Xbox One to receive February 11th update with battery life status and more


The Xbox One is slowly making its way through the beginnings of 2014, just months after its November release, but already gamers and general consumers alike are enjoying available features and titles. That said, many have complained about certain features and functions (or lack of) on the console. According to The Verge, Microsoft will be releasing a new update on February 11th to address a handful of said console issues.

The patch will include new features focused on displaying what you've got installed on the console itself, making it easier to manage storage space, not to mention splitting up My Games and My Apps to make it more convenient to browse local content.

An indicator for controller battery will also be added in, as well as the ability to connect and use a USB keyboard with the Xbox One. "Lots of behind-the-scenes updates" will join what we've covered already and this update will not only make changes for gamers, but developers too. We'll expect numerous fixes to patch anything consumers have left feedback on.

Future updates in 2014 will be dedicated to Xbox Live part and multiplayer functionality, kicking off a stream of releases to implement what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox One.

via: The Verge


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Xbox One to receive February 11th update with battery life status and more


USB keyboard is nice, mouse support and compatibility with games would be awesome, though! Gaming appeal would improve for me - my PC is more powerful, but my TV is much larger (though only 720p) and I have surround in my living room. Probably won't ever happen, though.

Lol. I can't take credit for the quote but I use it to tease guys whenever they give a husband a hard time about respecting his wife's wishes.

USB keyboard support has been there since the beginning.  I found that out after reading a tip in a forum.  The problem is the keyboard had to be plugged in before a cold boot of the system.  It wasn't hot swappable and you couldn't just plug it in when the Xbox was on.  If you did, you had to reboot the system for the syste to recognize the keyboard.  Since many people never reboot their Xbox (they just let it go to standby mode instead of totally shutting it down), they may not know it can support a keyboard already.  In fact, I'm using a wireless USB keyboard (designed for an HTPC) where the dongle is in the USB port and the keyboard fits my lap nicely.

Imagine if we could plug in a USB drive and listen to music, that would be total cutting edge stuff ;)

Loving my Xbox One.
(Wish MS tackled some of the criticism regarding frame rate and how certain games looked better on the PS4).
Playing DeadRising 3!

They are, the update is going to take some GPU power away from Kinect to help make games have better fps and 1080p.

Yeah I heard about that.
I wish there was a way the CLOUD could help with rendering graphics since the graphics card on the Xbox One isn't as powerful.

I'm not a tech guy but hopefully MS can get the FPS up to 60 to shut up the critics.

That's actually their master plan most likely.


In my prediction it may be part of the reason X1 does support games at 4k natve while the 'current' PS4 doesn't (because you know Sony will release another 3 versions lol). I think these are the under-reported difference between the two, but most people wouldn't pay attention till it's go time.

The Ram isn't the problem it's the GPU and if cloud could help with that then problem solved. I have a feeling that the second generation XB1's will have a better GPU.

Cloud could had help the, if MS didn't listen to whiners about always-on vision. Now how can they guarantee everyone is cloud connected ? No developer is going to risk making software for part of One's user base.
And no, second generation One won't have a better gpu, it'll be the same.

But they can try and free up resources to allow more to be used by games since the Xbox is supposed to be a gaming console and all...

Dead Rising 3 is a blast. Most fun I've had playing a game in years. Killer Instinct is also awesome.

Imagine if they had this in the system like they did on Xbox 360 , these updates would be for something else like streaming. Clearly xbone wasn't ready for release.

Ya, but many of the features missing on Xbox One are features that already existed on 360. The lack of low battery indicator on the controller is just stupid. There has been one on 360 controllers for years. Oversight like that just makes the design team look dumb, period.

Why do you care so much about a battery indicator. I think if anything just make the light on the controller dim and when its dim then its time for a new battery. Still think its pointless though But I do think inviting friends to play should,be like the 360 but why make shit the same on a new console. It kinda defeats the purpose of a new console no?

I hope this fixes my Xbox on issues. Will not turn on by my voice but other commands work great.

You may of already did this. I had an issue where the only thing that did work was "Xbox On". I unpluged it hit power button to clear any power still in the system and everything started working again.

No, they're right.  The performance is inconsistent.  It will work for us for a while and then it "forgets" how to turn on and off equipment (even though the Settings have it set to turn on/off device along with the voice command).  I end up having to switch it to Power Saving mode, do a full power down and manually power up, then switch back to voice controlled.  It's very frustrating.  I also have recalibrated the recognition and voice several times and still get inconsistent performance with voice and gesture.  When it works, it's flipping awesome...but when it doesn't it makes me quite angry.

