Xbox One helps Twitch reach record-breaking numbers

Xbox One

Microsoft has already seen some mild success with its Xbox One console since the next-gen system launched late last year. The popular streaming service Twitch recently released an app for the system, announcing official support just in time for the launch of Titanfall. Turns out, many of you enjoy streaming your gaming time with others.

According to a post over on Xbox Wire, players are enjoying an average of 5 hours per day exploring apps, playing games or watching some TV. Nearly 23 million minutes have been broadcast from Twitch on the Xbox One since March 11th. The service has seen a sudden spike in use with an additional 30 percent of all unique broadcasting from Xbox One during the launch day of the app.

"We have always considered enabling live streaming directly from consoles to be a key step in unlocking the ability for all gamers to share their experiences," commented Emmett Shear, Founder and CEO of Twitch. "Yet we never imagined the popularity would spread as fast as it has. Microsoft has really helped drive this expansion, and the great system architecture of Xbox One has allowed us to build a really great broadcasting experience with a robust feature set. We’re all very excited about working with Microsoft to continue rolling out new features on the platform."

Have you enjoyed streaming your games via Twitch on your Xbox One?

Source: Xbox Wire


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Xbox One helps Twitch reach record-breaking numbers


While the X1 is technically selling well, and is in less markets now than the PS4, the PS4 is selling better. No denying it.

Are you terming it as really a mild success.? I don't have any numbers as such. Can you provide them?

I'm waiting for xone to be released in Sweden and then its game on! Not sure if I will stream though, might try it out.

I don't play games, but when I do the cops come rolling in because I chucked my tv out of a ten story building.

I'm addicted to watching old NES and SNES game broadcasts via Twitch on XB1. The XB1 still has some work to do, but I find it to be a great all-in-one device. Being able to change channels and such using voice commands is pretty awesome.

Yeah. For example, it needs to stop refusing to play audio from my PC via the HDMI in just because i have left it idle a few hours. My PC is always on, but because of this i need to reboot it multiple times a day when i want to watch something. Frustrating

No, i need to select "xbox one" as the default playback device (which i have done). Problem is it needs audio constantly playing or the xbox decides to stop processing audio from the HDMI cable. Its frustrating.

Compared to ps4 it is. Sucks but true. More people are buying ps4s because of the 1080p thing.

Playing Tomb Raider now and it looks amazing. The game is really good too, it draws you in. Last I checked it was 1080p.

Nah. Its not cos of $50. Its cos the ps4 is more powerful. Core gamers go by the numbers.

Why would I have noticed that? Both these consoles are going to be doing constant updates. That's why I posted that. To express that resolution wars and all that hub-bub is nonsense. People complained about not enough to not any 1080p and 1080p/60fps from both consoles; but they'll rave about twitch even though it was being broadcasted at sub HD. Oops, the hypocrisy is thick in console wars. Enjoy the consoles, enjoy the games, and enjoy the services. Is that too hard for people these days.

I know right! What does it have to do for people to accept that it has been a success in its own right?

Sales figures between the XB1 and PS4 obviously tell a story but factor in that MS still make and sell the 360, it shows MS is catering for 2 markets in a smaller number of locations and AFAIK has sold more 360s and 1s than the PS4 has sold (since the revised 360 came out at the Next Gen launch)... just saying...

Yea the whole war is thrown out of proportion, that fact Xbox one has sold that much is a feat in itself because like it says we spend more time doing EVERYTHING on one device and tend to spend more on a consistent bases unlike ps4 its all about how much u save I know many ps3s that never touched online and quite a few ps4s besides basic cods and what

I've been enjoying Twitch way more than I thought I would.  It could use some improvements, though.  I wish it were easier to join streams that your friends are watching.  Also, it would be real nice if you could stream party chat audio instead of just your chat audio.


I'm had a few errors. A few streams. a view views. Oh and watched too. folow me - swizzlerz on Xbox one. swizzlerzs on twitch