Xbox One July update rolling out in the next few days with Achievements Snap mode

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The July update for Microsoft's Xbox One video game console is set to roll out in the coming days, according to both Major Nelsen and the Xbox One update history page. This July update, as we previously covered, contains a bunch of new features to further enhance the user experience, including a Snap mode for Xbox Live achievements.

As well as enabling gamers to snap their achievements to the side of the big screen, the July update also brings the ability to double-tap the Xbox button on a controller to bring up Snap Center, which can be utilized to launch Achievements and other snap-able apps, all without leaving the current running app or game. Xbox One owners can also select their preferred spoken language in the main settings area for better voice control compatibility. It operates in addition to the region selection, just in case you're a Brit residing in America.

Other improvements includes the following:

  • Content publishers can create digital bundle and disc compilation offerings in the future
  • 'Like' Game DVR clips
  • Blu-Ray Player improvements (BD-R/BD-RE)

Not a bad update. As noted above, expect to see this update roll out to your console shortly so be sure to keep an eye out.

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Xbox One July update rolling out in the next few days with Achievements Snap mode


lol. Touche! In truth, achievements are one of the most innovative features of modern gaming, invented by Microsoft and aped by almost every other video game company since then. Respect Microsoft. Respect achievements. #SaveXboxWP.

If only the BluRay update included 3D playback. Still, some updates are better than no updates I guess.

They even added support to turn off the externaly HDD automatically once u turn off your X1, but it's still buggy, cause most of the time/sometimes for some, it doesn't work as intended and your HDD spindles up, even when nothing is downloaded (standy by mode).

U can find this in Power & startup.

If you haven't already, you can grab the update NOW... It's up on the servers. Just go to Settings>System>UpdateNow. I did it late last night & everything runs/looks great. (BTW no connection issues - Boston, MA) Now, if only some of those 50+ apps would make it into the store, that'd be great. (The Store still NEEDS a major redux.)

FWIW, that option only shows when the Xbox has automatically detected the update on the server, which can take a while. There is no way to force a check for updates.

Loving the new snap method. The ability to see current achievements % and what you've already unlocked is just awesome.

This has been addressed multiple times, long ago, by the editors. Windows Phone Central is not a phone-only website; it is a phone-focused Microsoft site and will be rebranded so in the future. Also, Xbox rulz. So, hush up.

First let me clear this, i DON'T hate MS or Windows. Otherwise i wouldn't have used my PC or phone.

@coip: I didn't know that editors has answered about this. Sorry. But what i'm trying to say is this is best and most authentic website about windowsphones. Just like Windowsphone users, even websites are low in number. I come here daily to read about windowsphone. I request to editors and the guys who run the site, please don't rebrand it as MS special. Because almost all technology websites reports sories about other products of MS. But even a big phone special website like gsmarena is not interested in windowsphone news and they are minimum 2-3 weeks late than WPC. That's all i wanted to express.

Sorry if my english is bad.

Your English is fine. WPcentral needs to make money. There is only so many news stories about Windows Phone every day. To make more money, they need to report on more things.

I'm having terrible luck with Xbox one. I swapped out my first defective unit for one that won't play ANY disc, game or movie. I hope this update fixes it. It's a long drive to the MS store.

You don't have to drive anywhere. They'll initiate an advanced exchange via mail, free shipping.

I agree but I only wanted to keep the language of the games in English while keeping the system in my correct region, so at least I'm good for now

I am in the Update Preview program so I've had this update for a week or so.  It is pretty awesome, but full disclosure I am an Achievement Fiend.  Most of my game play is with Achievements in mind, I play the game to enjoy them, but use the achievements to help me discover aspects of the game I would have never thought of PLUS it adds replayability.

Currently I am on a 210 day achievement streak.  Meaning I've unlocked at least 1 achievement every single day for nearly 2/3rds of a year, haha (WP helps a LOT).  One thing I do to help with that is play some games until an achievement is nearly unlocked (like Forza "Win 100 Career Medals") ...then switch to a new game mode.  Doing that gives me a method to unlock an achievement on a day when I might only have 10-15 minutes to spare...and the snap mode really helps because it is incredibly easy to pin an achievement to the top (giving me ideas of quick unlocks for later) plus tracking progress.