You can now add 200GB to your SkyDrive account


The SkyDrive team has been killing it lately. Sure there was the whole needing to change the name setback, but other than that it’s been a rosy year. Earlier in May, it hit the 250 million customer mark, which is very impressive. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that anyone who buys a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will get 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years. That 200GB option has been extended to everyone with a new pricing tier on SkyDrive.

SkyDrive comes with 7GB of free storage, but you can pay a year fee to add more storage to yours. It’s connected to your Microsoft accounts and comes in various increments. There’s a new option of an extra 200GB for $100 per year. According to Microsoft, that’s enough storage to take a photo, every hour, from the moment someone is born to the day they graduate.

Here’s the new breakdown.

  • 20GB - $10 / year
  • 50GB - $25 / year
  • 100GB - $50 / year
  • 200GB - $100 / year

Anyone interested in using the storage option or are you content with your current SkyDrive set up? How much storage do you have in SkyDrive at the moment? I’m looking at 248GB from things like the old 25GB free standard, Office 365 subscription, and extras from the past two //Build/ conferences.

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You can now add 200GB to your SkyDrive account


If they kept the deal going forever, then it would be an interesting way to encourage every-other-year upgrades by some people.

At least they're upfront about it, unlike what I suspect AT&T is hoping to do with their free 50 GB of cloud storage that they are offering Lumia 1020 buyers: offer it for free for some limited time, and then charging for it.

Even so, I don't see a point in limited time offers of cloud storage. It's something that is a lot less useful if I am unwilling to pay for it in the long run. When I bought my Surface RT (oddly enough, not my Surface Pro), they gave me a free 3 GB of permanent storage to my SkyDrive; they should have offered a permanent, free 25 GB or something similar.

Yeah, Microsoft realized their mistake when they first were giving out free 25 GB of SkyDrive data with Hotmail accounts.  They figured out how much money they could be bringing in by renting it out to you instead.  I'm glad I upgraded at the time. 

Storage is going down in price all the time... so the main advantage of having to pay for cloud service is for the secure feeling in knowing that your data is most likely backed up in several places.

I'd much rather have a fraction of that 200 GB that is permanent.  Two years go by fast.

What a dumb comment!  How is it a scam?  They are upfront about the cost and the amount of storage you get and for the term you get it.  If you cancel your dropbox sub after it expires, do you expect them to keep your data?  If you don't want to pay for it anymore, it is your responsibility to copy it off to another device regardless of which paid cloud storage service you are looking at.

Beautiful, love SkyDrive - will most likely upgrade myself to the 100GB plan. Now they just need a 500GB option to go fully head to head with Dropbox.

I've only got 25GB in one personal account, 25 in a school account, and the typical 7GB free from a new outlook account recently created.

So its say certain amount of GB per year paying some fee, so what about if I don't pay after the year? Do I will lose my SkyDrive stuff?

I would assume there's a grace period where they tell you to pay up/renew subscription, or remove your files before their deleted. After that I would assume they would remove it.

My guess is they will give you a grace period and if you dont renew your account, it would be placed on hold and you wont be able to access it. I doubt they will delete anything.

Currently, they just prohibit you from adding anything new to your SkyDrive until you've deleted enough files to be under your limit.

It wasn't hyperbole. Hyperbole would be exaggeration. This was more of an example to put it into perspective.

That being said, I just did the math on this. Assuming 19 years, that's around 166,000 hours. For 200 GB that is only around 1.25 MB per photo. Most of the photos with my 930 come out in the 2-3 MB range.

Wow. Not only did you bother to verify the maths but you're also from the future! Tell me, does the 930 have a 13mp camera?

Careful, the first 100Gb from BUILD was permanent while the 2nd one expires.

Free: 25 GB

Office 365 Subscription: 20 GB

BUILD: 100 GB Valid through: 6/28/2014

Enthusiast bonus: 100 GB

I have 48GB total: 25GB free, 20GB from Office and 3GB I got at the Microsoft Store when I purchased my Surface Pro. I however don't know if I want to rely 100% on cloud based storage. I keep copies in a hard drive. So, do I need 200GB? However, it is nice to have them though.

This is good for people who are all in on cloud storage. Call me what you will but I do not, in any way, trust that anything in stored on a remote server is secure but I know I'm in a growing minority with that opinion. I've got plenty of space left on my free 25GB SkyDrive for stuff that I do store out there and the various photo sharing sites plus the free 50GB ATT locker cover more than enough for the rest of it.

Couldn't agree more hysonmb! I have too many files that I can't afford to lose, so if it goes on SkyDrive, it goes on my hard drive as well. And by the way, I have less than 7gb on the cloud.

Plus, Skydrive doesn't even keep your files encrypted on their servers.  So, unless you encrypt them before uploading them, the NSA doesn't even have to crack the encryption once they hack the servers.

Your thoughts on the security of cloud storage isn't unwarranted.  Amazon's AWS has already experienced customer data loss at least once.

It's a legitimate fear.  But SkyDrive is more about convenience and less about security. 

