Xbox Sales and Specials featuring free Toy Soldier Bi-plane Avatar Prop

Xbox Live Sales and Specials

If you're looking for a new Xbox Live Avatar prop, you may want to check out the Xbox 360 Sales and Specials app. In the Chain Reaction section, the Toy Soldiers bi-plane avatar prop is free.

As an added bonus to the free Avatar prop, the prop does carry over to your Windows Phone Gaming Hub.

If you aren't familiar with or downloaded the Sales & Specials app on your Xbox 360 console, finding this section can be a bit of a challenge.

Toy Soldier bi-plane avatar prop

Go to the Games Section of your Xbox 360 Dashboard and click on "Browse Games". The Sales and Specials app is currently located in the upper right corner of the "Featured" page (the first section when you browse games).  This morning Madden 13 was the featured game on the Sales and Special app.

Click on the Sales and Specials app, download it and go to the Chain Reaction section.

The Chain Reaction feature is a series of specials that are dependent on each other, get the first deal and your eligible for the next and the next and so on. The free bi-plane from the Toy Soldiers game is the first leg of the current Chain Reaction deal.

It sounds like a lot of work for a free toy airplane but it's a neat little avatar prop.

Thanks, Karl, for the tip!


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Xbox Sales and Specials featuring free Toy Soldier Bi-plane Avatar Prop


For some reason I can't find this "Sales & Specials" app for my Xbox 360. I know where the Sales & Specials section is though because I have visited it many, many times before.
Is this because I live in Sweden?

The instructions aren't making any sense. I go to Games > Browse Games then select the Sales & Specials tile. I can see 3 specials (NHL, Madden, NBA) and that's it. There's no app to download or any mention of chain reaction. i.e. It doesn't look like the screenshot shown. I'm in Australia if that makes a difference :/

I believe this might be the answer for mine and your post:
I searched the net for answers and the Sales & Specials app is for US only at the moment. That is to bad, really...

It is available outside of US. I am in UK and I have had this app a while. Go in to apps and search for it. Also, they have a scratch and win thing which gives you the chance to win a prize. Worth it for free.

Found a workaround that works in Sweden at least (probably elsewhere also). I have a old American hotmail account i don't use much anymore since i wanted a Swedish one, and that is all you need to get this free toy plane. This is how I did it.
Login with American account on your Swedish Xbox and follow the guide here and download the app. I then downloaded the plane to my figure and signed out with American account and back in with my regular Swedish. The apps you download from England or US stays on the Xbox so you can go to "Your Apps" and launch it from there and da daaaa, you have the avatar plane....and you can get BBC and use MSN Video (why the last one doesn't work out of the box is a mystery to me since MSN News and video is pretty popular and often used on PC's here in Sweden) the same way.
B.T.W. Even if you don't have a Xbox Gold subscription you can get this plane. I have never payer for membership on my american account, only my Swedish one.
Gott nytt år alla. (Happy New Year everybody)

So you basically login with an old or a new American Live Gamer account and download the app and then login with your current Swedish account then finally start the app to gain the prop? Hope I got that right, will try it out later!

Exactly. I did download the plane to my old Hotmail account first because I want to keep it. Happy hunting.