Xbox One offers Destiny digital pre-orders and pre-loading [Update: not yet?]


Microsoft is allowing Xbox One owners to pre-load and pre-order the digital versions of Bungie's long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny before the game is officially released on September 9th.

This will likely be a huge but welcome surprise for gamers who have been waiting to play Destiny but didn't want to bother with buying a physical disc. The digital purchase and pre-load for both the regular version of the game, the Vanguard Amory pre-order incentive, and the special digital edition is already available in Europe, according to our tipster. In the US, the pre-load and pre-ordering is still unavailable on the Xbox One but we would bet it will be going live soon.

Pre-loads mean that Xbox One owners can download most of the game well ahead of its September 9th release date and they will be able to grab the final files on 12:01 am Pacific Time on that day to start playing Destiny right away. Are you excited that the game will be available for digital buyers in this fashion?

Update It looks like Microsoft might have turned the keys on the Destiny digital pre-orders a little early as those links are now no longer available. However, it's likely that this was just a case of the company jumping the gun a bit and that Destiny will officially be available for digital pre-orders soon.

Thanks to Dawid for the tip!


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Xbox One offers Destiny digital pre-orders and pre-loading [Update: not yet?]


Very nice, i hope they also make COD Advanced Warfare available for digital pre order and pre loading on xbox .

As opposed to buying a disc that will work in the next console?  Like 360 games work on the One(Sarcasm)? I really don't get how buying it digital is such a rip off.  I see trading games in for a couple dollars so someone else can buy if for a slight discount as a major rip off.

If your in the UK, then buy from the US store. Only £36! Bargain for us Europeans. Thanks to MS region free console.

If I hadn't of found the limited edition for $70, I'd take up this deal. Digital is better than physical accounting for the fact both get installed regardless.


Also, I don't think the size of the install from disc will be the same size as the download since it would make sense to leave some assets on the disc.

Exactly. Wish I would have just downloaded them all from the get go (so far have 5 physical xbone games, 2 digital) Having to take out and put in a game disc feels so last Gen...

Good news for those that go digital, but you still find the best deals from retailers. Got the game from Kmart with $30 back in shop your way rewards and $6 back in shop discover, effectively making it $24. I hate dealing with discs though so I hope to sew digital codes offered through retailers soon.

Wish the digital preorder was also available for the 360,I don't want a disc but I still want the preorder bonus

Already pre-ordered the disc version, I wont buy digital games until they are able to sell them back. A year from now i can sell the disc not the digital copy!

Microsoft was trying to set this up but enough people whined and they reversed it after E3 2013. Now we must sit through this generation wondering what if. Sony took the easy way out and ran

This guy speaks the truth. People still don't understand how much better Microsoft's original policies were, they stupidly fought against it, and now they're unbelievably complaining about the lack of features that they could've had had they kept their mouths shut and opened their ears and eyes instead.

I don't want a 24 hour check in and their other shit policies. My internet was once out for a week, and not able to play on my xbox would've sucked.

Why can't they give us the good stuff of what it used to be, and also make sure we don't have to do the other crap policies?

Tell me how sharing would work if there isn't a digital handshake to make sure two people aren't playing 1 legally purchased game? The ps4 game sharing set to roll out is very limited if your going to bring that up- and you need an active internet connection.

I was all for the original policies, that's why I'm so bummed, only advantage to digital is you get to play it a couple days early, which was just recently introduced. If the digital copies were lets say 20 bucks cheaper then the disc, at launch, then id think about it. Until then ill just download the digital copies of anything from ea access and games for gold!

Except I sell them for $20 or more on Craigslist and I always get it. Sorry I don't want games sitting idle for years after I purchase them with no way to trade in.

Also tipped about this, but someone else was apparently faster :D

I canceled my disc preorder a while back cos I wanted the game digitally, I wasnt really expecting to be getting the preorder bonuses when buying from the store so this is great news. In this scenario preloading wont do much for me, as I wont even be home until thursday night after the release...

Indeed. I thought Titanfall was a lot more fun. I'll be passing on Destiny, especially since I picked up Kinect Sports Rivals a few weeks ago and will be getting Dance Central Spotlight next week. I'll have plent of games to play in the meantime.

Well i don't think the two games really compete against each other, unless one plans to play pvp only in destiny. I see destiny primarily as a pve game and in that way it was pretty nice. But yea, as for pvp, Titanfall does everything better imo

If you want the pysical disc, use the Microsoftstore.com they normally offer a $10 Xbox credit when pre-ordering games, crap $50 for a new release ? Sweet cant beat that in most places... I did this for Forza Horizon 2...(due the end of next month)

Cool I get to order it sooner, I have $25 in Microsoft money that expires 9/10, I was thinking of buying this one but, was not sure but, I would rather get it then dump $25...

I just fished Watch Dogs so maybe I'll hold tight for another campain till this is released..

That's stil great to hear! I'm definitely getting the Digital Guardian Edition, and it would be great to get the Vanguard pre-order stuff, and pre-loading too. :D

Why hasn't WP 8.1 bring an update, so that when you pause a video in explorer you can watch it from where you pause it instead of having to starting the entire video over

My only worry is if we're gonna be able to pre-order using xbox points, or does it have to be credit card?. Because I alreaddy have a ton of Xbox points, and it'd be nice to get the Vangaurd armor too, so..

I've found that on the Xbox payment screen you can choose your option, Microsoft account, PayPal, or credit cards, whatever options you have linked to your Microsoft account.

u can use currency on your xbox account or credit card


if you have points, you should be able to convert to currency.  you might want to try taht. 

This is somewhat bad. If you've preordered the game in a store for some reasons (beta key, shirt, Ghost Edition, like me) you are unable to get it in time for release cause the stores won't let you get it the day before, which most of the time means you're getting it about 12-24 hours after the release, even if you've preordered. Since the game has to be installed on the drive anyhow, people should be able to download a version requiring a disc to start to be able to play as soon as they've gotten the disc, and get away from installing it as soon as they get home, just put the disc in and play.

Dang, already pre-Od disc. Would have rather had digital and yell at my Xbox to play destiny. Disc's are the past lets evolve already!!

Bummer, it shoes up via smartglass app but you can't purchase it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I'm loving this smartglass functionality (when it works). Downloaded the NHL 15 demo while sitting at work the other day and when I turned on the Xbox one at home it greeted me with a message to play NHL 15. Love it

Maybe if I didn't have to wait till 2am to play it and it was a bit cheaper then maybe but I got the ghost edition so maybe next time