Xbox Video gains faster app startup and playback in new update

Xbox Video

Xbox Video for Windows Phone has just received an update. Today's update addresses a number of issues related to app startup and playback speed.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find Xbox Video at version on Windows Phone 8.1 while users on Windows Phone 8 will see version

Here's the changelog for today's update:

  • Faster app startup and faster playback for streaming, downloaded and personal video
  • More informative error messages for geofencing and download limit issues
  • Improved search results

We're looking forward to the improved app startup time and for faster playback for streaming our video collection. What's your favorite change in today's update?

Source: Xbox Video UserVoice

Thanks for the tip Yahia M!

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Reader comments

Xbox Video gains faster app startup and playback in new update


It's usable in the current version tbh.
I would not touch that isht in previews updates bc it behaved like hell. There's room for improvement, but it's usable.

But can it delete downloaded videos?  I have three gigs worth of space for videos I have watched, are not expired, cannot be watched again but also cannot be deleted.  That is dissappointing.  Downloading and viewing the videos worked out well.  

You cannot.  There is no known method to delete.  In WP8, I would just delete the app and then reinstall it.  But now in WP8.1, we are no longer able to delete the video app.  So my advice is to NEVER download a movie because you will lose that space forever.  

Is there anyway to make this app re-search for stuff on the sd card? Videos take days sometimes to even show up in the app, and even deleted videos still show.

They seriously need to start working on better splash screens for all the Xbox related app. Ugly ass green with some shitty icons.

Useless App, the only thing that the average user wants is to be able to watch videos recorded and saved to the cellphone in one single place

Makes more sense than rendering the Games Hub useless and making the app list look infinite...


I guess that if you record with Nokia Camera, or to the phone memory, Xbox Video detects.

If you download a video from the internet or recieve videos from other devices, it will be sent to the collection in xbox video, if you record a video, it gets sent to the camera roll. It is like that on my iPad as well. I don't understand the complaints.

Moliplayer Pro is the best option at the moment for all our video player needs. the developer deserves whatever small amount he is charging for the app.

Also...still cant delete "sample pilots" TV Shows that I gave a shot to and no longer want. Half of them it wont delete after I do, and the other happy show right back up with each update.

Lord, your ain't kidding. That thing is a bigger mess than Video and Music. Hate the games in my app list, hate how show it is to load (30 second sometimes!), hate that your cant delete from within the app, etc

Yep.. But it's working now after update. Xbox music can't. They told me to do hard reset and I'm like hell no

1. Some videos which it doesn't support....atleast it should visible for us to delete do that we can save space...plz look into this serious issue...
2. Whenver a video is downloaded it doesn't show in the video player as it does in music player when a music file is downloaded. Please look into this issue as well.

Does any one know a better way to browse the Xbox Video library, specifically by price? I posted this question in the forums but no one replied.

Also, how to movie "bundles" work? Like I see a bundle for Knocked Up and Neighbors in the store for $20 total, which isn't a bad deal. Does that mean I buy it and it'll show up as two separate movies in my collection? Or is it always bundled together when displayed in my collection?

Finally, it seems that Xbox Video movies aren't like DVDs and BluRays, which usually include bonus features like commentary, or deleted scenes, or language/subtitle options, or scene searches, etc. Is that the case? If so, why not include those features too to keep it on par with the disc versions?

But it has got more features and is getting much faster..previous music hub is only good with its smoothness...not even a slider...

Should add more features like slide to volume up...flv ,mkv format support,pinch to zoom....select videos using albhabets etc....