The Xbox One was the best-selling console for December in the United States

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The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console for your living room. It’s only been available a few months, but is already seeing successful growth in the marketplace. About ten days ago we learned that over 3 million Xbox One consoles have been sold globally since launch. Now we have some new data from the NDP Group that focuses on the console market in the United States. Let’s check it out.

How’d the Xbox One do here in the U.S. market? It was the number one console by selling nearly a million units. In December, the Xbox One sold 908,000 units while the Xbox 360 still moved 643,000. That gave Microsoft, with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, 46% of the December hardware console marketshare and 10% year over year growth for the previous December.

Microsoft also saw $1.39 billion spent in the month of December for software, hardware and accessories on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. That’s a notable amount because total video game sales in December for the United States were at $3.28 billion. Which means Microsoft owned nearly 50% of video game sales here in the United States.

Are you part of those Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales during December? Sound off below.

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The Xbox One was the best-selling console for December in the United States


Yes. I can and will. Read all the facts. Any marketing writer can play on the words. Be it Sony or Microsoft or Google. Other related articles say that PS4 is the #1. Others claim XBone. Both are correct, as most articles claim for MS/Sony, these latest consoles are in fact their best/fastest consoles sales thus far...

No, all reports, from both sides, report that the xbox one outsold the ps4 in the U.S in December even though the PS4 had a week head start. The PS4 sold more worldwide.

ummm, yes... all independant orgs that track hardware sales reported that the xbox one outsold the PS4 in the U.S in the month of December- by a large margin, actually. The PS4 outsold Xbox One in the rest of the world by an even larger margin, thus leading to more sales overall of the PS4.

In fact not. ONE outsold PS4 in USA, Canada, Mexico and many countries on South America, also in Europe in UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany XBox domain too, the only part XBox dont domain that much was Asia, specially Japan, but the sales numbers are indeed amazing....Microsoft did it again in domain game market..no doubts.


These are official numbers by points of sales, since the only ones reported lagrer PS4 sales are related with Sony...

While true and funny, does it matter? While this is a very Microsoft-centric website, let people use what works best for them. :)

I predict the ps4 will be the best selling console in Japan for this generation. Anyone argue that point?

Oh, nonono. Nonononono.
Both Xbox One and PS4 will sell horrible in Japan, portable consoles sells there. Unless we'll see some major 3rd party developer support for some niche games.

who cares about Japan?  there aren't a lot of sales coming out of Japan.  it's still a small country.  in its lifetime, there have only been like 13 million PS3's sold there.  That's tiny compared to the 23 million PS3s in the US or the 37 million Xbox 360's in the US.

Who cares? Keep making this "war" between Sony and Microsoft a headline story and we'll have idiots like you to blame when Sony says no to Windows Phone and makes all their Viao devices dual OS.

So we should stop celebrating our successes lest a manufacturer who all but ignores Windows Phone continues to do so, and adds an OS to their computer that will be useless to and ignored by most of their customers? That makes sense.

If you believe that a corporate decision at that level is made based on a web based end user "War" as you put it, then you my friend are the idiot.

I can't help but speculate the ways Microsoft is pushing Sony to produce a mobile device featuring XBOX branded games without cringing. Besides, this isn't XBOX central. Excuse me for trying to make it relevant to WP or W8.1.

I bought a few Xbox 360 games on sale in December so I'm part of the statistic!  But seriously, I'm gonna wait to get an Xbox One--probably until the end of this year since I am a relatively new gamer and want to finish some more titles on the 360 console first.

I'm not part of it as I'm in Canada/Haiti. But I sure did get my day one edition and am part of the Xbox family now after a wonderful 10 years of gaming with the PS nation. Loving my Xbox One. Glad I made the switch. Skype alone sold me on getting it as I use it religiously.

Sony launched the PS4 in over 58 Countries compared to Microsoft launching the Xbox One in 13 Countries.
That is a win for Microsoft considering the Xbox One costs $100 more, and more importantly Microsoft is continuing their console domination in the US.

The problem with your argument is that the world is way bigger than the US. While Microsoft is celebrating the PS4 is selling truckloads worldwide. I'd rather buy a Xbox one but I'm not gonna wait forever. My nephew wanted a console and my brother ended up buying the ps4 cause the Xbox is nowhere to be seen, nor the dealers around here even know when it will be available.

While Sony sold about 35% more overall, it is difficult to say anything about the success of either console, except that both have done well so far. IF comparisons must be made, I'd compare the ratios of 360s vs PS3 to XBone vs PS4.

