Xbox One "In Stock" at Amazon.com - grab it now before it sells out (US)

Xbox One Box

Microsoft's latest gaming console, the Xbox One, is now in stock at Amazon.com. There is no time to delay, and if you want one of the latest consoles on the market, make sure to grab it now. The last time Amazon received a stock of Xbox One consoles - they sold out within 15 minutes. 

Head over to Amazon and you can pickup the unit for $499. The Day One Edition is obviously no longer available, but you can pickup one of the standard units and have it shipped to you within two days via Amazon prime. Click here to visit the sale page.

If you are still debating on whether or not to pick up an Xbox One, you can check out our review by clicking here. 

Are you going to grab an Xbox One?


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Xbox One "In Stock" at Amazon.com - grab it now before it sells out (US)


Amazon got a shipment a few days ago, then it sold out (lasted longer than 15 min I believe), and this is a different shipment.

Ha, thanks - fixed. :)

I wanted to get the information to you guys very quickly before the unit sold out again, so I guess I missed that in my haste.

At least you have the option. So happy for you but we have to wait till late 2014 for better local content usage as per Microsoft

Looks like going from here, it will be available on the shelves. Much better stock than I thought.

Im going to be holding out a while. First Xbox I haven't gotten at launch, mostly due to financial difficulties right now. Besides, they've got a lot that needs tweaking and improvement and there's really no blockbuster game right now.

Yeah, the hardest part when I bought mine on the spur of the moment last week was just that. No blockbuster game to get... I still haven't opened cod ghosts and only played the demo for sports and Killer Instinct just no real reason to get it over current Gen. My ps3 is doing just fine... But for future 's sake, the Xbox one was my chose. Media and living room automation being the main reason. I'm really not into famine as I was 7 years ago, but it is coming back, especially on my PC and ps3. I'm looking forward to titan fall.

Yea same here but love the media part and battlefield and NBA 2k14 are great improvements of current Gen so no regrets here

I picked one up last Friday at the Microsoft store. I was there to pick up a venue pro 11, which is really nice. I got it for my girlfriend as she like my surface, but wanted the venue pro more. I saw a stack of Xbox ones... I picked one up thinking it was a display... Nope, it was heavy and the real thing... Needless to say I bought the venue pro 11 and the Xbox one bundle... The bundle saved a little over 50 bucks. Instead of one game, I chose to get another controller, cod ghosts, along with the complete insurance and 13months Xbox live gold. The controller came with another 2 days plus the 14 days the consoles comes with.

So far I am liking it. My ps3 still gets a lot of attention, but the Xbox is really nice. I vowed to not get another game console, until I saw the Xbox one. I peak my curiosity with Kinect and other media controls.

I bought the xbox with no extra controllers and no games. Im hoping to get some xmas money to buy battlefield 4.... As a college student Im broke most of the time but I love Microsoft and I couldnt resit waiting to get the xbox one :P

Yeah, I thought about battlefield 4, but I have more family and friends with ps3 for battlefield. Hope you get some money to get the game you want... I'm waiting for titanfall. Just heard about it today, but it looks good.

Hmmm... Well,I was really impressed with the review and videos of battlefield, all of my friends and fam are not going to to the new console Gen. Shoot, I wasn't... I think Microsoft has what it takes to woo others with Kinect, voice controls for Skype and other apps, plus all that the future holds. I am thinking of getting a couple more for the office conference rooms. The ease of Skype for employees and board members may be worth it.

Battlefield is great top game out on.next Gen besides sports, nice improvements and best is yet to come add me kingkoopa09 - bf4, fifa14,nba2k and killer instinct so far

Cool.  Will add you later. My GamerTag is JaimeAstin.  I have COD Ghosts, but I will be going back to the microsoft store today, Maybe I will trade COD for Battle field.. or just buy it.  I purchased COD because most people said the campaign was good and I could also play split screen locally, which in reality be rare...I got the controller inthe bundle rather than 2 games becuase games will drop in price... Hardware, not so fast. 

I am really into CO-OP games.  So, I think battle field and adding people like yourself to my party(?!) will be excellent.

Got my preordered XB1 on release day.  I am really happy with it.  Sure there are definitely some edges that need to be smoothed out but the good thing is all my hang ups are software based and thus can easily be patched.  The XB360 and PS3 I have are more polished, but I noticed when I use them on my other TV I am longing to go back to my main tube which the XB1 is attached to.  That right there justifies being an earlier adopter for me.  Also having TV programming and all my media devices being controlled through the XB1 with voice control is a beautiful thing for me.  I love not having to switch inputs or grab other media device remotes all the time.

The one aspect that I am really enamored with is the multitasking aspects of the console, its so easy to be switching one from task to another (TV watching, Gaming, Web Browsing, Skyping, etc) and allowing you to snap a task; I did not anticipate how much I would be loving these features.

I am also a huge CO-OP guy and currently have COD, Forza 5, Ryze, 2k14 in my library, feel free to add me if you are up for some gaming.  Gamertag: Ulvengard.

Anyone think that the fact that you can find it relatively easily is a bad sign for MS?
I smell a lemon.

Supply and demand. Its just not the tickle-me-Elmo of the non-denominational winter holiday gift giving season.

