Xbox.com adding brand new Xbox One profile page and more

The official Xbox website has added a handful of new features for Xbox One owners, including a new profile view, reviewing saved gameplay video clips, and close-up look at achievement art. Friends and followers are also viewable, but it sounds like the the Activity Feed is still a work in progress.

The update to Xbox.com is rolling out sometime next week. What do you guys think? Are there any other Xbox One features you'd like to be able to access from your desktop?

Source: Major Nelson


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Xbox.com adding brand new Xbox One profile page and more


I always say this. And the lack of viewable xbox one achievements on our phones with the native xbox games hub.

Rome wasn't built in a day. If you want everything planned to be there from the start and live in Chernobyl, get a PS4.

Doing this will get people bored,like when watching a tv show , you don't just want to get to the point! The action and updates will make you exited!No?

Microsoft sure took their bloody time. This was needed since last year.
Since the launch of the XBox One Xbox.com can no longer fulfill my needs and as such I rarely visit the site.

it's a disgrace that xbox.com didn't even acknowledge I had an xbox one at launch. Anybody looking at my profile wouldnt even know, as all it showed on the site and forums were my windows games, and old 360 acrivity. Better late than never though I guess.

I know people will say that the didn't have time to get all the features in. But seriously, surely the E3 reveal was not the first time MS employees saw the Xbox One. I am not hating, I have a One myself, but this thing must have been in the planning for years. And next time they do a reveal, I advise them to go second. Let the other players show their hands first.

It is if the Xbox One is made by a different company than the 360.

Almost everything is more difficult on the One (or missing) than the 360.

I know its dead, but I paid $ for Windows Media Center on 8 and can only use 360. Either allow me to use my Ceton Echo or give me a client on my silent Xbox One.

Actually this video service is awesome! I hope I can get links to share videos on facebook... Instead of using YouTube!

So what's going to the future of Xbox Avatar? Ever since the launch of Xbox One, they never seem mentioned about it. We still have on Windows Phone and Xbox 360.