Xbox One update 1408 preview starts rolling out with cool new features

Xbox One 1408

The Xbox One 1408 (08 meaning the month of August) update preview is set to roll out in the coming days, but it's not known what this next release will bring to those rocking the preview app. According to an image sent in by a reader, it appears as though the update is actually rolling out early, or at least the first stage has kicked off. As one can see from the above photo, it's update 1408 on the Xbox One.

Currently, Xbox One owners are enjoying 1407 (July's update). So what's new in the 1408 preview? We're not entirely sure just yet, but looking at the above image, there's a mention of remote downloading of apps and games by purchasing them on Xbox.com or through SmartGlass, waking up the console and automatically downloading content (console has to be configured for Instant on). Additionally, a low battery notification will be displayed on-screen when the controller runs low on juice.

Finally, Microsoft is making it so the controller will vibrate when the Xbox button is held down long enough to carry out an action. There are other things listed in the photo, but we haven't yet received word as to what they are. Want to get involved with these previews? Be sure to check your Xbox Live account messages and download the app on your console. We're still working hard, trying to locate a full change log for 1408. Once we have one, we'll update this post.

Thanks, Michael, for sending the image in!


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Xbox One update 1408 preview starts rolling out with cool new features



You seem to be the man to go to to help a brother out. Would be much appreciated if you added and invited Dedredfingahead. Thanks in advance, you're a bloody legend!

Would you be so kind as to invite me also to the preview program? My Gamertag is: Ganorf23
Thanks in advance.

I'd appreciate an invite if you still have one. Gamertag is ChickenLemming

How many are you given?

Thanks in advance.

All hail wiederman, great giver of friendship and invites!

Also, May I have some of both as well?
Friendship and invite :-)
GT: oOo Puck oOo
Thank you!

Well if anyone has an invite left, I'd appreciate being in the program as well. Gamer tag is THE WRANGLER 78 .... thanks in advance!

Thanks! Does anybody know what is supposed to happen next? I've had two other people tell me that they sent me invites before (months ago) but nothing ever happened.

Not everyone gets in. If they did, these would just be updates and not testing. The way I see it, the more people that own a One, the more people will get in the preview. I'm assuming it's based on some sort of percentage.

Is there any chance I could get an invite. Stupid me accidentally deleted the email Xbox sent. EzMonger

Would be very grateful if you still had an invite left and would be kind enough to send one to me :)

My Gamertag is kimlo91

This sounds different than just seeing the battery life on screen when hitting the Xbox button on the controller. Like something might pop on screen, like a notification to let you know your battery is low or something... Maybe?

Could anyone please add me to the program? 

I have been trying since the launch to get into it.. I want to help XBOX one get much better..

would be thankful if someone could send me an invite.

my gamertag is : idan345


GT: SSG Zuka
•I'll hook you up with a Microsoft Point card in exchange for your trouble. Reply to this comment when it's done and ill send the code via a message on WPC :)

Wiederman you are awesome, it requires patience to help so many people. My advance gratitude if you happen to add me. GT: "sCythE roXx"

+1 I have no reason to get a Xbox One yet. I just bought Skyrim yesterday and there are still games coming out for it and games that I have missed in the past that I should play. I may get a Xbox One next year summer to fall though.

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Hey Jeff,
When you have a chance, would you mind adding me too?  My gamertag is HelloMoto Elite.  Appreciate it, thanks!

Does it have the ability to play media center content over the network I've recorded from my cable card tuners yet?

Can someone take a picture of the top half of that screen sent into WPC? I want to see what else there is.

I know a lot of people are asking, but would someone be gracious enough to send me an invite as well. Gamer tag: atlys Thanks

Also everyone that me and josh gave an invite to just want to state it takes a day or two to receive the invite... Just keep checking your notifications on your Xbox one

Excellent. Thanks again. Will the notification download the software, or "is there an app for that?" Sorry, could not resist.

Ms will send you an invite via Xbox one messages to download the app and then you just follow the directions from there