You need to actually turn off the Xbox at times. Its always on so its like a computer the longer its left on the slower it gets. Just hold the Xbox button on your system till it shuts off. When you turn it back in everything will work mint or at least for me

Yeah, I just wish it would be as reliable as when it was on. I never. have problems with the regular voice or gesture controls.

Yes ive tried it many different ways and spent hours on the phone with tech support, its an xbox issue not a user issue.

Try pausing longer between 'Xbox' and 'On'. If you say it too quickly ('Xboxon') it won't work.
I started pausing for a second between, and now it even works when I whisper. Also, enunciate. If you mumble or slur, it will not work. Follow these helpful tips and it'll be guaranteed to work 60% of the time, every time. ;)

I had difficulty using the "Xbox On" command.  What fixed it for me is this...  Normally, people emphasize the "X" so they say "X-box" (and rightfully so).  But if you place the emphasis on the "B", you will get nearly 100% accuracy in the command.  So say, "x-Box on" instead of "X-box on".  place a much stronger emphasis on the B like a chicken saying "bock, bock, bock".  try it out and see how it works out.  I think you'll be shocked...

Happy they're bringing in battery life indicator.
One thing I don't like about the One is that I feel it takes too long to get to your friends list. On the 360 it seemed a lot faster. I also want a way to view recent players like you could on the 360 to mute them or send them messages easily.

I have not used an xbone (delayed in my country), but how can it be slower than 360?? It was sooo slow on 360

When I go back on the 360, it feels so quick. The menus and everything feel really snappy. The One menus are slower, although the content is much richer.

It loads a bit faster cause it has 30 more GB to load. I find the game load up is a little slower but the live is almost twice as fast for me

The battery indicator is pretty much wasted on me.  We don't play any games on the Xbox One, so the only reason we use the controller at all is when we have to type things in...which is why I'm VERY glad I'll be able to use a real keyboard with it and essentially ditch the controller.

Use the Xbox One Smartglass app on your phone. Seriously, it's FAR superior to using the controller or having a keyboard hooked up. You can start apps, type on your phone's keyboard, use the usual buttons, play/pause, see your progress in what you're watching, control volume, etc. It even works from outside the room (kind of nice if you're playing music, but you're in another room).

I'll agree that the Smartglass feature is nice for typing, but i've noticed that it seems to be inconsistent for certain apps.  I don't think the keyboard works in Youtube, unless i'm not doing it right.  Maybe the update will address this? 

I don't know about your phone, but on Windows Phone, sometimes the keyboard doesn't come up when it should.  and it's always in portrait mode.  it won't rotate to landscape mode which means you're prone to errors since the autocorrection isn't that great.  I wish Windows Phone used the autocorrection of the included Microsoft Office.  Office has amazing autocorrection.  In fact, it'll predict the word based on your previous habits.  So if I often write down notes of the offices I visit.  So I'll type "1441 av" and it'll finish it with "avocado" and then suggest "avenue" and then suggest "suite".  pretty amazing stuff.  And office will autocorrect well without any input from me so I can be super sloppy when typing.

no, I didn't turn off word suggestions.  It works and works decently.  but not as well as when I'm in office.

I hope they include functionality that will allow for TV/STB pass thru to XB1 via HDMI WITHOUT having to power up the console. Having to turn on the console to watch TV is quite a downer.

That would kind of defeat the purpose of having it hooked up in the first place. Just hook up your TV to its own HDMI. Problem solved.

@blindfromthesun thats what I have done for the interim but it defeats the purpose of advertising the XB1 as a console that properly supports TV/STB passthru with additional content if the console always requires power if i only want to watch TV. i spoke to MS support and they indicated the HDMI port on XB1 supports low voltage passthru and that he anticipates a future update enabling the functionality that i am looking for. hopefully soon.

Man this is a huge issue for many of us in Canada. If they finally enable this TV would work properly. Right now it does not... switch input or turn off TV and when you come back you often wait a second or two or even worst you're forced to manually turn cable box on and off... MIGHTY anoying.

Either this or the option to boot straight to the TV app fullscreen. It causes lots of confusion for others in the household having all these extra steps. All they want to do is turn on the TV (like they used to), now they have to shout repeated instructions at it (and it likes to ignore them!). Also, fixing the European 50hz issue would help us 'foreigners'.

That would still defeat the purpose for what Microsoft is intending with the XBOX One. It is an entertainment hub that allows you to easily jump between TV, movies, games, apps, internet, chatting with friends, etc... If the system is 'off' and you're watching TV it isn't able to do half of what it is intended to do. Thus defeating the purpose of actually having the HDMI in on the XBOX One in the first place...

i appreciate that vision but if I or other members of our household cant easily jump into just watching TV when we only want to watch TV as SimonGregory noted, then i'll pass on the passthru.

