Xbox One SmartGlass for Windows Phone gets ‘Game Clip’ streaming refresh

If you have an Xbox One and a Windows Phone, your experience just improved a bit today with version of SmartGlass landing in the Store.

On a cursory glance, SmartGlass looks the same as December’s update, but heading under Settings will reveal a new menu item: Game Clips. Using the SmartGlass app, users can now browse through their collection of recorded hits and even play them directly on the phone.

Update: Turns out you could do this before, at least according to some, but it was under Friends or something odd. With today's update, it's a lot more obvious with its dedicated section under the Menu.

We have to admit, it’s a little surreal to see Peggle 2 playing on our Lumia 1520. Indeed, the resolution is fantastic, and there is no compromise here in terms of quality. There is no way to manage those clips though, so deleting or even sharing would still have to be through the Xbox One. But we’ll take this new feature as it’s a lot of fun.

While Game Clips aren’t for everyone, the ability to record your best moves or highscore moments in games goes a long way for people who want to engage in the ol’ humblebrag. It’s great to see Windows Phone now me a part of that as well.

Pick up Xbox One SmartGlass for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Thanks, Armandraiz S. and Angel R.,, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Xbox One SmartGlass for Windows Phone gets ‘Game Clip’ streaming refresh


Yes, it's xbox 360 smartglass but functionality wasn't that great, good for using as a remote for Netflix watching I found

Too many clips and it will take longer to record. Had over 130 clips at one point. I save mine to Onedrive then posted on my YT channel.

You could have watched your game clips and your friends game clips from day One. The one new thing I noticed is that you can now get toast notifications from messages you get from people using their Xboxes.

I couldn't. I had two Windows Phones here with different versions of SmartGlass. New one had Game Clips, old one did not. Updated old one, now I have Game Clips.

Notifications were always there under Settings.

Took me a second to find. But you click your name at the top of the menu and navigate to "My game clips."

lol, well, my point still stands that they CHANGED game clips then, for the better. Because previously I had no idea about this (and so didn't other readers). Note, I did update the article to reflect that.

Exactly. I still couldn't tell you off hand where I found the clips on the old version, but I've been streaming clips from myself and friends from my Windows Phone for months now. At least they made it so much easier to find that it warranted an article about how it exists now.

It could always play them, they just moved the feature to the main menu. So the news isn't the capability, but the ease of finding it now.

Absolutely right, i did this before the xbox was even out to see clips of the new games! But yes, notifications are new

You've always been able to stream them via the SmartGlass app. I guess they just made it more easily visible.

Exactly. I tipped WPC about the true new feature (toast notifications) at 3:30 am and that feature never got mentioned in this article.

If it was already there then I must had missed it. But streaming game clips is not new either...

If that's the case, then something was off. See my above comments as I compared/contrasted two Windows Phones with different versions of this app. 

Argg...I still cant share an internet page from my Windows Phone to my Xbox through xbox smart glass, as it takes me directly to the store to download the 360 smartglass...crap. They need to sort that out!!!

Put it on my MOGA and pretending to play Ryse. Closest thing I'm getting to new XBL WP exclusive games!!!

App closes whenever I choose Friends from the menu, anyone else getting this too?

Edit, uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it

Me too, also when I select Achievements, its says something went wrong in this section. Also it asks me about Toast Notifications EVERY time I open the app. UPDATE: After closing and opening 6 times the Toast Notification question and the Achievements error have rectified themselves, however I still get booted out to home screen when accessing Friends. Also when I select clips it shows empty even though I have recorded clips...I can still access them the old way though.

After I installed the update, it prompted me to enable toast notifications. Maybe they actually fixed notification...

Noticed I didn't have the notification setting before update. Also noticed that when you go to view friends, it is defaulted to show all and is split like the games hub showing who's online and who isn't. There are also little stars on anyone you have marked as a favorite.

Reinstall the app fixes everything fyi. What's new is to reflect the march update of the console, friends app just got a whole lot better, you can now see how many views on your clips, favorites with stars, activities for the new stuff inc, notifications now works, new tab for clips etc.

You could always view game clips but now with this update it is easier to find...


But now my app crashes whenever I go to Menu>Friends


My most used feature crashes the app!! :(


Mass deletion would be a welcome addition.


I love my Xbox, but it's as if the people who build the code etc don't actually play or use the console. A lot of stuff doesn't make sense and is unexplained...

Uninstalled mine and it now works. Noticed quite a few tweaks. The friends list is much better. And the friends list for friends now shows ones in common first. Nice touch.

I wish they would bring back the current activity to the Smartglass tile. On 360, it used to flip and show what was currently on. Now it does nothing for the XB1 SG tile.


Now they need to let us save the clips to our phones.  I work in an area where I get no signal and I wish I could save the clips to my phone to show my friends.

I use Smartglass for 360 and X1 quite a bit so, I'll have to check out what's new.  Haven't contrasted and compared yet.  As was said by quite a few, the ability to play game clips was always available and actually I found it quite logical to find. I've used it quite a bit to show my friends.

i turned off that Game DVR feature after the clips the console automatically recorded filled up the hard drive, causing Xbox One to start deleting games automatially. the games my Xbox One deleted are all around 30~40GB in size. took me a while to reinstall them.