Zappos brings its shopping experience to Windows Phone

Zappos releases a Windows Phone app

Zappos is bringing its quick and easy online shopping experience to Windows Phone with a nicely designed app that takes advantage of the platform's panoramic UI. The app allows you to easily browse shoes, clothing, eyewear, jewelry, and other merchandise that Zappos sells. The Internet retailer offers free next business day shipping as well as free returns making it convenient to shop online and still ensure that you get the proper fit and look for fashion items.

The app is available as a free download from the Windows Phone store and follows up on their Windows 8.1 app release late last year.

Are you a Zappos shopper? How do you like the app?

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Reader comments

Zappos brings its shopping experience to Windows Phone


Daniel, the a competitors write up quotes Zappos Aki Lida (Head of Mobile) stating it is a true native app.  Haven't check out the app myself.. donno?

Yeap but at least the name is here at WP. Now dev's can start recording data on what WP fans want. Thanks Zappos for coming to WP.

Native app ASAP. Please.....

Doesn't look like a web wrapper at all. Has the familiar WP pivot navigation and is not at all like the Zappos website. If this is a web wrapper they managed to make it behave and look exactly like a native app...

Been waiting for this. They have the best customer service, even offering to find another store that sells a larger width of shoe I wanted.

Regarding the comments above that the app is a web wrapper... it is definitely not that but rather a full native experience. I happen to know a developer on the team that developed this app and have confirmed this.

Yeah not sure why anyone would call it a web wrapper when it obviously doesn't even look like it.

Can you believe it, I sent them an email a month a ago to build a WP app. They sent an email to me back 2 days later and here we are, finally a WP app from zappos.

Zappos is tha shizzle!  Their Windows app is OK, and I was pleased to see them have something on there for the touch environment.  Good to see more support for WP8!

NO WAY IS THIS A WEB WRAPPER. Just got the app, looks real smooth. I don't know what the people who are calling this a web wrapper are looking at, but it ain't the UI.

Hey everyone, I'm the mobile product manager at Zappos and I can assure that the app is in fact native. Thanks for the spirited discussion!