Xbox Video updated for Windows Phone with bug fixes

Xbox Video

It's been two weeks since Xbox Video (and Xbox Music) we're updated for Windows Phone. We're not seeing an update for Music, but head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll find one for Video. Read on to get the changelog!

You'll see version for Windows Phone 8.1 and version for Windows phone 8. Here's what's new with this update to Xbox Video:

  • In some cases rental expiration notifications showed an incorrect countdown.
  • Some customers saw the error "This content is currently unavailable for streaming. Please download to your device to view." when playing back owned movies or TV episodes.

Another small update that doesn't add any major features, but we'll take it. What features do you want to see added to Xbox Video?

Thanks for the tip everyone!

Source: Xbox Video UserVoice

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Xbox Video updated for Windows Phone with bug fixes


Yeah. It's dumb that you can download videos but can't delete them from the video app. Granted, you can delete them from the file explorer app that Microsoft put out.

Video plays after ages when selecting one. Shows loading on the top for like...Oh God. This thing tests my patience. And this update is just for all the Xbox services it has? Fu*k them! You so slow sonny?

i just had one when updating xbox video and it says in the description that it's an update from today as well

"bug fixes"... I'm just going to wait and see what everyone else essays about the update this time.

A little off topic but, why is it that apps run slower on Windows phone compared to iOS and Android? Even Xbox music runs slow and it's made my Microsoft. Is the NT core really not that great compared to those other two cores? I don't understand why we have to see the loading does when ever I load apps. What do you guys think?

Just started using it a couple of days ago, how come that the video app have a live tile & the music app doesn't ?

Theres an update for magnify news reader its now out of public beta & costs money for users who didnt download it before beta finished which means the feed limit has been removed for those users

Unfortunately it's useless here in Saudi Arabia, it's even don't show search results.
Microsoft only cares about US!!

It has to do with copyright violations with. Nothing Microsoft can do with them. Movie and tv networks decide were debuting can be sold and rented.

WP8 is still a mess. Videos are stored all over the place. You would think this OS was just developed last week.

Xbox video is waste for me here in India. We want a good offline video player for my wp like VLC for PC. Xbox video doesn't play a lot of formats, it doesn't remember sorting option as a-z for my sd card videos, I don't like the UI of the player for offline use. I think I should leave hope for Xbox video & buy moliplayer pro.

Hi guys
I hope one here can confirm this, my phone is Lumia 1520 (Rm-937_apac_hong_Kong) even with the latest Xbox video app update ( still showing nothing!
I mean I can see the collections, Tv store, movie store...etc. But they are empty. Nothing there!
Even while I'm trying to browse movies online or so nothing there.
Any suggestions?

Still snap spot crackling sounds when fast forwarding in video.
Anyone with Cyan who can tell me if its fixed by firmware?

Whe are they going to fix this???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Nearly 3 months and counting since I reported it to MS and it was replicated/acknowledged as an issue.

I still can't access or play my collection after the update. It keeps telling me it doesn't have the license to play the video. It is still very much broken.

It's still a horrible app.  When will they put Music, Video, Podcasts, and Radio back into one single solitary Zune Hub?  That's all we want.  That and Now Playing to be a separate screen like before.