it's on this. The community and anger and frustration with this situation is only going to get worse with every minor bi-weekly update. The current planned features for this app has none of the stuff we've been screaming for, over the last two years - including these comments on every XBM post, the 2 year old Master List of issues answers thread and the 16k votes and 1k comments on the uservoice page (both of which have been closed down now). MS, how long are you going to continually ignore our feedback?
Count this as another vote for missionsparta's suggestion.

Count me signed in. XBM "faster updates" just makes us all running one big Beta all the time. MS should just apply major features at once (like Cortana integration) with large OS updates and make sure everything's polished instead of this laggy BS. Fire whoever chose the approach and continue with the previous, better, player.

Signed. Maybe firing is a bit harsh. How about we have a "call to duty" for the whole company from the executives down to put down their tools, and code us a new player within the next 2 weeks. If we get all of MS working on this including that waste of space R&D department (seriously whats the fuckn point of their shit if we dont have a fuckn working music player already) then I may think about forgiving them.

They keep mentioned background syncing or whatever, but my local never shows up no matter how often I open the app and it doesn't seem to locate content while under the lock screen either. So I'll use OneMusic or MixRadio so I can at least just enjoy the music I have on my phone.

These updates are a joke. Is there nobody at Microsoft that cares about music anymore? Look at the reviews, everyone is miserable. How much longer are they going to let this app wither? None of these frequent updates are meaningful improvements. It feels like they're just pretending they care.

As I keep screaming...this is all smoke and mirrors lip service to make it look like they are doing something. Utter-crap. I feel like they bait and switched us as things once were great and they slowly have done stuff intentionally that has done nothing but made the whole experience worse.

It's a bit faster. I think people exaggerate about the speed. It's perfectly usable. If you want a top notch music experience buy audiophile equipment.

How do you exaggerate slow? Also, when we mention top notch we are referring to other smartphone platforms, but of course you already knew this!

With advice like this, is it any wonder that WP is having such a hard time challenging the other OS's. Now that Amazon is releasing a phone, you guys should apply for a marketing position. Your tag line, "Constructively Criticize WP, No way, get an Amazon". Seriously though, I have been with WP since L900, so I'm no "John Come Lately" or "Little Red Corvette", if WP is ever going to go beyond niche, it is going to have to hear from us their buying customers. This forum provides that, when MS listens we all win, and we tell two other people, and they tell two other people; guess what happens when this is done 1000 times? You reach a million. All anyone is saying here is that WP has a good product, but these are the areas where they need attention.

People are definitely exaggerating about the speed issues. Do you not think that when people hear things like that they are put off switching?

Unconstructive comments about how the development team should be fired are certainly not going to better the cause. And to be honest, I feel people hate on XBM because it's popular to do so. They jump on the bandwagon.

The reality is the team will have constraints and targets to reach. Those that expect a transformation every update are unrealistic. If they think they van do better I certainly welcome them to do so. Fact is most of them haven't got a clue.

Going back to the original comment, my old Cowon player lasts week on one charge, has a line in, can play FLAC and various other loseless formats and supports gapless playback. And it sounds sooo good. So I stand by my comment.

It's good that updates are coming but why it is so tough and time consuming for MICROSOFT to fix an app when users are so actively participating in suggesting features and everyone knows what kind of app people need not what microsoft forcing us to like. While starting the app, the now playing still doesn't comes up smoothly, there is still a lag! And swiping up to change the tracks, you have to do it so CAREFULLY so that it doesn't change the now playing view. May be it is faster now by 1 sec from the previous version but not appealing yet. This one app is ruining our music experience. Yet there is an excuse for them since wp8.1 is not officially launched.

MS UserVoice had 65,000 votes and over 1,000 comments, by actively participating users, on a Suggestion asking for the ZUNE functionality and syncing. Recently someone at MS "MobileGuru" "Denied" the request and shut down the voting. You can still add your comments. I subscribed to the Suggestion and still get emails each day with the new comments. Many of us have started anew the requests for all the ZUNE functionality. Please go and read and vote to support the return of the ZUNE functionality as a baseline and then to improve it beyond what we had in the great wonderful beautiful ZUNE.

The problem with both apps is that they're using the 3rd party development tools and are no longer true native apps. In other words, they're slow and under perform as most WP apps - the biggest issue WP has as a platform

They don't have that excuse. There are several music apps that work 100times faster than xbox music. Are they not third party? Conspiracy theory. Microsoft is working with hird party developers to let their apps get insalled more. 

My 920 has not displayed album art, bios, or related artists for music that is stored on my phone since updating a few weeks ago. The phone used to display the info under each designated category, along with album art, but the recent updates removed it and replaced it with a black screen (under each heading). After installing this update  the bio and related artist section is no longer even available! The music samples that are played through the store display all of the relevant info (bio, reviews, art etc).

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

What about Games?

That app needs a huge update too. Microsoft's Xbox app development team all need to be let go and they need to get trained monkeys in to replace them. The monkeys will be better.

So what ever happened to the Xbox Reader app or Microsoft Consumer Reader? Any news on that now that Nook has teamed up with android?

Not building on what Zune already had instead of starting from scratch was a disaster.
I don't care how many times we hear that it was done so it worked better across all devices, you don't change tire shapes or how a door opens in a car because you're getting a new engine. If connectivity was the issue, it seems they went about it the wrong way, and I mean the long way there.....and yeah, we're not there yet.

Ok yes the music app is horrible, but get out of here with the WP sucks shit. If you don't like it 1. Get over it 2. GET OFF WPCENTRAL

I'm staying with the original music hub for now, the app is totally useable on my Icon, but the playlists cap is at 100. I will never use this app until that is fixed.