Xbox One game console coming to Russia September 26

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Microsoft's Xbox team in Russia has confirmed that the Xbox One console will go on sale in that country on September 26, around the time that the console will also go on sale in many more countries around the world.

Microsoft had previously announced in May that the Xbox One would expand to 27 more countries in September, but now we are getting more specific launch dates for each country. In addition to Russia, the console will go on sale in India on September 23, That's also the same date the Xbox One will go on sale in China.

We will likely get more information about launch date for more countries on that list on Tuesday morning as part of Microsoft's Gamescom press event in Germany. Do you think expanding the markets for the Xbox One will help boost sales for the console?

Source: Xbox Russia on Twitter via WP7forum.ru


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Xbox One game console coming to Russia September 26


Given as the other September references are in 2014 for the other countries, one CSV assume that if it was 2015 they would specify.

Wasn't Russia trying to be less dependent on American technologies and products and ask for their source codes?
That aside, it's good news, the more markets the merrier.

Was that first point really warranted? why do you bring your politics on to a tech blog? If you don't like it then why not ask your politicians to put appropriate sanctions so that xbox can't be sent to Russia, but but but then how will you mint dollars if you do that, so i can understand.

It really is perplexing why they are so slow in rolling out to other markets. That's 10 months after the initial launch. They had the same frustratingly slow rollout with the initial Surface RT and it really hurt adoption rates. They can't afford to launch 10 months later in all these markets, giving the PS4 a big head start in sales. What's the deal with the tardiness? Microsoft is bigger than Sony. If Sony can do it, why can't they?

And i thought USA was imposing sanctions on Russia, oh wait xbox is fine as they can mint more dollars!! Get lost you hypocrites who bring politics to this tech blog.

Oh, so you want Russia to boycott Xbox? Well, that would be bad for Microsoft, since PS4 was avalible in Russia from 2013.

I wonder where all these idiots who mix politics with business come from? Some people really need brains badly.

Anyway, I hope Microsoft will finally launch Xbox Music and Video in Russia, they have been promising this for almost 2 years now.

Love stories like these. Thankyou for posting articles like this. WPCentral knows how to please its fans. Love news like this !