I don't know if it is a lemon, but I have been thoroughly disappointed so far. Voice commands sometimes work, sometimes don't. When they do work, don't be surprised if you hit a dead end where voice is not supported and you have to grab a controller. Party chat is always off by default and one has to enable it everytime. No sending quick voice messages--you have to type. Now, tonight, I popped in my kid's interview I had filmed and burned on Blu-ray, and the Xbox One cannot read it because MS had not supported the playback of burned disks! The good thing is these things can be remedied at the software level.

I'll hold off judgment until the official "word" from MS on holiday sales figures but I think MS did a excellent job with supply this generation than in 2005.

I've checked all my local Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, and Walmart stores and not a single one has an Xbox One console on the shelf. Stock getting replenlished and then immediately sold out is no sign of a lemon; it's a sign of an item that they can't produce fast enough.

I didn't mean being able to occasionally find a unit in stock at a store for a limited time; I meant being able to find them in stock all the time. When that happens, then people can start evaluating how well it is selling because as of right now stock isn't plentiful enough to satisfy demand.

No, it's called QC! SONY doesn't just want to put out lemons. They want them to work and not have a million issues like the XBOX ONE is having. You look at XBOX ONE issues and there's murphy's law working for you. Then you check out SONY and it's BLOD like 99.9% of the time.

Nope... They just have way better supply than Sony. They are really pushing and making sure people can get one.

No secret, a lot of people are just not buying next Gen, not that one is better than the other. I love my ps3, but I believe the Xbox will be be super good.

Sad that there arent any day ones left, but my day one is sitting in some warehouse, still not delivered.

I just purchased a Day One edition from the MS Store online just last Thursday...it was part of a pricey bundle, but they had just released additonal Day One units...so maybe they'll have more.

Why would they have more? Isn't the point of a day one edition that its sent out on day one? Why would they make them to send out a month later?

That's what I thought too...but sure enough, it was listed as a 'Day One Bundle' and its a black box with the day one goodies listed on it.

I'm assuming it was additional stock that arrived late...maybe held up in customs or some other shipping issue.  I can't open it since its my sons Christmas present.

Just bought it today. This will be the first time I venture off into the XBox side of gaming since I was strictly ps2/ps3 for the last 10 years. So I'm excited to see what XBox has to offer. I'm still going to get a ps4 but just wanted to try out the xbone. I also got Ryse, Forza and COD Ghosts. I wanted to get Madden and 2k14 but I already have those on ps3 and from what I've seen on youtube Madden looks kinda like the current gen games so I'll wait til next year.

Welcome to the xbox family I hope you have fun with your console. Exclusive I recommend to buy in the future Titanfall, Halo, and the gears of war 3 if you like shooters youre all set :P



I don't how much stock Canada is getting but Amazon.ca, Futureshop and Bestbuy.ca all sold out of their initial stock immedialtey and they all keep stating they are getting more stock within a few days but if they really are, they keep selling out immdiatley because I never see any of them with stock.


Some people aren't in situations where their priorities allow to save much of anything for a game console in a few months or longer. 5 years ago, I was better off financially and my priorities were different, aka I had none.

Gonna wait for the new halo to be released before buying an Xbox one. Then I'll buy like, three games at once along with it.

Why is this website named Windows Phone Central? I started coming here when I bought the Lumia 1020, and I don't really care about console video game systems. Can you make another website to shill for Microsoft, and just focus on bringing us the latest news on WP?  Thanks, I'd really appreciate it.

I understand as I came here a couple years ago for WP news, but a lot of us are interested in news around the Microsoft ecosystem.  The growth, success, and potential problems in these other divisions effect the Phone division accordingly.  Seeing as how Microsoft is unifying their ecosystem, information about these divisions are even more important...


Besides, these are some of the better journalists out there... I depend on Mobile Nations for all news on all platforms.  They have an amazing staff and "seemingly" respect for each other.  They report factually and though they are fans, they earnest try to give honest opinions in all ways possible.  WPCentral has kept me from other news sites with all of their hard work.  We are in a time where bloggers and fans can spew nonsense and people eat it up... Reporting "just the facts" is no more... This is why I am clearly a WPCentral fan.  They factually give their opinions and and review and report things with bias kept to a respectful minimum...


Yes, I would also be in favor of another site or renaming so they can remport all things Microsoft.  But what they are currently doing is no different than any othe site or blog.  Most started off as a mobile or a PC site, but then reported all other new in their platform ecosystem. 


I walked into Walmart on the evening of Black Friday just to watch the madness for fun. I offhandedly asked a manager-looking staff member, "I am sure you are already sold out, but do you know when the next shipment happens?" He softly answered, "Check over in Automotive." Bam! 12 Xbox Ones (and 10 PS4's). An Xbox One became mine. OK, I was lucky. The Xbox Ones were gone the next morning when I went grocery shopping. A couple PS4s were left. Hmm.

I am a newbie to high-end consoles coming from the Wii (don't laugh) and the media room mindset was a huge selling point for my family. The Kinect was another big selling point.  Ryse and Forza have been absolutely fun, gorgeous and a great stress release after work. The family has to schedule time on the main TV now.  Uh oh. :)  Extremely happy with the upgrade and have sold off my Wii, its games and accessories to buy more XB1 games and 2nd controller. Go MS!