Go baby! Even if PS4 is leading, it's an outstanding achievement (pun), since it's only available in 13 markets, and, last but not least, ps4 radicals (there are quite a few, quite active and negative) were predicting a total failure of epic proportions.

I have to admit, they were so sure of Xbox failure they even had me convinced. I expected the extra $100 and negative publicity to really hurt sales. The fact that there is even argument over which console is winning is good news in my opinion.

I was surprised just based on my visits to stores. I hardly ever saw anyone in the Xbox aisle but always saw someone in the PS4 aisle. Perhaps PS4 users are just more old school, like disks and haven't embraced the digital lifestyle?

Its funny how much Microsoft is such a hot topic when all these people say their death and irrelevance is on its way. From what I see 2014 is another step up the ladder, just like 2013. The only bad thing people can say about MS is the $900 million lost on the surface, but whole time that's like chump change to them and they got money to make that up with their other divisions. Lol Bye Felicia. And it seems like the xbox one is catching its grace quickly now. Microsoft isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's to 2014.

That $900 million hit on Surface included the costs of R&D, manufacturing, advertising, and retail. Launching a new product is very 'front heavy'. Even if the Surface RT and Surface Pro sold really well, they'd have had a tough time making up for all the costs in developing them. By the time the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 rolls around, though, it's a lot easier for Microsoft to make money on them.

I got an Xbox One on launch day, so I wasn't included in December's results. My brother was though, he got his around Christmas time.

What a dumbass comment. People are allowed to use whatever suits them. By your twisted logic I would have never bought a windows phone since I was an android fan and grew into the windows phone mainly because of coming here and reading the articles and comments.

This is great news for Microsoft and those of us that picked it up, I hope MS continues to promote it and drive sales outside of holiday periods and continue to regularly update the OS and promote app development alongside games. They have a huge opportunity now it would be sad to see them miss it.

I'd like one. But no rush. I've passed the phase. I beat GTA 5 in a week and all the racing games are too repetitive over the years so nothing car related that takes my interest anymore. I miss NFS Underground and Most Wanted... Not these new BS ones they keep.***** out of there ******. Lol. Dam it!

No surprise as there wasn't a PS4 in any stores in Dec in my area. I have talked to quite a few people who wanted a PS4 but ended up getting a Xbox One because that is what was in stock before the holiday. Microsoft did a good job with supply.

They also did a better job with games, in my opinion. The exclusive launch lineup for Xbox One (Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Ryse, Crimson Dragon, Powerstar Golf, and soon thereafter Peggle 2, Max: Curse of Brotherhood, and Halo: Spartan Assault) was much more impressive than PS4 (Killzone [mediocre] and Knack [subpar]).

If they were true ps4 fans, they would not have purchased an xb1. They could have continued play the ps3 with current games until stock was replenished

I didn't get either one. I got a Wii U this December. It's the most fun I've had playing video games in a very long time. I'll eventually get a PS4 once the price drops, but the Wii U will keep me very happy for quite a while. Especially with Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. U, and Hyrule Warriors all scheduled for release this year. I highly recommend a Wii U.

Nintendo's game lineup for this year is huge and I'm hoping it will move some systems to help grow the install base. My advice can only go so far :P

I picked up a Wii Mini for my daughter for X-Mas I have to say it was/is the prefect gift for her. I've never gotten into Nintendo. However, she has a 3DS and the Wii Mini now...people knock it because it lacks every internet function and is basically an "old school" console...to me it is perfect for a seven years old! That all being said...after the Wii Mini experience I'll be getting her a Wii U for X-Mas next year
I already have my X1 and I absolutely LOVE it!

The way I see it, a seven year old doesn't need internet on a console, and while there are some kid friendly games for PS and Xbox, Nintendo makes the most child friendly games in the market and most of them are still fun for adults to play.

You want to have the most fun you've had playing video games in a very long time? Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One. Zombies and go-go boots.

It does look good. Haha. However, I made sure to be able to get my fill of zombies with zombie U. It can hold me over until I can try Dead Rising. Lol.

And I agree with the Wii U. I'm having so much fun with Super Mario 3D World. Cannot wait to see what they do with the next proper Zelda game.

An Assassins Creed open world type map for the next Zelda game would make it phenomenal. I think it would make consoles fly off the shelves too.

AFter a guitar, Wii U will be my next purchase as well, I'll look into PS4 and XBone next christmas when they might have some fun exclusives.

