Xbox One June update is here with external hard drive support, real names and more

Xbox One

The Xbox One June update is officially rolling out and as promised it brings external hard drive support to the next-gen console, alongside real names and improved Smartglass integration. With this update, external hard drives of 256GB and above can connect to the console via USB 3.0 to expand storage for your games, apps and media beyond the built in storage.

Real names can now be shared if you so wish through the Xbox Live friends list, and the great thing is that you're in control of just who can see your real name. Everyone, no-one, and a few levels in-between. The June update also opens up all 180 Xbox One applications to all users – also coming to the Xbox 360.

As an added bonus, in the coming days Hulu will be providing a free, 3-month trial of its online video service to all Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. Not too shabby. For more on the update check out the video below with Xbox's Major Nelson, and if you're not seeing it yet start mashing that System Update button.

Source: Major Nelson


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Xbox One June update is here with external hard drive support, real names and more


The blu ray app can be updated separately, but I too am waiting for this. External drive support is excellent though!

Everybody is different. I have my xbox as my primary media box in my media room. So 3D blu ray would help me consolidate into a single box. It's what xbox "ONE" was all about.

It's still a niche I think. I have a few, actually its the kids who love it. Just seems strange to omit I'd the hardware is capable. Rather have it and not use it than need it and not have it

Yup it shows better in the kids movies, because there is less action and explosions...but either way is nice to see depth in movies.

I just don't find it enjoyable on the relatively small screen of the home.  Even on a 60" screen it looks lame if you're not sitting right in the middle.  I haven't found a compelling reason to fork out the $$ for 3D televisions until they get the price down and figure out how to improve the way it looks outside of a limited viewing angle.  The somewhat low adoption of 3D in homes is probably a driving factor behind Microsoft not putting that particular update on a front burner.


Most TV manufactures are backing off. It didn't boost sales at all. It gives alot of people headaches. It just never went mainstream in the hone. Vizio dropped 3D completely from their 2014 line.

Still waiting for that too :( It's the only reason I keep my PS3 plugged in as neither the XB1 or PS4 can play them! I have dozens of things - pretty much all the Disney 3D blu rays.

Honestly don't care about any of these features, just want 3D blu ray support right now.

Oh, and for them to fix HDMI handshaking. Never had any issues with any other hardware (even the 360) but the XB1 always causes me issues and I have to switch it off/back on again every damn time.

I have a 92" inch projector and it looks pretty sweet. My projector was only 629 quid with free screen optoma are doing special offers for the world cup. Its the optoma HD25e. Bargain and 3D very good.

Good news indeed... I'm hoping those tears are actually beads of sweat...Scratch that. 

That analogy is very melo-dramatic

Starting to think its not hardware supported. That would be a massive selling point. If it is built in, and they're not marketing this, someone needs to be fired.

I agree want to see Gamecentre and NowTV on the xbox one ASAP but great to see Microsoft giving us the updates updates that have been asked for.

Yes, that is enabled now. Just set it up this morning! :)
I think it's also new that you can now change the connected device power control settings. TV can now be switched from Power Toggle (the old default) to discrete on off commands, or even switch a command off. This can also be done for the cable/satellite box and audio receiver.

This is wonderful, they finally fixed that?! I use a Logitech Harmony so this reallllly is an awesome feature to have! Thanks for listening MS!!!

YEYE! Bought mine as a day one and have been waiting to control Sky ever since. Although in reality it wont be used much as I prerecord everything and as I understand it, it can only control live channels?

Hopefully by the time it comes to India it will be updated & even more ready to hit primetime with localised content.

Not at all. The HDMI through is only if you don't want to go about the archaic practice of using a TV remote to change inputs.

You can still set you xbox to turn your TV, amp and set top box on when you say "SexBox On", and use one guide on smart glass to control your channels/volume, however without something plugged through the HDMI IN socket (It can be anything as long as it is turned on) the XBOX will send the command and switch to the TV App (showing whatever is plugged in to the HDMI IN socket).

You get the best experience using the HDMI IN with your set top box but you are in no way limited to using it that way, you just end up with a few niggles if you dont.

I've been using the OneGuide for the last 2 months but it was there from Day 1 for me... not sure why people didn't think it was supported (am I special?).

Now if they redesigned the hardware so you could change the internal HD I would be happy. As of now you have to send it to Microsoft if that b breaks which it will as all HD's do.

Same here. In fact my launch hard drive has failed zero times and had been used on 3 Xbox 360s since November 2005.

If its under warranty, why would you want to do it yourself as opposed to having them do it for free? My 360 and PS3 hdds lasted me 8 yrs and are still ticking, I don't get your (stealth) concern.

