Xbox offers first episode of True Blood Season 7 for free

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Owners of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles can watch the first episode of HBO's True Blood's current seventh season for free from now until Thursday.

The episode is also the first in the last season for the long running adult horror drama (and when we say "adult", we mean it; True Blood has tons of graphic violence and sex that are definitely not made to be seen by the kids). Microsoft is offering the episode for free viewing without requiring an HBO Go subscription.

Microsoft previously offered the first episode of the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones, another HBO series, for free for a limited time in April. Since then, Microsoft made the wise decision to ditch the Xbox Live Gold requirement for accessing its Xbox media apps, allowing owners of both consoles to view apps like HBO Go without an additional fee beyond the ones for each app.

What do you think of this latest freebie Microsoft and HBO are offering to Xbox owners and will it get some of them to sign up for the HBO cable channel?

Source: Xbox Wire


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Xbox offers first episode of True Blood Season 7 for free


You can't buy >>current<< seasons of HBO shows on demand.  The whole point of this one free episode is to convince you to subscribe to cable TV & HBO... which is why free season premieres are a pointless exercise.  Showtime does it w/ youtube sometimes.

I would like to see some kind of statistic of how many people actually rush out and subscribe to HBO/Showtime after putting ONE free episode online.

Did not realize.

I've seen every episode of True Blood previously because of my HBO subscription. Ditched cable about 1 year now.

Yay!!! Though, as annoying as she is, her mother is worse and I wish it would have been her, instead.

Yeah. And Lafayette should have been gone too. I mean...the character dies in the beggining of the second book. There's no reason to keep him alive and annoying in the TV series.

If they had done something with his powers it would have been cool. But they decided to turn him into an introvert and scared of himself. As long as a character is useful, I don't mind who they keep around. He's just there to fill a gay black man quota to keep the social justice warriors of their back.

I feel like a total 'tard for even feeling the need to state this:

But where was the scene where she was actually killed?  One scene, Tara is fighting and doing well.  Then you don't see her again.  Then when the entire segment is over, her [crazy] mother is crying about Tara being dead with nothing but a pile of goo on the ground.

I mean, isn't this television scriptwriting cliche?  They DON'T show a death scene because there's something more to it.

I read another article yesterday about 24 fans being miffed about something similar in the new season. They thougt some character was dead and turned out they weren't.

But since I'm defending this awful show for no reason... I also wanted to comment that the statement above about gay black character quotas is ridiculous.  I like cynism, but that's plain retarded for anyone who actually watches the series.  Saying True Blood needs to have a gay quota is like saying a gay bar needs to have a gay quota.


That's great and all, shame the show has turned into a soap opera peppered with everything but an intelligent story. Still, some folks still like it, good for them I guess...

Well, the books also got worse as they went along. And to be honest? The new storylines they went with in the TV series are still better than the ones in the books, so there's that...

It's a vampire show. Their biggest audience has always been women who like the "romance" of undead hot guys. It really shouldn't come as a surprise that the show has headed that way.

I get what you're saying about it getting worse, but I think you probably used 'soap opera' just because it sounds good.  It was ALWAYS a twisted soap opera. If anything, the reason True Blood declined over time isn't because it 'became a soap opera', but because it became a farce with way too much going on at any given time.  The Sookie Stackhouse novels, while still pretty cheesy, are really supposed to be the anti-Twilight.  Raunchy and not pretty.

And yeah, the show is based on a book aimed at women.  However, Alan Ball smartly tried to steer the show so that men would get into as well.  Count the boobs and vaginas and gore, and True Blood comes in #2 right after Game of Thrones.  I think the big obstacle in the beginning was for men (myself included) to realize this was NOT 'Twilight The TV Show'.

Also, like most TV shows, everything started going downhill when the original showrunner (Alan Ball) left.  Its the same thing that happened to Dexter, Weeds, Raising Hope, and Community Season 4. 

With all that said... True Blood does indeed suck (no pun intended).  But the kind of 'sucks' like how Toxic Avenger or Tranformers movies suck.  I say True Blood sucks, yet I've seen every episode.  And, BTW, I suck for even posting this comment.

Where the hell is HBO GO on ANY (other than 360) Microsoft platform? One? Windows? Windows phone?? Seriously!

I honestly feel that if they would break away from the cable companies, they would make a shit ton more money. They have the interface, just open it up to everyone. I think the deal with Amazon was stupid as hell on their part and progresses the digitization of media nowhere. All you can see is the first 3 seasons for free, and it's 38.99 for each season after. I only pay 20$ a month for my HBO subscription. Why would I want to pay 99$ for Amazon Prime and 40$ each for 3 of six seasons... They have really hurt themselves with this model. I don't think people are so desperate to watch their shows that they will dish out that kind of money. Any one who does is stupid and not paying attention to how much HBO/Amazon is overcharging.

Finally found one good thing "Hannibal season one" on Amazon Prime that was not on Netflix, now my money to Amazon felt a little justified. But streaming from gazillion sites is ridiculous, that's why I keep myself content with Netflix & Amazon.

There comes a point where that's your fault for waiting so long to watch it. It's been 6 years, you can't expect to be spoiler free after this long or get upset when something happens.

Meh... if you're on season 2, then the only spoiler you can pull from the picture is the assumption that Tara becomes a vampire.

Maybe that's not Tara?

Maybe that's not a vampire?

Maybe this takes place during Halloween and she's wearing fake teeth?

If she did become a vamp:

How did she get to that point?

Who did that to her?


Just saying.  This screen grab isn't much of a spoiler really.

Would be great if Xbox live and other digital serious stores started offering these shows on demand. For the right price I quite like the idea of owning a series digitally