Xbox One to finally hit Japan this September

Xbox One

Japan and Microsoft do not get along when it comes to the Xbox video game console. That said, the company is looking to release its next-gen video game console later this year. September 4th has been marked in calendars and should you reside in the region, it won't be long until you'll be bale to pick an Xbox One up.

The only problem with the launch would be an almost 10 month gap between then official console launch in the US and other markets. There's still no word on pricing yet, but with E3 coming up soon, we can't imagine it being withheld for much longer. Be sure to monitor this space this year for more details on the Japan launch.

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Xbox One to finally hit Japan this September


India is a larger market.. Sadly MS overlooks it so many times !
First surface (all), then Xbox one.. And not to mention, most of the bing services..

It would be awesome if they brought all them features in the Middle East, Microsoft is like everywhere in the Middle East

There are plenty of factors why it doesnt get picked. Its not that its  overlooked. other factors aren't as favorable that would warrant it to move first in line


Sorry mate but I'll have to correct you over there. India is not at all a market for gaming. Sure, that is not saying that there isn't a market but you just cannot compare gaming in Japan to gaming in India. As Aashish13 said its big for phones and tablets etc.

Well actually, India isn't a bigger market comparing the percentage. I know a VERY small fraction of people here would buy a console, but, that VERY small fraction of 1.3 billion people is not very small itself. Think about it. You say not a big market, as majority of the people you see don't have a console. But, you dont know the vast majority of the people who have them.

Rich, don't say that its close. We got to enjoy the summer also, lets not skip ahead shall we :)

Poor financially perhaps...but I dare say you probably have more cohesive family units and less stress/depression!
The grass isn't always greener

I also live in the Philippines. I can't say I'm rich but I'm doing OK. I have an Xbox One Day One Edition.

Japan buys their own technology. It's the EXACT reason why Xboxes hardly sell. They rather play with Nintendo or their almost-ecchi-style games on the PlayStation systems...

Yay? I mean, it's good more people will get to use it, but this IS Japan we're talking about. Xbox isn't exactly a hot number over there.

For owners of a xbox 360 there is no need for a xbox one, sadly.

Maybe in 6 or 12 months with better and more games, apps and multi-media-functionality outside the U.S.

In Japan. Windows phone not on any carrier. I do have Xbox 360 and Kinect. I likely won't buy one out the chute. I have 2 IDs, one for US the other Japan. No Xbox music here but video. Crazy.

Same in Belgium, Xbox One officially coming in September (before, no Xbox Live connection possible but we could shop Xbox One in our markets coming from other countries).

And they will sell a whole 5 units to those diehard US Otaku.

On the brightside, at least they will be getting a more complete product unlike those of us that purchased it day one and got a system that lacked even the most basic of functionality.

Pure rubbish comment.  X1 did plenty more than even the most basic console functions on day one.  MS has also consistently improved it since.

Great, now where are those Windows Phones for Japan ??

Can't believe Microsoft still has not managed to sell a single WP8 here...

I'm not sure why they even bother there. Sony is dominating world wide and japan is basically their playground. Instead of wasting time in there, focus on where they are really losing: europe. The adience there has similar tastes to american adiences not shared by their asian peers (I'm looking at you weird japanese dating simulators) but it is heavily sony biased. These are people you can win over (unlike japan) by:

1) cut the freaking price already.

2) take out the kinect camera.

3) make apps not require gold.

yeah ok, make it optional. you realize many people don't want it and they are more inclined to buy an xbox is if was cheaper...

So this really means that PS has a 2 million console lead by being in more countries than Xbox One? And if i'm adding correctly, When Xbox One is released in the same markets(give or take 1 or 2) then they should be #1 in console sales or tied??

Many game studios reside in Japan. Thus, it is crucial to have a presence there even though Japanese consumers are too jingoistic to buy non-Japanese products.

Wasn't this (and still is) one of their worst markets for the Xbox 360? Seems like a waste of time to me, should focus on other markets.

I've lived in Japan for the past 8 years. Microsoft's relationship with phone carriers is much worse than the XBOX issues. You can at least buy an Xbox in Japan. You cannot buy a Windows Phone though.

The problem for MS is that XBone is no longer just a gaming console. And in order to give consumers the whole benefit of the console they need local support and deals with (TV) content providers. Not to mention local language support (cf. Voice commands). Not everyone speak English, even if some ppl like to believe that, and if you speak English with an accent chances are voice commands won't work.