Thanks for the link and hopefully the March update fixes the UI associated with parties along with party chat problems.

Bring back DLNA pull! I can't navigate my media server like I could on my 360. This is a big annoyance. Pushing from a PC is not always viable

Amen and ditto. Need vibration to be an option too, I hate it. I just want to be able to turn it off. Driving some vehicles on Battlefield is like operating a drill.

Yes, I am sick of my controller dying. Hope they fix party invites. They are terrible right now.

I don't like anything about the party system at the moment. Played my 360 yesterday for the first time since I got my ONE. The party system, and the friends list was so much easier. Not that there isn't room for improvement, but what they did was make it really bad.

I just wish they would add the ability to stream media content from my home media center, without having to use "play to" from my PC. That's all I want

the virtual keyboard in SmartGlass has already been there.  been using my phone to type messages since the beginning.  at least until I found out USB keyboard support was there (I guess the update allows plug and play because before, the keyboard had to be plugged in and the system restarted before the system would recognize the keyboard).

Lol I had a PC like that one time. That was 1998, so what happened here that they decided this was a good idea? Idk maybe they overlooked but still made me laugh.

Yes! Now I can know how much storage I have left, as now we have to install our games, and we don't know how much we have left. And the battery thing was good, one thing I miss from my 360.

I hope that digitally purchased movies/TV shows, which have expiration dates because of licensing, will show that date so that you know WHEN you better download it or lose rights to it. I always complained about this with the 360. When you first purchased something it would tell you to be sure to download this before such date or you will lose it. If you didn't download it right then and there and you forgot to write down that date, there is no way to recall that date, to my knowledge.

Hopefully we will get a list of keyboards supported. Also, I hope that keyboards with a touchpad or trackball built in will be supported so IE will be even more use full.

Anyone know WHY they omitted the indicator on the controller and the console of Which controller you had in your hands, 1st(main), 2, 3, or number 4. That was handy for when I played with my children so I knew I had master control in the game.

Because there really isn't a "master control" or 1-4 anymore. It's typically based on where you're sitting/positioned - the part of the screen you're on follows where you are. Plus the XB1 now supports six or eight (can't remember which now) people signed in, so a 1-4 indicator makes even less sense.

Stfu this is wpcentral not all hail Microsoft daily. It's my opinion of the Xbox not yours.
Fvck you!

I swear to god, fanboys are the worst. I like Windows Phone 8 but the Xbox one not so much deal with it.

That's very true. They both have their bugs. All I know is I buy consoles mainly to play games that's it. If one is $100 cheaper and plays games at a higher frame rate and looks better it's a no brainer for me. The Kinect voice commands don't work well enough for me came off kind of like a gimmick. But I bet the PS4 voice commands work worse than Xbox's do haha.

and the fact that i cant see when a friend logs in or logs out in my PS4 just tells you both consoles were rushed. Voice commands work pretty well actually. And so far my games ( NBA 2K14, COD Ghost, Battlefield 4 and NFS Rivals ) havent crashed on me not even once. I still remember having to reboot my XboxOne cause it was unplayable almost all of the time

My controller only holds the battery for like 1.5 weeks maybe 2! On xb360 i had it for like 1 month each.

Thing I would like to see are more apps. Ex. Pandora.
Upload studio to have a social media type comment section. Ability to link to twitter and/or FB to share what games your playing/achievements earned.

Fortunately, that doesn't require a system update. New apps can be released (and existing ones can be updated) by the app publisher. Hopefully we'll see Pandora release an XB1 app in the future (not to mention a Windows 8 app).

MS has been doing a good job with listening to customer feedback as of late, whether its Xbox, surface, windows, etc. They can't make everyone happy all the time, but at least they are hitting the top issues. I look forward to all of the improvements that the Xbox will see as we move forward.

I hope they finally freaking add the video, picture, and music players back. On Xbox 360 I could watch movies from the home server connected to the network. And I can't with Xbox one. That is one major,feature that Microsoft completely skipped over.

I would like to be able to play music from Xbox music in the background while playing a game without having to effing snap it. Or just let me plug in my mp3 player like on the 360. Whatever.

So my "old" 360 is more fully featured than the new One? Rockin' the on-screen battery indicator, yeah, baby!

The one thing missing for me is i want to rip cds to my hard drive like the 360 apart from that love my xbox one. Love bf4 gamer tag arachNED if anybody wants to add me to there friends list.:D