Xbox One 1TB Advanced Warfare bundle exclusive to Game in the UK

Xbox One

Brits eagerly awaiting the special edition 1TB Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle now know exactly when and where they'll be queuing up to buy the console. Priced at £429.99 and available from November 3, to get one you'll have to go to Game, and Game alone.

The high street retailer has secured a UK exclusive on the bundle, according to Eurogamer which also includes the Day Zero edition of the latest Call of Duty title. The Day Zero edition gives you a full 24 hour head start to play the game before the regular edition goes on sale on November 4.

So, anyone going to be lining up for one of these?

Source: Eurogamer


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Xbox One 1TB Advanced Warfare bundle exclusive to Game in the UK


On Xbox One (same goes for that other console by that Japanese company) you don't have a choice: all games, digital or physical, are installed on the hard drive.

That said, digital is the way to go. My Xbox One disc drive has never been used.

Why no kinect? Been looking for an Xbox one with Kinect for a month now and no luck. Is Microsoft doing away with the complete bundle now? Seems they are strongly pushing the kinectless console now.....but I want a Kinect :(

Definitely get an Xbox One with Kinect. It's so amazing with it. I can never go back to a non-Kinect console.

Kinect is a peripheral that enables one to play the genre of games known as "voice- and gesture-controlled games". In fact, Kinect is the best peripheral on the market that allows one to play these types of games, so calling Kinect "meh" when it is the best on the market is pretty silly. If, instead, you meant to say "the genre of games known as 'voice- and gesture-controlled games' is 'meh'", well, that's equally as silly of a thing to say. It'd be like me hijacking your thread about Titanfall just to say that "FPS games are 'meh'". I enjoy voice- and gesture-controlled games more than any other genre of games. So, for me, Kinect is awesome. You don't like that genre? Fine. Go play a genre you like. But don't run around the Internet telling other people they're wrong about what they like.

Every store I've been to around here either has the Xbox One with or without Kinect, or only has it with. When in doubt, buy it direct from Microsoft.

I'm not sure if I like the look. Is there a reason for grey and yellow? Like, is there a computer drone controlling case in the game that looks like that? Been a while since I played CoD, so I don't remember.

Should really include an extra controller...I mean paying an extra £80 for 500gb and a digital copy of a game?

At least include Kinect if there's only going to be one controller. The old COD bundles had an extra controller. Love my MW3 edition 360.

Really annoyed by this since exclusivity kills competition which stops price battles meaning they can charge what they like just like always.

1TB? For the price you pay for xbones, it should have had it at launch, considering how cheap internal HDDs are now. PCs are best for playing games, anyway

Why would they make a cod console? Stupid ip IMO to get an exclusive game. Only game I might consider getting a special console for is halo, elder scrolls, or fallout.

Looks great, I'm really tempted to grab it but I'm happy with my Day 1 Xbox. Will wait on the inevitable hardware refresh and get the slim model.

That console design looks amazing, but to each his own. For the price and to send these off shelves, they should have had the Kinect or another controller included along with the 1tb and game.

A cod edition console? Don't get me wrong, it does look good, but...in about 6 months there'll be a new cod, and this'll be old and worthless.