I wonder if this update includes support for more cable boxes here in the US. I can't fully enjoy TV functions such as the TV guide experience as the Box I have from Verizon is not fully supported.

Ohoo I'm lovin it, Tada da da daa. But I was enjoying it already couple days earlier. Looking at the next month update already. (on paper)

Most are 20-50gb each... Then dlc and other digital media, plus updates, updates and more updates. Kills me that an update for ghosts on XO is 2.7gb but on 360 its only around 200mb for the same exact update.

Luckily I still have my 2 terabyte WD portable external drive with I believe 3.0..... Or at least I hope its 3.0..... Starting to get worried. I think it supports 3.0.. (laughs to self nervously)

Did they also fix the " Xbox On" command this time round? That bug is still a thorn in my arse...
Other than that: very nice update! Can't wait to update my X1 when I get home! :)

Even if its turned on, its the only command that doesn't work consistently. Every other command works 90% of the time. "Xbox On" is probably around 30% for me.

Believe me, i have tried EVERYTHING from a hard reset to re-calibration to even a TV mount, still it's the only command that is not recognised 77% of the time. The rest of the voice commands work great tho. Especially since I have installed the Kinect above the TV using a TV mount.

I have the same damn problem! I have to say, Xbox on several times before it turns on. Sucks! I said, Xbox go home and it turned on. Crazy!!!!

Try hey Siri! Yeah, maybe 50% of the time does Xbox On work. Worse lately, when it does turn on, it crashes and requires a cold boot.

I wish they'd normalize the voice command "Xbox on" and "Xbox turn off." Can't they make them both have the word turn or both not have the word turn?

Anyone tried to attach a drive yet? Did it force you to format? I am hoping for media playback from an external drive since the only other way to play my movies is to use the "play to" feature.

Boo :(  I don't get why they don't add media play functionality, espeically through my network. Every other Xbox has had this...I used it all the time. My ONE purchase was a year too early.

You can use "Play To" but I hate that because I have to be near the device and depending on the network it can get out of sync.

Yeah, it was updated both in Android and Windows 8, I think, unsurprisingly no WP update that I can see.
Anyway, still nothing, neither in the BETAs.
I'm afraid Brazil is out of another bunch of features... sad.

Yeah, all except the home screen rearranging is working on my Android phone but you are correct about it not working on my Windows Phone.

Still waiting for one guide and the ability to use the Xbox on command here in sunny Australia

Still waiting for the Xbox One itself to release in the Netherlands ;) Oh wait I imported from Germany and it's all kinds of awesome! :)

On my SG app when you click remote you can slide the remote controls to access it, then you can scroll down and use the full assortment of controls.

The only thing I'm waiting for is an update to SG that lets me access my DVR directly on my DirecTV receiver...

I feel like the rumble on the Xbox One controller isn't as intense as on the 360. And I barely feel the ones on the triggers they made such a big deal about.

I can't connect to Xbox Live from an unsupported country. It does connect though when my Xbox goes through a router that's connected to VPN in the US. Anybody else experiencing the same issue? Is MS now filtering Xbox Live conection by country?

Very cool stuff! By the time I buy an Xbox One for Batman: Arkham Knight early next year (delays, argh!) I can only imagine how far improved the experience will be!

I wish Windows Phone and Windows operated more like this, with useful and meaningful end-user improvements delivered every month that truly improve the experience for all users. Makes the GDR releases seem silly in comparison really.

They're even updating their apps too, across all platforms!

Still, one major issue that stood out to me was there's no snap view for the Windows 8 SmartGlass app? Hope they add that in soon as I wouldn't need a universal remote that takes up my entire tablet, just a snap at one side.

Yes, please! I'm tired of having both xbox 360 and xbox one in three seperate rooms so my kids can watch Windows Media Center.

I can finally donate/give my 360's away to family and / or friends with little kids :)

Awesome! Only thing I'm waiting for is control over my DVR listings and record options. Right now I still have to keep them seperate because I have no access to the Recordings, etc on my X1.

anyone know when i will be able to stream my saved movies on an external hard drive that is attached to my PC by pulling it to the xbox one from the xbox one?

right now, i have to go downstairs, and find the movie and select Play To etc, a bit of a pain.



More and more I'm enjoying my Xbox One, which I like it a lot already, but I have to say that recently while watching Terminator 2 BluRay, I found the system to hang briefly at multiple times. I sincerely hope they improve upon this because I don't want to go to my older game console to play them.

Anyone else having difficulties using their external drive?  I have a WD 500GB USB 3.0 Passport, clean format to NTFS and the console isn't recognizing it...