YouTube not playing ball with popular news reader Feed Me; fix on the way

Feed Me

Feed Me is a popular Windows Phone news reader that's used and loved by many (including some of us here), but we've been informed by the developer that YouTube video playback has ceased to function correctly. This is due to utilising unsupported and unofficial endpoints to achieve the playback and connectivity being hampered by changes made by Google. The good news is an update is in the works.

The bad news is that while we're currently unable to check out and enjoy YouTube media through Feed Me, we're told the update won't be available until next week.

To lighten the mood, the developer has revealed to us that development for Feedly support for Feed Me will commence in the near future (once this update containing the YouTube fix has been rolled out).

If you haven't yet checked out Feed Me for Windows Phone, you can download the app from the store for $1.99 (trial available - available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8).

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YouTube not playing ball with popular news reader Feed Me; fix on the way


Maybe MS should block all Google services from the 90% of all computer's in the world... Let's see Google survive after that...

In all honesty,, that would seriously hurt MS... But, the point is that Google wouldn't be $hit today if it weren't for Windows based PC's... And that's the bottom line..

I'm guessing that they'd probably prefer to not drive, potentially, many millions of people away from their products.

Yeah, that's what I said above,, but the point is that google is in a way, or another, riding MS coattail.. That's some hoe a$$ $hit their pulling... It's like stealing money from ya momma.. LOL❕

When you think about it, Google has the highest risk in that scenario.  They derive like 99% of their profit from desktop PC search ad revenu.  Meanwhile I think Windows is maybe 25% of MS's profit, and probably only 10-20% of people would care enough about Google services to go out and buy new machines.  So a likely scenario I envision would be Google loosing 90% of their revenue upfront, and maybe gaining back 10-20% from people that switch to Chromebooks.  MS would actually gain revenue upfront when people have to use Bing, Yahoo, Outlook.com, etc... when they could no longer use Googles services.  But over time MS would loose about 20% of their Windows revenue (which again is only about 25% of their revenue).  Of coarse this wild hypothetical scenario doesn't take into account the massive bitch slapping MS would take for anti-competitive behavior.

Well, MS should use some of this to their advantage, in some kind of way... But, why doesn't Google get bitch slapped for their behavior.. It's just not fair, and that can lead to it not being legal..

Philisophically, I have a problem with anti-competition laws in general.  But if MS was found guilty of anti-competitive behavior for things like IE and Media Center, then I certainly think Google is guilty here.  In my view they meet the same criteria and I see a lot of paralells between Android and Windows.  So yeah, I'm wondering the same thing myself.  When will Google get slapped for forcing OEM's to bundle their services with Android, thereby using their dominant position in smartphones to give their services an unfair advantage?  When will Google get slapped for placing unfair and inconsistent restrictions on a competting platform's access to their (again, market dominant) services?  Eventually regulators will have to treat Google like they treated MS, but for now I think there are still a lot of people that still believe in Google's "Do no Evil" promsie.

Google actually doesn't force OEMs to include services. That is why when you install stock 100% android, there are no google apps like GMAIL etc. included by default. Technically, its the OEMs that know that the entire appeal of android is easy access to google services.

OEM's can do what they want with Android but I'm pretty sure Google does use access to their Google Play store to attach strings.  I can remember at least one case where Google forced an OEM to ditch a competing service for one of Google's.  I just can't remember the details and I'm too lazy to research it.  I wan't to say it was a mapping service... but I could be wrong.

Of course they do, and I hate them for that. I used to have a Samsung Fascinate which was the biggest POS Android phone ever made IMO. This was basically an android phone with Microsoft services that was just too horrible to operate due to the lack of integration points between the services offered by the two companies.

Being the slow learner that I am, I went for another android phone, the Razr MAXX, which turned out to be another disappointment. I've learnt my lesson now. I test drove the windows phones in the stores and also bought a used HTC Trophy just to understand daily use. now that I'm comfortable with it, I am ready to jump ship. ish just works. The only thing I will miss will be Google maps and Youtube, but that can be rectified with a Navigon/Metrotube solution or something of that nature. I just can't wait for Microsoft to buy Vimeo. ;)

I think the problem is not so much MSFT's, as it is ours. We, as consumers, need to raise these issues, make the issues public and decide if we want to support a company that doesn't want to support us. Microsoft has a lot to lose by cutting off Google at the knees. It's a risky proposition for them, from a business standpoint.

The links work on mine too, but channel feeds don't show the latest videos on the phone.
The most recent vids show in the preview in the app studio, but the vids showing on the phone app are about 3 months old.

I find it interesting that nearly ALL of Google's revenue originates from users running Microsoft powered computers...

I wouldn't say nearly all of it now but its a huge chunk that Google could not afford to loose.. Why doesn't MS use that as leverage❔... I'm sick of these racist bastards❕❕... Lol❕

If you search for videos on WP using Bing, and click on a YouTube video, it takes you to the YouTube website but the link has "/?nomobile=1#/" written in it, disallowing WP or maybe all phones to run videos in a browser. If you delete that text from the link, video starts working.

Speaking of Google... does anyone else now get 'Suspcious activity' email alerts this week?  I never received this from Google before until this weekend.
While the info they gave behind it was extremely vague, the IP address they cited was either my own home (wi fi) or the IP from my phone's data... which led me to believe that Google services on WP8 trying to log-in were being marked as suspicious.  I couldn't tell though if it was from email, or the YouTube app (I also have MetroTube), or from both.  Those would the only 2 Google services I use on my phone.
All in all, it just made me dislike Google a little bit more.

I don't get emails from google, except in that bogus Gmail account I made just for YouTube. I've not checked Gmail once.