ZDNet's Matt Miller calls Windows Phone 7 "most stable OS"

Sure it's one man's opinion, but that man is ZDNet's Matthew Miller who has quite the experience with mobile technology, often owning multiple devices with varying OSs. From that perspective and long lineage of knowledge, Miller has come to the conclusion that Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is the most solid operating system when compared to iOS, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and webOS:

"Zero! That is how many times I have seen a reset on ANY Windows Phone 7 device that I have been using in over a year. During that time I have used at least six WP7 devices on all four wireless carriers. This includes running the early tech preview on the first WP7 device all the way through the latest RTM version of Mango I have on my HTC HD7. I even have the Dell Venue Pro, with a 32GB microSD card in it, that has been rock solid stable even though I have read a number of reports of issues with that device. I don’t know if I have just been blessed with an uncanny knack for using stable WP7 devices, but from what I read online there are many more customers just as pleased as I am with the stability of Windows Phone 7."

Miller's thoughts on WP7 as well as the other operating systems are informative, precise and telling. We know we're sort of preaching to the choir here as Miller's experience mirrors or own (though we have less experience) and we bet our readers are in agreement, regardless, sound off on comments with your thoughts!

Source: ZDNet; Thanks, Tim, for the tip


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ZDNet's Matt Miller calls Windows Phone 7 "most stable OS"


BOOYAA!!Android and IOS are soo behind OS wise. LMAO!!! we might not have the HW but we have software!!! lollet the trolling beggin.

Who trolls on this site? It's a site specifically dedicated to following WP7, I think most of this sites readers like our operating system of choice.

Haha! I really need to tell this to every Android owner I know who restart their phones at least once a day because it starts bugging and when I tell them I never have this problem they don't believe me. Android has really lowered people's expectations of what Smartphones should be like.

My mom has had 3 (yes three) EVOs due to various hardware/ software problems. I always have to help her with it and she ends up having to restart it once or twice daily, I wish she would listen to me and get the Arrive

He must not be using his Venue Pro very much. I have the latest firmware and mine locked hard last night sometime, resulting in no alarm this morning.

Since the update to the DVP the longest I've gone without a reset was 17 days. Now I seem to have to reset it weekly because PES 2011 will refuse to start after a few days until a reset. All other apps and games will launch but this one. Otherwise its been solid.

Venue Pro running new firmware and 7712, haven't had to reset my phone since updating from 7661 to 7712. And PES works fine for me, so does tentacles and uno.

In fairness, I don't think it's OS related when the Venue pro has a lockup. I think it's Dell related. This phone has been a pain in the arse at times.

After Nodo I've had nothing but problems with my Focus. It resets at least once a week; and it does the famous BlackBerry bug: take it out of your pocket and it's off.Nice OS though. Nothing like their desktop OS in terms of stability.

Post NoDo, my phone reset a few weeks ago and completely wiped the device...everything erased. It was like a new phone and I had to put everything back on. It was the first time I have had that happen on my Focus.

I had a hardware crash with my HTC Legend about three months after I got it. I got it repaired, then traded my phone with someone else for an LG Optimus 7. WP7 is good stuff.

I had issues with my Samsung Focus when I was using a Kingston 32GB Class 4 MicroSD device. I would randomly lock and reboot. I swapped it out when the Sandisk 32GB Class 4 devices came out, and haven't had a single lock or random reboot. My phone has been rock solid.

I've never had my HD7 reboot on me, but I've had to manually reboot to get something like the sound or BlueTooth working again. Yes, the OS is stable, but I think the hardware needs to improve greatly. Unless I'm forced to because of carrier device selection, I'm probably not going to be purchasing another HTC phone for my next.

My experience matches Matt Millers' experience. The last couple of years I had Androids, iPhone and Symbian phones.My Windows Phone 7 Trophy has been rock solid after the NoDo update. Something that feels really good and has grown as a fact. I just know it works quick and fast, screaming to be touched ;)

I would hope the OS would be rock-solid stability-wise, seeing as how no 3rd party apps run in the background.Let's reevaluate this once Mango's been out awhile.