I'm sure they'll get much better exclusives for both systems for next holiday. However, even with that said, I truly believe Nintendo has the strongest exclusive lineup for next year. That's largely opinion based though and it depends on your game preference.

As a good example of this statistic (to go with the other good ones), the XBox One will be forever cemented as a console which brought strong emotions to my family. Recently being diagnosed with advanced stage cancer of the kidney (has spread to other organs), our worry was that Christmas was going to be very sad for is, my oncologist gave me mere months to live, but I'm a fighter so I am still here.
I reached out to people, something I was previously too proud to do to fundraise for getting overseas treatment which is much more effective than what I have here in New Zealand, and the flow on was that people gave freely for Christmas as well, including an XBox One for my 6 children.

I just wanted to say despite all this fanboy nonsense, these consoles bring joy on multiple levels, and I am grateful my family had a good Christmas despite the dire situation.

I'm happy that you and your family had a good Christmas, the fanboyism is all a big joke to people with sense....as everyone knows the Xbone is better in every way :P best wishes to you man

I've had quite a few friends n family become victims of that insidious disease (I have 2 close friends with mths 2 live) n I take my hat off to u brother ;) keep ur positive attitude up n u mite just get the better of the big C!!!

November sales for me too, although I did buy Peggle 2. What gets me about the sales figures thus far is, it hasn't yet been about which system is selling better... Both are sold out everywhere you go. You won't get an indicator of which system is more liked until both have readily available stock at all the stores, and in all their markets.

I have an XBox One and PS4 and so far I'm happier with my PS4. As long as games are 1080p on the PS4 and 720p on the XBox One, I'll continue to buy my games for my PS4 and watch ESPN on my XBox One. I'm looking forward to Titan Fall but that'll be 720p too. As powerful as it says it is, it takes a lot longer to load games compared to the PS4. I will say that they both have lack luster launch titles and Killzone is letting me down with missing features (not to mention I bought a season pass for coop and they haven't released anything for it). The XBox One is a good system and so is the PS4. I can't wait for them to take more advantage of the glass app to stream games and to add more features for games as a second screen. Right now the PS4 is flat out better than the XBox One for games, that may change in the future, but its not the case right now.

I'm not sure about you. But, quick resume has my X1 games up in mili-seconds! As far as resolution goes...give it a minute X1 is releasing new drivers resolution won't be an issue...why would MS include a 4k capable cable if there wasn't ever any intention to utilize it? My games look amazing and if you're caught up on resolution as a deciding factor for enjoying a game. Then you should be with Sony. Its that blind product loyalty to Sony that makes me laugh...as if they are the end all be all electronics maker...lord.

I really want one, but I'll milk the cheap games and enormous backlog on the 360 hopefully untl next year. The best thing about new consoles is that old ones have cheap great games.

I got the XB1 for Christmas, moved the newish XB360 into the loft, and the older white XB360 with chrome cd-rom bezel into the kids room. I take pics with my L1520/L920 and look at the pics through SkyDrive on the XB's and stream movies from my movie folder on my Win8.1 pro PC onto my XB360. Quite the techno ecosystem I got goin' on. I think

While this is a competition between two companies, there is no reason that both console offerings can't be successful, as both have shown. I own an Xbox One, and love it, but I have always been impressed with Sony's products - all the way back to the golden Walkman days. In the end, we are all together in this human race, doing the best we can. Failure isn't something I would easily wish on anyone. I hope both consoles continue to be wildly popular over the coming years.

It's too expensive and since its running Linux / OpenGL not Windows / DirectX, PC games have to specifically ported to it to run so games will be limited. You may as well use the money to build a better gaming PC (which can be upgraded) that can run all Steam games.

Tbh, I love my Lumia 1520, yet bought a PS4. Only reason Microsoft sold more was because Ps4 was sold out and still is in many places here in the US. That's why on eBay PS4s are about $550 and XBOnes are about the same, yet retails for $100 more. I don't like the skewed results you guys give that's always pro Microsoft. Both are great game systems but you guys know as well as I do that the PS4 is the more popular of the two.

If you start calling out skewed results, you better consider everything then. Factors like releasing in US and Canada only a week before X1s global release gave hhem 2 weeks of superior hw supply in US. In terms of global numbers ofc PS4 is sold out while X1 isnt when ps4 tries to supplt over 50 areas and x1 only 13. Im not saying PS4 wouldnt sell better, the lower price already likely does that, but stuff is hardly so black and white. MSs strategy paid off in terms of supply in US, but PS4s has so far paid off in global sales. Market saturation is a key term here too

Which means Microsoft has done a better job at selling their console. I haven't seen anything that points to the PS4 being more popular... It's available in 5 times as many markets and can hardly keep up with the Xbox One.

