YuleTile: Bringing Holiday Spirit to the Marketplace


Need a boost to get you into the Christmas spirit? YuleTile is a collection of Holiday wallpapers and ringtones to give your Windows Phone that Christmas feel.

With each passing day, the YuleTile main page will fill with Christmas images and from the three-dot menu you can save the images to your Windows Phone and access daily Christmas ringtones. YuleTile also has a Live Tile that will count down the days until Christmas.  The layout of the app is simple and interface for saving ringtones and wallpapers equally straight forward.

YuleTile Screen Shots

Yuletile does have a free trial with the full version running $.99. The developer, Mendzapp, is a student start-up app development business based in Sheffield, UK and has pledged that 10% of the profits on YuleTile will go towards a children's charity. YuleTile is a mango app and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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YuleTile: Bringing Holiday Spirit to the Marketplace


Downloaded the full app. Don't see the lifetime Christmas countdown. Just todays wallpaper image. HTC surround.

The article misunderstands the app slightly, its a live tile advent calendar, ringtone and wallpaper app.
When you wake up in the morning (provided it is pinned to your home screen) you will see the date. When you open the app, open that window and return to your homescreen, the tile image will have been replaced by the festive image.
Each day it will revert back to a numbered tile and then you go in and open to have the festive image on your homescreen.
Hope you are still happy with your purchase.