Apps don't really run in the background though, they pause. It's true that parts of the program can run in the background, but not the app itself. So far Mango is more fast and more stable than earlier releases.

apps don't really run in the background and there's full control over which apps run in the background and which don't. can't say the same thing about Android.

Okay, gotta say a few things about Windows Phone.First off, I have an old Samsung BlackJack running Windows Mobile. Not my fave. And I wouldn't call myself a MS fanboy either, more of a healthy skeptic with a penchant for facts and reality. These last two qualities, and their apparent lack in Apple fans, is what I find most irritating about that particular company.That said, I'm so happy to read Microsoft is making these kinds of headlines. Better stability than iOS? Yes please! The fact that the OS is multitasking from the ground up (as opposed to the "superior" iPhone which just got it), also speaks volumes. And then there's the little golden nugget of interoperability; I know Flash for Windows Phone is still in the works but, well, it's in the works! Compare that to the vicious name-calling and hand-in-your-face tactics of Jobs who just couldn't bear to expose his hardware to any real scrutiny, and I'm already saving up my pennies to get me a Windows 7 phone the moment I can.It's okay to be critical, that's the very antithesis of the Apple fanboy, so I'm eager to read the downsides as well as the upsides. Heaven forbid we should have a balanced opinion! But so far, and after some waiting, it looks like Windows Phone is starting to shine bright. My only sincere hope is that Microsoft keeps pushing it forward. I still have a Zune, which I don't regret buying at all but wish that MS had kept pushing the envelope with it. As with Windows Phone, the Zune was the first media player to be able to synch over WiFi, something Apple then ripped-off (hypocrites to the Nth degree), and Microsoft has regularly shown that it's a GENUINELY innovative company. The put tech first and girly design and frilly bouncy graphics effects second. Not that there's anything wrong with design, but the industrial design motto was "Form follows Function", something that Steve Jobs forgot decades ago.

2 quick thoughts, Patrick:1) Not a fan of Apple fans, are ya? :-D2) You still use a Blackjack??? I know that was yester-year and all, but that was one of the most gawd-awful experiences I ever had with a mobile device. You are a patient, patient man....

These kind of reviews are the benefit of Mircosoft's slow and steady roll out of the W7 OS. Take all the lessons of Windows Mobile, get a new UI that will make it stand out, get a limited version on some devices to get real world experince going and improve your product, and last but most importantly get handset makers on board which are excited for the OS and want to build their product and stand out from the Android, iOS, and Blackberry crowd. The fact that Nokia had a new CEO that was a former Microsoft exec about the time Symbian had run it's course was a bonus. Ahhhhh, 2012 is gonna be a great time to be a W7 owner.....

So far, I have to say brilliant. I had iPhone (3Gs and 4) for about 2 years and all fine, reboots or hang ups very rarely. Like once in a 3 months. I am having WP7 for about a month on HTC 7 Pro with upgraded SD to 32GB and so far no problem or reboot at all. Rock solid. I just with HTC is doing better phones in terms of build quality. HTC 7 Pro having really poor display and the keyboard mechanism really sucks. After a month I am afraid it is going to fall apart. However there are not many qwerty phones around so far, however the keyboard itself is brilliant. Anyway, I'll see what Nokia will come up with, E7 with stronger battery and WP7 is a dream.

This is great news (though I think we all probably knew it already), but it can't get in the way of The **** Apple have moved the goalposts with hardware - the iPhone 4 looks great and feels like it's well screwed together, who cares if you can't make calls with it? Android's brought the need for customisation, you can have your phone exactly as you want it, why should you be bothered it locks up every day or so?WP7 is the fastest, slickest, best looking mobile OS - let's see that get shouted about. And let's hope for some killer hardware (come on Nokia, give me Sea Ray) to back it up.