Xbox One might touchdown on November 8th in the USA

According to an anonymous employee from a marketing company that works with Walmart, Microsoft’s Xbox One might hit the US market on November 8th. A release date of the 8th would place the Xbox One almost a week ahead of its competitor – the PlayStation 4.

The marketing company from which the rumor has emerged handles signage and product placement for retailers. The exact date of November 8th has been extracted from a company conference call email that shows all midnight openings Walmart has planned for quarter four.

While the leaked email does state a midnight release for November 8th, it lacks the “confirmed” label that all other midnight launches have next to their names. It is possible that the date has recently been announced and that the unnamed marketing firm is still going through the process of locking it down.

The Xbox One’s exact release date has been a mystery for a while now and Microsoft just might be making sure to secure a good launch date ahead of the PlayStation 4.

If the Xbox One releases a week before the PlayStation 4, do you think people might try out the console and chance their purchase decision?

Source: Kotaku


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Xbox One might touchdown on November 8th in the USA


Rumors have been flying around for weeks about the release date. We'll probably have a firm date announces sometime around PAX pretty soon here. All I can say is the sooner the better!!

I doubt that whoever releases first will have an advantage.... All the launch day systems for both sides are pretty much spoken for, so it's not like someone could just walk in a store and grab One.

Channel analysis claim that MS has a 3:1 manufacturing advantage over the PS4.  There could be 3x as many One's made as Playstations this year..  Add in the lower number of lanuch markets and it is obvious MS doesn't want to spread what they have too thin.  It looks like MS wants to have Xbox One consoles on store shelves at launch, so people could just walk into a store and grab one.
I am sure they will sell out quickly, even still :)

It wouldnt be before the 5th due to the launch titles COD being the main one with the 5th November global release.

Yes and no. Nintendo does most of their street dated launches on Sunday. Always hated that when I worked at EBGames. :-)

It's laughable now how long it has taken since it was released. Gives me little hope that AT&T will land GDR3 in 2013. It will be included in the latest devices coming in Q4.

I might could understand the delay if the 920 was the only device on AT&T getting GDR2 & Amber to allow for thorough testing, but they already have the 1020 on the network with those updates on board. They carry almost identical internals for crying out loud! What's the holdup?

It is got to be on the 5th. Call of duty ghost is on the 5th. It would be stupid to make people wait 3 days to play the game

In my opinion it will be on a Tuesday. I am pretty sure that's when the Xbox 360 was released on a Tuesday. Don't think it will be the 5th. Proabaly the 12th would be my bet.

I've had mine preordered since they first became available so I'm not dwelling on it. It's games that will determine a system's success, not which launches first.

Well said, PS4 could come out tomorrow and i would still wait for XB1 because of the better games and controller etc

I hope the 5th. The sooner the better. Can't wait to play Dead Rising 3. When is Microsoft going to announce it? Are they being shy since their previous Xbox One announcements have been met with criticism?