Xbox Video updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, improves episode details page and more

Xbox Video

Xbox Video for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 has been updated. The update to Video on Windows 8.1 now includes more details about an episode, a fix for aspect ratio problems and more.

On Windows Phone

Xbox Video on Windows Phone is now sitting at version in the Windows Phone Store. We'll add in the detailed changelog once it's available. For now you'll only see "minor fixes and improvements" listed in the Store changelog. Update: The detailed changelog is now live. Below are the following new features and changes in Xbox Video for Windows Phone.

  • Personal video list sorting now persists across app launches
  • The full screen button no longer causes the app to show a white, blank screen for some videos
  • Polish fixes and general improvements

On Windows 8.1

Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 is now at version We do have the detailed changelog for this update thanks to the Xbox Video UserVoice page. Here's what's new:

  • Episode details pages now give you more context about the episode's series title as well as its episode number.
  • Clearer messaging has been added to the download manager when copying content to another drive.
  • Aspect ratios for images have been fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs where the app would unexpectedly exit.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Grab the updates to Xbox Video and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the tip Jay S!

Source: Xbox Video UserVoice

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Reader comments

Xbox Video updated for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, improves episode details page and more


Now full screen resume button doesn't work...after this update....its not an update but it seems like downgrade of d video app...
Update:full screen button doesn't work for only .wmv files....

Yeah, I miss being able to click/tap the middle of the screen to play/pause. The new UI looks nicer for sure but you should still be able to click/tap on the video to play/pause it. Like on YouTube, really.

Poor xbox video. Did Microsoft even tests the app before releasing the update? Gaah. I can still remember that buggy calendar update and the xbox games not showing on the app list. What a shame! :'(

The most un used app together with Xbox Music on my phone... Why can't I have a simple video and music player like on Android.. I really don't care about Xbox nor buying music or films on my phone..

Yeah too bad its not working for me I have the Lumia 1520 with the 8.1 update . Music still not working for me But no problem I'll wait for the 8.1.1 official update.

I hope they've fixed the download bugs on the Windows app. I tried to download some Game of Thrones episodes -- it just kept coming up with the usual non-descript error codes.
Will try it out tomorrow

I hope I can now delete videos previously downloaded.  I have three gigs of space tied up on my phone because of the inability to delete downloaded videos.  Oh, and you can't watch them anymore either because they are expired.  If Microsoft can produce an 8th wonder to the world like a pivot table, surely they can fix the video app!

Yes I have the same issue except it's like 5gb of my space. We have to bring attention to this so MS fixes it. I feel like they don't know about it or else it would be fixed already

I'm waiting on them to add a way to delete videos out of the collection on Windows 8.1 and on the Xbox. I have too many clips mixed in with my movies. Looked cluttered.

As long as the app forgets what I'm watching and where in the episode I was after alt tabbing (which kinda worked earlier, until they removed the resume thumbnail) I refuse to use that piece of shit app. And to think that the app is the default video player on a fresh install before windows media player which actually works is beyond me.. The app is so annoying that it has forever turned me off ever paying for the Xbox Video service. (And why should one, with the pirate bay alive and kicking, or Netflix which actually remembers what your watching and your file position...)

Thank you! It's like they add nice things people can do without, but get rid of the most basic functionality! This pissed me off to no end. Like MS has no idea on the basics of media consumption (c'mon, company that makes Xbox and came up with the Zune software). Hire another company to do it for you if you can't, but for God's sake stop removing functionality. Apps update automatically and one day I get on my surface and bam, I have to keep finding the time I left off at.

Still does NOTHING to address our movie and tv library. Only worry about selling us their stuff which completely cripples the media experience for many of us. Xbox Music and Video people FLAT OUT DON'T LISTEN.

Also cant permanently remove free pilots I sampled. Either comes back after deleting them, or just wont let me delete them. Fire the guys running the Video app along with the Music guys. They either don't listen, don't care, don't know what they are doing, and/or a combination of a all three.

I still don't understand why it's so hard to browse for movies to buy and rent. I see on Xbox One right now they list 99-cent rentals. They should have that going all the time. And they should allow you to bundle your own movies to save.

I won't commit to using Xbox Video or Xbox Music after Nadella's comments about streamlining those products. But I suppose fixing your app is a good thing.

This fucking app still can't play my mp4 videos (720p and 1080p), when I was able to do such thing with wp8 and even wp7.

I guess since wp 8.1 we are only going backward with the official apps. Or maybe it is only that the Xbox team really suck hard. Worst developers ever.

MS is really screwing things up with Windows Phone. And the XBox music player is really horrendous on Windows Phone. No matter how much I rearrange songs in a playlist, the arragement keeps screwing up. And sometimes, songs under playlists just disappear from the lists. Seriously?! That coming from a software conmpany?!

music and video apps still aren't as good as they were 4 yrs ago in WP7. how does MS expect to increase its market share from 3%? you cant even delete videos, arrange playlists, resume where you left off, play common file types, use your own library... it's such a joke. the state of xbox music and video is incredibly frustrating. just fire the entire team, they are obviously incompetent.

Yup, seems they've never heard of subtitles. Don't hold your breath for MKV support - according to them it's a pirate's format and no legit user uses it. I wish they'd fire the incompetent XBox Music and Video team(s).

Hey Microsoft plz removed the Xbox integration with windows phone its only sucks from the starting when origin of this Lumia series.

WOW. For me its working awesome.
Btw, can anyone tell me what is the name of that app using which we can create our own start screen wallpaper, like the ones shown in Lumia devices in previous articles?

This is the worse experience I ever had with Windows Phone for 4 years since the forst version of WP7. Even the Music - Video player of the Zune HD were smoother. I don't have the right words in english now, but this is really sad

The whole resume local content is know broken with this version. Very disappointed with the version. I have move to other players, even vlc for Win 8 is better, but I've mostly been using smplayer for desktop.

Before this update I could watch online videos from YouTube and other sites. I could also watch videos taken with my own phone (1520). After the update I can do neither. Anytime I try to play any video file on my phone now it tells me it can't play this type of file. How do you break the ability to watch a video recorded with your own phone less than 48 hours ago?