Your local Microsoft Store will have unique launch events for Madden NFL 15 and Destiny


Your local Microsoft Store will be hosting launch events for Madden NFL 15 and Destiny in the coming weeks. Destiny and Madden NFL 15 are most likely the two biggest games coming to your Xbox One in the near future. Madden NFL 15 launches tomorrow in North America with Destiny coming on September 9. Both games are highly anticipated by their respective fan bases, and Microsoft is going to help those fans celebrate.

Between August 26 and September 5 you will find local challenges and tournaments at your local Microsoft Store for Madden NFL 15. Check your local Microsoft Store for full details, but one thing you'll not want to miss happens on September 6.

Head to your Microsoft Store on September 6 for the Madden and NFL Kickoff Party. This event is happening just in time for opening weekend of the football season. The first 25 fans to buy Madden NFL 15 on that day will receive a limited edition NFL gift bag. Everyone else can look forward to day long festivities including hands-on gameplay, giveaways and unique photo opportunity where you end up on the cover of Madden.

Destiny launches on September 9 and your Microsoft Store is doing a midnight launch. You'll want to head down to the nearest Microsoft Store on September 8 for early Destiny gameplay access, giveaways, food, drink and more.

Madden NFL 15 or Destiny? Which game are you looking forward to the most?

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Your local Microsoft Store will have unique launch events for Madden NFL 15 and Destiny


If its your cup of tea, Destiny apparently will! Like IGDaily and many others, it's like Star Wars ForceUnleashed+Halo+MassEffect?!?!? I was gonna get the white PS4 bundle... but gonna wait to see if the Master Chief collection comes with a 1TB HDD bundle like the Advanced Warfare bundle... Patience...

If you're an Xbox gamer, probably not. The game is great but we have Titanfall and Halo is coming. You can clearly see that Destiny has many elements copied from Halo. As for PS4 users, it will probably be the GOTY for them. Poor souls only got Killzone and CoD.

Ah, I see, my bad. But FPS aren't the only games, so you have to include our non-FPS games like Ryse and Forza, and their and my games like Infamous and The Last of Us.

You are right, I'm just pointing out that Destiny means more for PS4 than it means for Xbox right now and Sony knows that. I really loved Destiny but not really a must buy after they said the game will only release with 4 worlds.

Looks up closest Microsoft Store...
"No results found" :P.
You lucky buggers, people outside the US need MS stores too. At this rate they will open one outside the US in the next century lol.

Edit: Well, I hope the stores are crammed full of people, just not as crammed tighter than sardine packed in a tin :P.

bro im sry for your lost, my city has 2 stores and i think we about to open another or a kiosk in a ever closer mall to me i can litterly just drive 15 mins any direction and hit 1


Ahh, Sam? Madden is Football. Usually played on a field of grass, with lines and numbers on it. What's up with all the BFG?  :)  Is that Destiny?  I'm not up on that one.

I'm American, but I seriously think we should rename the current "football". I mean, our football doesn't use our feet besides running, and a "special person" to occasionally kick the egg.

Thank you for embracing logic. Now if you also agree that the imperial system and your date format sucks, it will be great.

The thing is though, I've been using those my whole life, so I can't. However, in school science classes, from lower school to medical school, we use the metric system for items.

I can't though, it looks weird. Whenever I see that though, I know that is just another way of writing 05/14/2014, I'm smart enough to figure that out. :)

Lol, some of my former colleagues always got in tizzy about that as one of the company directors is American.
As 03/02/2014 means 3rd of Feb (written on that date) but to you guys it would mean 2nd of March if read at a later date, poor sod was always mixing himself up haha.

Haha, the high ups in the end mandated everybody had to use Monday 03 Feb 2014 and any other format was a punishable offence that could lead to dismissal after 4 written warnings to ensure we all adopted it lol. They gathered everyone up as well... as opposed to sending everyone an email. Imagine if that leaked, the ensuing media coverage would have made them the laughing stock in the entire country lol.

I remember a story in the 90's media about a guy who's company made him see a psychiatrist because he crossed his 7's. Only reason I remember is because I do the same.

That's retarded.. Why would crossing a 7 be bad? I do it from time to time.. As for the crossed Z, not so often but I do it in Greek. There is a letter for "X" and in its capital form it is "Ξ". I just draw a diagonal line to add balance to it.

Madden 15 is currently the only game you can pre-order digitally. Destiny should be available digitally same day as physical.

Yeah, like a gun and a badge.. Doesn't really worth it mate. They will probably release the same stuff as part of a DLC or season pass.

Same with Destiny... But I'm looking forward to the division.... There will be others between now and then but it looks good

What's the matter with you guys???? The fact that a Microsoft store is not in your area should not be an issue just be happy for the ones that have a store close enough. I really hope the stores will be crowded. Can you see the headlines?? If you love wp8 you should support Microsoft and I know most of you do so don't talk bs here ok... These are important days to show the world and if you own Xbox one you want the support. Not saying you can't share your honest opinion but think before you post. At least that's how I look at it

Destiny, just another boring shooter that Bungie hopes it becomes as popular as Halo.... I don't even know why people keep mentioning it, it will be like 5 minutes of fun and then... it's over. and then twitch by AMAZON, will have 190283901 viewers watching it, and then puff, they will be gone. that's how it works

There's an MS store within walking distance. Ironically even though the mall is huge they put it on the same wing as the apple store, like 5 stores down. I always feel like jumping up and down and waving my big 'ol Microsoft bag when I walk past because you have to pass the apple store on your way out lol.

Pls Microsoft, in 5 years, 3 Apple Stores have opened in Barcelona, please give us some love ❤ I want to get my One and WP stuff there...

Apple stores are useless. Here in India it's a big joke. Biggest joke from the saying from the premium seller. Apple stores just waste a lot of electricity

anyone know if Madden will run decently on the Surface Pro 3? I have the i7 version, and its one of the only games I would play on it.........well, that and Tiger Woods (same ?)