Xbox One external drive support may be coming soon

Xbox One external drive

If an image posted by an Xbox One developer is any indication, external drive support may be coming to the Xbox One soon. An anonymous Xbox One developer posted the above image to Reddit last week, with the title: "Adding more hype on the list of things to come."

The image posted by the anonymous dev shows an Xbox One dashboard with the message "External Drive Ready," along with a widget that reveals the available storage on the external drive. Although the Xbox One comes with a 500 GB internal hard drive, triple-A games like Titanfall take up to 50 GB of storage. Install enough games and you're bound to run out of disk space eventually.

There is no indication as to what kind of drives will be compatible, but it is possible we'll hear more details at Microsoft's E3 event on June 9. With the sheer aggression with which Microsoft has been pushing updates to the Xbox One, it may not be long before this feature is available.

Source: Reddit, Via: Engadget


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Xbox One external drive support may be coming soon


I am wondering if there isnt enough space for all available games yet. You could proberly fit alle ps and xbox exclusives on 500GB :O

If it's NAS then it's not iSCSI. The two are related but not even remotely the same technology. iSCSI is a block level protocol that encapsulates scsi disk commans into IP packets. Basically this means that the remote storage volume looks and acts like a local disk as far as the OS is concerned. Generally a one to one relationship. This will never be offered on XBox One even though the software initiator is built into Windows.

NAS is simply network hosted volumes that clients can connect to using network sharing protocols such as CIFS or NFS. The connection method is the same as any windows or linux share you've ever used (file server, media center, etc etc). It's generally called NAS when it's a networked appliance with a lot of hard drives that is purpose built as an independant file sharing device for large/many file volumes. That ABSOLUTELY needs to be added to XBox One.


I realize this isn't a super techy blog but I thought it would be worth to point out the difference with a simplistic overview to help those that may not understand the jargon. I've been working with enterprise storage "stuff" for over 20 years and I understand it can easily get confusing.

I know this comment has nothing to do with the above article but anyways.
what is going on with whatsapp? For the whole night I was waiting for it. :(

You have to wait for very very long time, what's app updated always take some time.
The problem now if anyone install it from his device :|

Why did you do it?lol You gotta resist the urge to post unrelated comments. You gotta say no.lol

External drive support is coming and the PS4 has an upgradeable internal drive. So I don't see the bad about it.

I'd really rather an upgradeable internal over having a cable running on the outside to an external drive stashed somewhere.

You mean its so convenient to unscrew ps4, pull it out and put new one in, basically not being able to play those games? I don't think that's even close as convenient as external storage

It took me less than 5min to upgrade the HDD on my PS4 to a 1TB drive, and external support is also coming. I just hope they don't limit our options to Microsoft branded external drives. I don't think they'll make that same mistake.

When they added external drive support to the 360, you could use (almost) any flash device or HDD you could plug in, so I'm not too concerned about that. With regard to internal vs. external, I'd rather external so that I can plug in a new drive and continue to benefit from the 500GB it came with, rather than wasting that. I would have no other use for the HDD it came with if I removed it. What am I going to do, plug it into my Lumia or my Surface? :-P

You're gonna need a special hard drive to install and run games off an external HD I believe. So Microsoft will probably have their own to sell.

I was looking at my 70% filled and thinking hope this comes soon.  Because I havent even pushed all my updates yet.

Off topic, Does anyone feel the difference of battery after the minor update? Even the visual glitches are still there are multitasking on WP.

Yeah it seems faster. Lets c I guess battery will remain like this forever the reason is that we have got a lot of features with 8.1 like use of live tiles then notification centre. So battery consumed is enough because wp performs more functions than droid when phone is kept locked or even while operating.

Considering the Xbox One (of which this post is dedicated to) is plugged in to the mains I shouldn't imagine any changes in battery life...

I don't care if your question is off topic, who has time to look for it. Keep one week old stuff in one string. We are managing here to follow what is what.

I have had almost a 40% improvement in battery on my 1520. I did reset though. Normal use would suck about 4.9%, now it is 2.9 - 3.2%. I use my phone all day. I mean all day. I am an unemployed PhD candidate so I have time while I wait for university approval of dissertation topic. Till then, fiddling with phone.

One more off topic, I sucked up my Klipsch x11 headphones in the vacuum:), now that is unfortunate.

To dovetail back into updates and this thread; an updated headset is on its way...

Either way they go (Xbox branded ext. Drive only, or any drive you want as long as its formatted by the XB1), they will have a captive audience. Which ever way they go though, they had better stick with it because they will have an angry crowd on their hands if they waiver in thier decision.

There may be minimum transfer rate requirements as well, to allow for things like Game DVR. Bus-powered laptop drives probably won't work.

How could they force you to use one of the available video service like Xbox Video If they allowed you the freedom of watching downloaded videos?

They let you put media content on OneDrive and watch it on Xbox One, so why wouldn't they let you put it on an external drive? Perhaps it's another update down the road, but I would expect to see it. Not that I will use it, I do all my downloading through Xbox Video.

I hope this comes soon. I am a few more games before being out of space. I was going to wait till my warranty was up, crack open the Xbox One and put in a 2-4tb drive. It is possible with a lunix script....

It is when you have three gamers in the house with differing tastes... How about recognize the issue as an issue and not dismiss it outright with an insulting quip simply because it doesn't apply to you?

Titanfall does not take up 50 GB on the One. The base game is 16.9 GB. The PC install size, though ...

I would love to see the ability to use a network drive or NAS box for all the storage, games included.


Call of duty ghost takes up about 60 GB. Terrible amount, I'm going to have to delete it by the time the new one comes out

I find this to be ridiculous. Do next-gen games really take up this much space or is this like an xboxonly problem because I never even came close to running out of space on my 360. And that was only 250GB!

Yes u don't install whole games on Xbox 360 u have to on nex Gen physical or digital, If I had internet I'd be all digital I hate changing discs and I don't sell my games Gamestops bullshit %10-15% total value ain't worth the trip

Depends if you were installing from disk or downloading them. I've got quite a lot downloaded without maxing my drive out.

New console games are going to be bigger though, need to store the better graphics somewhere.

Did you install every game on your 360? It wasn't a requirement for 360. And both the ps4 and Xbox one have large installs for games.

No I actually never installed any games. I now learned that you didn't have to install on 360. Why is it a requirement now?

Faster load times for games. Quicker to read off hard drive than disc. Possibly less chance of scratching disc since it now only has to read the license off of the disc not the whole game.

Performance. That is the reason. There's probably also some holdout requirements from the squashed DRM implementation but in general your game will load much faster from disk than disc.

Also, you can buy games without physical media (which I prefer) so that pretty much means you HAVE to download the whole thing to disk.

9 physical games and 5 digital I'm on e now imaging if they actually released games for the Xbox it wouldn't last 6 months

I click to reply to a comment and it replies to the comment before instead of the current, happens all the time after my first post Nokia 1520 even when I hold and reply it does it

I wonder if this means they might release an arcade edition of the one like the 360. A cheaper box with the ability to use external drives could boost sales.

I wish MS does something similar for Windows as well and let modern apps to be installed on external storage

"May be coming"?  That's a pretty lame headline, it was confirmed at least two months ago, this picture was to let you know it's coming soon.