ZEN & TECH 54: Change aversion

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Windows 8 made us want our Start button back. iOS 7 caused icon strife. BlackBerry 10 was a huge departure. Going from TouchWiz to Sense can be stressful. And that's just technology! Imagine changing jobs, partners, and places in life! Georgia and Rene discuss the challenges of change!



While Georgia is a therapist, she's not YOUR therapist. Everything said or implied on this show is for informational and entertainment purposes only. And shouldn't be taken in any way as a replacement for proper, professional care.


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ZEN & TECH 54: Change aversion


I have no problem with the metro home screen.  I use a Lumia 920 and enjoy it.  However, there is nothing wrong with also wanting the function that people are used to, and which also works quite well.  Having to flip back and forth between screens to find something that could be found easier the other way is counter productive and time inefficient.  No one is forcing you to use it should it be brought back in later editions of the OS.  

How exactly is finding it the old way faster? Windows button +typing is still the fastest way to find something in Windows 8. As it was in Vista and 7.

No it should remain a relic of the past and not part of the OS. If you want that feature so bad then buy one of the many windows menus third party app. No one is keeping you from doing that anyway.

I want the start button optional on windows 8... I don't need it on my rt device that has a hard wear button there....

Will this or any of the other mobile nations podcasts ever be posted as a podcast in the Xbox Music store?

If it wasn't for humans who weren't afraid of change then we wouldn't be having this conversation because we would have never evolved in beings of higher intelligence and would be saber bait. Also this convo seemed forced and boring and I tuned out after five minutes,

BlackPrince is on point. 

This is worse than death itself. For us to become afraid to update apps and put that out as "the norm" says something worse about those who claim to speak for the tech industry. These people are,  'we are masters of what we know and to make dramatic alterations such as a start button says they are no longer in control of that process. Someone else is.' WTF?? Rather than update your skill set, the first reaction is to rebel and plant flowers around that rebellion. Then blame those who trample on your flower bed like that supposed to be "news worthy."  No. Your problem is not my problem.

I truly feel for those who have risen to the top of their tech careers with seemingly no place else to go but down. Anytime a MetroUI screen or icons that take on a different appearance cause videos like this to be produced for consumption and commensuration, it is truly time to abandon the old guard and install new leadership.

We need the Captain Kirk leadership model not these Dr. Smith types from Lost in Space.  Talk a good game but when change comes you run out the door frightened out of your minds. How do you expect to grow and advance the next wave of technology advocates lead by Dr Smith?

I would argue that the power menu is much more useful than the old start menu, I use that thing everyday! Also, start screen search is faster than start menu search and it returns more results. I do think bringing back the button was a good idea for the luddites though and I'm glad I can access the power menu on a tablet now without mse/kyb. Sorry that was all a bit off topic, video was meh.

To be honest, I never really understood why anyone would want that start button thing back. Navigating through the start menu itself was the most annony thing I can think of when using a PC. I did everything I could to not have to use the start menu at all. And even when I had to, opening it up was always by keyboard. I mean there's a special button for that (which is still there). The fastest and most convenient way of launching programs was and still is imho placing a shortcut on the taskbar itself. All the fuss made by even tech / nerd / it-pro websites about this now missing clickable thing is too much for me to grasp.

Well, I really don't like the start button. I think that the version that the win 8 has now (no start button) is really clean and intuitive. Don't get me wrong, i use windows 8 primarily at my ThinkPad X220, which is not have a touchscreen. When i want to access the start menu, just put the pointer to bottom left corner or press the Windows button. i can even access it without having to see the screen! When i want to access the start menu in my Surface, I swipe from the right, and rarely used to windows button.
This is my personal opinion guys, so take it easy. I like the 'start button' now and I hope microsoft put the option switch either to turn it on or off. I love the new start screen though.

I wish mobile nations would stop advertising stuff like this on wpcentral
This is a Microsoft news site, not MN 's billboard!

WP Central is part of Mobile Nations.  Get over yourself.  What´s more they are not only "New" sites.

It's more than that though, has anyone tried RDPing a Windows 8 machine from a Windows 8/RT tablet? trying to bring up the charms menu for the remote machine is almost impossible, more often than not I get the host machines charms bar. Start button is a requirement.