It's convenient for me to just have all my files on all my computers.   For security I have a HDD that backs up everything once a week and a Backblaze account.  Backblaze is only $50 a year for unlimited data.  I'm currently storing 3TB of data for $50 a year! Crazy good deal.   So I figure, between SkyDrive syncing the 'convenient' things (docs, pictures etc) and BackBlaze backing up EVERYTHING I'm in good shape.  House burns down, I have backblaze (and an offsite HDD I backup once every couple months).   HDD fails, I have external backup.      For the 50GBs I have on SkyDrive though I would have to lose: My primary computer, My laptop, My work machine and SkyDrive would have to crash all at the same time. 

Why in the UK is it £16 for 50GB, £32 for 100GB, then £66 for 200GB?
Shouldn't it be £64 for 200GB since the storage and prices are doubling?
It's £2 more at the moment, yet in the USA it doubles and works evenly

Why in the UK is it £16 for 50GB, £32 for 100GB, then £66 for 200GB?
Shouldn't it be £64 for 200GB since the storage and prices are doubling?
It's £2 more at the moment, yet in the USA it doubles and works evenly

shoot 3mb photos , each hour 365 days of the year = 26,280mb a year = ~26gb x 8  = 208gb


Now, thats a fking smart guy have been graduated from college with just 8 years old , thats something u dont see everyday

generally phone pics can range from kbs to mbs , Im just joking with this. I used a radom size 

I've got the 25 free for being loyal, and then I bought another 20. So 45 total. I'll fill this up quick as I'm uploading a lot from my laptop so that I can have it backed up, obviously, access it from anywhere, and cause my laptop only has a 250g hard drive so I do need the space. The awesome part is the SkyDrive app for PC, I choose the folders I want backed up and just leave my computer running so eventually, without me ever having to select anything, my 11gigs will be uploaded and saved which then can be removed from my PC hard drive. I'll always have my documents folder synced which is amazing since everything I do on my phone, PC, and from the SkyDrive website on any computer.... Will always all be synced. I should add that I still have windows 7. Instead of upgrading, I'm going to leave it the way it is and eventually get a windows 8 tablet or computer. Phew, that was a lot, didn't think I had that much input on this.

I still have 6GB available out of the free 7GB. Don't think I'll need this.
(Then again, I only use SkyDrive to store documents created with Office 2013. Which are 1/10 of my documents since in my PC I still have my Office 2003 running. Will upgrade to 2013 eventually...)

If Microsoft had versioning, i.e. Past 5 versions of a file; and file versions didn't impact on your space. This would be my backup solution!

"Enough storage to take a photo, every hour, from the moment someone is born to the day they graduate." Is that using a Nokia Lumia 1020?

I had 365 subscription from msdn, but it forced me to use a different login, can i change the login to be the same?

Its a trap. This is like what drug dealers do. Give you a taste for free then next thing you know, you're pawning your stuff. lol

Let me see... On my old Nokia n97 where I have 32GB memory space plus SD 64GB memory :) I don't need to pay for anyone even for Microsoft when they will be looking inside to my storage.

25GB base and purchased another 100. So when I get a pro 2 that wilk bump me to 325 total. Good, now what to do with my pro I own now.

i wish they take on google+ photos or flickr
face recognition, tagging...etc
only then i will make the switch, i like the sky drive photos integration with w8 (though i am still tryuing to set them to the lock screen in 8.1)

I have just 7, I'd love to receive a sizable upgrade, being that I'm a loyal Surface RT, windows 8 and wp8 customer.

So is there anyway to link skydrive with your xbox storage i have the skydrive app on my xbox but you cant use it for game saves and the cloud storage on xbox is basically useless

How is this "killing it"?  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SkyDrive.  I have the grandfathered 25GB, plus I subscribe to another 50GB, and I have an additional 20GB that goes with my Office 365 subscription.  But how is this a great thing if I get 200GB for two years, knowing that I'll have to fork out $100 each year after that?  Not good.

Photos represent my largest online storage and for that it remains Flickr based. Even if I choose not to re-sub my pro account I'll still have access to everything from the free version. The free 25 GB covers everything else easily. Am disappointed MS chose to lower to 7GB a few years back. Storage is the cheapest thing of any value that they could give away these days. Just fund it by making fewer Surface 2s. :D

I would be excited by this if I could get video from my Nokia 920 to play reliably once uploaded.  I upload a video and Skydrive just seems to choke on it - regardless of viewing via the web, iPad app, etc.  I've done some searching and found that others have the problem - anybody else having this issue?

Nice!! I got lucky and kept my 25GB since I've had the old SkyDrive before it went viral ;) but 50 or even 100GB sounds tempting. Those price points were cheaper than I thought!

I can't say enough good things about SkyDrive. I opted in for the 25GB account years ago, but slapping on 20 more for less than $2 a month is a no brainer.

Just to clarify what happens when the 2 years is up if you don't want to pay...assuming that you have gone over your free amount, I asked Microsoft on twitter what would happen:

Glad to help. You can view and download your files but would be unable to upload: .

From this link:

After you cancel a storage subscription, the storage is available to you until the plan's annual renewal date. After that date, the subscription will expire. If you exceed your remaining storage space when the subscription expires, you'll be able to view, share, and download files on your SkyDrive, but you won't be able to upload files until you buy more storage or free up space.