Obviously PS4 leads overall and the price difference albeit the One has kinect does not help but consoles are pretty much moving along party lined right now.

My take on this is the kinect add something and the TV integration is a differential but they need to get this working in Europe and get some key missing apps that disappeared between releases.

They also need to resolve the backwards compatibility at least for key titles either via the cloud or porting. They fix these issues and I see the One really becoming One with my living room.

Good news - about time, too. PS4 seems to be doing a lot better globally, though - 4 million sold in the third quarter of 2013 gives them an annoying lead of a million units...

Imagine if Xbox One were on 5 times as many markets as they are right now... 5 times Xbox One-sales.

Imagine if only one company existed????

Simple as that then that would be the best selling company itself.What i mean to say if there would be no MS and Sony there would be no PS3,XBOX 360 and now the amazing PS4 and XBOX ONE.I am an MS fan recently but still you have to appreciate both of them for their hardwork.Sony Fans will love PS4 and MS fans will love 1 but both are equally awesome consoles.So congrats to both for their sales and efforts!

In a dream world, Sony (hardware & games) and MS (software & services) working together will rule the world with their XBOX Playstation console. Yes we can only imagine but its time to wake up to reality.

Fake. You said MicroSoft instead of Microsoft. We MS fanboys / fangirls won't make that kinda mistake :P

Good for them. That's 3 millions more than they sold in Portugal CAUSE THAT CRAP IS STILL NOT AVAILABLE HERE. Those PlayStations 4 keep calling me every time I go for a peek at what's new in my local electronics store.

I bought one Xbox one is prety good im from portugal and buy Ps4 too and im very disapoint whit ther. For me Xbox one is a lot better for me.

Got the XBox One in December. I am not a big gamer, but I love it. It took less than a week for my family to abandon remotes and use voice commands. It is an entertainment system in every meaning of the word.

If you add November then PS4 is ahead but Xbox One went on sale week later. So difficult to compare incl. shortages. Most likely for US the Xbox One should keep (but smaller) lead while in Europe the PS4 still will lead.

The issue I see with Xbox One is that you pay extra for the Kinect while there are no full Kinect titles out yet (e.g. delayed Kinect Rivals). Would they have released Kinect games earlier I think that would have added at least 15-25% more sales which would have made a difference.


Keep those exclusive games coming and I promise both consoles will do extraordinarily well, although I am mai ly an xbox guy I genuinely wish them both to succeed and surpass last gen by a large margin. And they said console gaming is doomed..

My Xbox One is very good very entertain,interface kinetc xbox live rocks,apps very good is one media centre and play ryse forza etc amazing ps4 turn on blue ray and fan noise play if exist a decent new game,call lf duty,battlefield etc is last generation very good on thee not were,and do not more whith thee because nothing to do, ps4 power power and puff nothing. Killzone average game play one time never more sell immediately no exclusive game decent. Buy one console because is more power and no more. Buy console who wants try and buy no for publicity.

Love the darn system but the way the current SW deals with my Rogers Cable box is frustrating to a point that I had to disconnect cable box from the system.

- Switch input: go back, lost TV sygnal... had to reboot XBOX

(switthing of inputs happens since I'm still playing 360 games)

- XBOX Goes to stand by... TV sygnal lost... had to reboot XBOX One

I even tried disabiling the stan by mode so it's always on but that didn't help much.

Worst part is that when I have TV off for a while and when I power it back on I have to wait couple of seconds for TV sygnal to appear. Frustrating...

As for rebooting XBOX One I'd take that but you can't set "watch TV" by default.

So you're forced to either look for controller of say "XBOX Watch TV" every single time.

I really hope that this will be fixed in February SW release as I love the darn thing.

SIDENOTE: XBOX One rogers cable guide is still sadly missing... hopefully they'll fix that soon. The way it is I can't change channel using voice. Volume Up, down and mute / unmute work. Also, for me at least, voice commands are great 8 out of 10 times.

I tried forums and XBOX support for this one but other than a fact that I'm not the only one with this issue there is currently no help.

SIDENOTE 2: Not sure what genious came up with kinetic stand but there is NO HOPE that I can install it on the top of my TV. Had to invest 20 bucks for aftermarket part...seriously, this could have been designed a lot better IMHO.

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